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Find Your Way


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Discover your library's electronic resources and get rewarded with great information. Presented by Clarington Public Library.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Find Your Way

  1. 1. find your way discovering your library’s electronic resources
  2. 2. what information do you need?
  3. 3. where do you look for answers to your questions?
  4. 4. librarians google online internet teachers friends library television newspapers magazines family radio encyclopedias blogs school books electronic resources
  5. 5. think about using electronic resources
  6. 6. electronic resources: a digital collection of reference books, magazine newspaper articles, encyclopedias and documents that you can only find using the library’s website available 24/7 trustworthy and reliable sources
  7. 7. access more books than you could ever carry
  8. 8. more back issues of magazines than you could ever store at your house