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Library Tour Online

  1. 1. Take a tour of the Library!
  2. 2. The Children's Room is just to your left as you enter from the parking lot.
  3. 3. You can find the latest children’s books at the front of the room.
  4. 4. You can check library materials in and out, get a library card, and get help, here at the desk.
  5. 5. Just across from the desk are two computers you can use to look up books, audiobooks, and movies.
  6. 6. The Internet computers are at the back of the room .
  7. 7. Picture books are located in the upper level of the Children's Room.
  8. 8. You can play with the trains while you are here!
  9. 9. Small easy-to-read books are tucked away in their own house.
  10. 10. Skitter and Scatter, two lively Gerbils, live in the Children's Room.
  11. 11. The story hour room is just down the hall from the Children's Room.
  12. 12. Walk past a previous year's summer reading program mural on the way upstairs. Do you recognize any of the names?
  13. 13. You can either take the elevator or the stairs.
  14. 14. The Circulation Desk is at the top of the stairs. Stop here to get help, a library card, or to check items in and out.
  15. 15. The Browse Room is just right of the Circulation Desk. You will find new books and audiobooks here.
  16. 16. Audiobooks are shelved in the center of the room.
  17. 17. New mysteries and fast read books are at the back of the room.
  18. 18. One of the 20 minute Internet stations is located just to the left of the mysteries.
  19. 19. Six 90 minute Internet computers are located to the left of the Browse Room.
  20. 20. The Reference Room is across from the Browse Room. Check out the changing display of books in the news and bookmarks are on your left.
  21. 21. Get your questions answered at the Reference Desk.
  22. 22. Music CDs are located just to the left of the Reference Desk.
  23. 23. DVDs are to the right of the music CDs.
  24. 24. The Reference Room also has a 20 minute Internet Station .
  25. 25. We have file cabinets full of information on Dover and New Hampshire, and microfilm of Dover newspapers.
  26. 26. Walk past the Reference Desk into the Addition.
  27. 27. Large Print books are located here.
  28. 28. Newspapers are in the first section of shelves to your left.
  29. 29. Almost 200 different magazines are shelved just behind the newspapers.
  30. 30. There is plenty of comfortable seating.
  31. 31. As you look to your right, you will see the fiction book stacks .
  32. 32. There are two photocopiers for public use at the start of the fiction stacks.
  33. 33. You can find the paperbacks just past the photocopiers.
  34. 34. The Travel Center is at the back of the fiction book stacks. You will find travel videos as well as books on locations around the world.
  35. 35. Continue walking past the Travel Center and you will enter the main area of the book stacks where non-fiction is filed on one side, mysteries, Science Fiction, westerns and short stories on the other side.
  36. 36. This metal staircase leads up to the mezzanine.
  37. 37. Teen magazines, books, and graphic novels are located in the front of the room.
  38. 38. Poetry and literature are on the left, history on the right.
  39. 39. Back downstairs, walk past the Circulation Desk and take the stairs to the third floor.
  40. 40. The first room on your right is the Marston Room which houses a collection of Dover and New Hampshire history, and genealogical books.
  41. 41. The Lecture Hall is to your left.
  42. 42. Walk past the skylight overlooking the Circulation Desk.
  43. 43. A kitchenette, restroom, and the Director’s office are at the back of the third floor .
  44. 44. Back on the main floor, make sure to stop by the sale area run by the Friends of the Dover Public Library before you leave!