Online and Offline Marketing: How To Connect the Dots - Fort Wayne Social Media Summit


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This keynote presentation by Kevin Mullett, Director of Visibility and Social Media for Cirrus ABS, highlights the importance of connecting the dots with your online and offline marketing efforts.

Kevin discusses how to leverage offline marketing activities for online conversion, and how to maximize online relationship building for offline lead generation.

This presentation was made to Greater Fort Wayne, Inc.'s Social Media Summit on August 14, 2013.

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Online and Offline Marketing: How To Connect the Dots - Fort Wayne Social Media Summit

  1. 1. Online and Offline Marketing: HowTo Connect the Dots BY KEVIN MULLETT @kmullett #fwsms
  2. 2. A new twist on old ways to do business… » Relationships (STP) » Publicity stunts » Subject Matter Expertise @kmullett #fwsms
  3. 3. Beware of misinformation, opinion, and hype … @kmullett #fwsms
  4. 4. While social media is free to use, it is not free to do. @kmullett #fwsms
  5. 5. I’m not here to force you into being more social … @kmullett #fwsms
  6. 6. Social media works best when you are a willing participant, see value, & treat it like a lifestyle, instead of a task. @kmullett #fwsms
  7. 7. ROI in the early days of online marketing… @kmullett #fwsms
  8. 8. Did we measure the ROI on this? @kmullett #fwsms
  9. 9. Do you know what is working, or just believe? @kmullett #fwsms
  10. 10. They believe… Incentivize online users with firsts … but don’t forgo offline channels. @kmullett #fwsms
  11. 11. No marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. We need to prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. @kmullett #fwsms
  12. 12. Social media can provide a backstage pass. @kmullett #fwsms
  13. 13. Are you performing to the audience or involving them? Fernando Tarango @kmullett #fwsms
  14. 14. Clients have more tools, signals, and choice … @kmullett #fwsms
  15. 15. • Works WITH all other marketing • You own and control it • 24/7 lead generation • Where people do research • Easy, quick, and inexpensive to update But you have to include it in your other marketing! NetCentered approach Your home base & marketing center @kmullett #fwsms
  16. 16. New York City #AllFacebookConf This IS your company AND this is a visual record of its customer service! The banana shake story @kmullett #fwsms
  17. 17. … only quicker. This is how you handle it @kmullett #fwsms
  18. 18. They responded in 4 minutes! This is even better @kmullett #fwsms
  19. 19. ACTION: PRIORITIZE BY AUDIENCE PREFERENCE Which phone line will you be ignoring today? $ @kmullett #fwsms
  20. 20. Balance your efforts, but don’t be a wimp. @kmullett #fwsms
  21. 21. ACTION: FINDYOUR OFFLINE AUDIENCE ONLINE For Gmail » Where is your audience? » Connect personally » Segment email message to users of certain channels @kmullett #fwsms
  22. 22. BONUS ACTION: FIND CHANNELSTHEY PREFER $ $$ $ @kmullett #fwsms
  23. 23. » Are we clear with our message? » Is design or action most important? » What is our call to action? » What is in it for ME? (WIIFM) » Icons are notifications, not calls to action. Why don’t they like us? @kmullett #fwsms
  24. 24. fb. Text“like cirrusabs”to 32665 t. Text“follow cirrusabs”to 40404 Which of these two will grow their Facebook page? Don’t ever make me ask… @kmullett #fwsms
  25. 25. Do these printed pieces promote social channels? What is the social strategy? or Are you even trying? @kmullett #fwsms
  26. 26. In print, on air, online, and in-store. i.e. connecting the dots with contiguous marketing. Tie offline, online, & mobile together. @kmullett #fwsms
  27. 27. ACTION: MAKE OFFLINE LINKSTRACK-ABLE » URL shorteners » GA URL Builder » Landing pages » Sub-domains + redirects @kmullett #fwsms
  28. 28. QR Codes and mobile sites need a strategic purpose! Offline, online, & mobile conversion paths @kmullett #fwsms
  29. 29. New York City #AllFacebookConf The real failure of QR Code usage is the nonstrategic, uncreative, and untested implementation. @kmullett #fwsms
  30. 30. Statistics only matter when they are applicable to you … @kmullett #fwsms
  31. 31. YnN –You’re not Nike You will have to work harder & smarter, with less. @kmullett #fwsms
  32. 32. RFID used for real time Facebook campaign: Coca Cola Village 2010 by Tidal Wave Social Media (ref) @kmullett #fwsms
  33. 33. Physical interaction with online activities and social proof by Smiirl. @kmullett #fwsms
  34. 34. What is popular online, leads to increased sales in-store. Likely to increase sales and the value of Nordstrom’s Pinterest account as well. @kmullett #fwsms
  35. 35. “Relationships are always awesome to have. Relationships are friendly. Sponsorships are mired in legality.” ~ Zack Arias (ref) Build authentic offline & online relationships @kmullett #fwsms
  36. 36. These over achievers are winning both online & offline comments. Desired amplification bonus level achieved! @kmullett #fwsms
  37. 37. Site & social content for awareness & amplification Landing pages with supporting calls to action Engage, help, & involve Promotion, conversation, & feedback News, Events, Promotions, Stories, & Announcements Marketing collateral, Ads, Commercials, Print, CTAs Staff networking Feedback, Growth opportunity Events Reviews & conversations The offline & online relationship @kmullett #fwsms
  38. 38. ACTION:TRAIN EMPLOYEESTO START… 1. building relationships 2. asking for reviews 3. asking,“How did you hear about us?” @kmullett #fwsms
  39. 39. BONUS ACTION: PREPARE FOR LOCAL SEARCH & REVIEWS Start asking for and monitoring reviews. Always keep name, address, phone consistent! @kmullett #fwsms
  40. 40. BONUS ACTION: MONITOR FOURSQUARE ACTIVITY • Is anyone checking in • See who publically checks in • Watch for positive or negative comments • Flag inappropriate photos Don’t forget about other location services.
  41. 41. Online and Offline Marketing: HowTo Connect the Dots BY KEVIN MULLETT Humanize your message Encourage conversation Listen first Promote Less @kmullett #fwsms
  42. 42. Online and Offline Marketing: HowTo Connect the Dots ME search“Kevin Mullett” // // // // //
  43. 43. Photography by Kevin Mullett or Stock agencies unless noted below. Adolph B. Rice Studio – Nash car dealership Nationaal Archief - Dorpsomroeper / Town-crier Norton, Boyd - Windmill on a ranch in the Powder River Basin San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive - Space Shuttle Program The Library of Congress - Right field grandstand at Polo Grounds The Library of Congress - Boys fishing in a bayou Florida Memory - Ringling Circus clown Tiwago - Joseph Steinmetz doing an egg balancing trick Nordstrom Pinterest program – photo courtesy of Nordstrom Joe Shoemaker – untitled pic of me