Prepare Your Business for Graph Search - Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce


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Prepare Your Business for Graph Search - Presented For The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce by Kevin Mullett April 11th, 2013.

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Prepare Your Business for Graph Search - Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

  2. 2. Cirrus ABS is helping businesses leverage online and offline marketing as part of a strategy for winning new business. #FWChamber
  3. 3. Facebook’s Internal Search Engine for… » People » Places » Photos » Things WHAT IS GRAPH SEARCH?@kmullett #FWChamber
  4. 4. The Combinations are Dizzying WHAT CAN IT SEE/SEARCH?@kmullett #FWChamber
  5. 5. OPTIONS FOR REFINEMENT@kmullett #FWChamber
  6. 6. It Respects the Privacy People Set, if They Set It, and Pages CAN NOT search. PRIVACY@kmullett #FWChamber
  7. 7. People must be responsible for their privacy, just like before. RESPONSIBILITY@kmullett #FWChamber
  8. 8. Currently in Very Limited Preview… » English (US) » Desktop interface only till later 2013 » Request access via WHY CAN’T I SEE IT?@kmullett #FWChamber
  9. 9. Take Note Small Businesses That: » Have abandoned websites » Can’t rank, entice, or convert search traffic » Won’t spend--or can’t afford enough--to win AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES@kmullett #FWChamber
  10. 10. Facebook’s Graph Search strikes me as a private gym membership. Some go a few times, while others are using it to prepare for an upcoming competition. NEW TOY OR TOOL@kmullett #FWChamber
  11. 11. For Non-traditional Businesses With: » No landline phone » No local listings » No website » No brick and mortar presence HOPE FOR LIFESTYLE & MICRO-BUSINESSES@kmullett #FWChamber
  12. 12. No marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. We need to prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. NO SILVER BULLETS@kmullett #FWChamber
  13. 13. Claim High Value Local Listings First and Keep name, address, phone consistent. GRAB LOCAL LISTINGS@kmullett #FWChamber
  14. 14. While social media is free to use, it is not free to do. Weigh time and attention against opportunity and return. It is also not a task you complete! FREE TO USE, NOT DO@kmullett #FWChamber
  15. 15. PICK THE RIGHT PAGE TYPE@kmullett #FWChamber
  16. 16. These Appear To Impact Rank: » The page type/categories » “Place Sub-categories” DO NOTHING OR GET READY TO WIN@kmullett #FWChamber
  17. 17. Appears To Impact Rank: » Claim & Merge Place Page@kmullett #FWChamber
  18. 18. Location Info Also Appears to Impact Rank: FILL IN EVERYTHING@kmullett #FWChamber
  19. 19. Places, places my friends like, places my friends have been to Query terms12 1 2 X@kmullett #FWChamber
  20. 20. I want to know who has used [brand], not just if they “Like” it. Liking [brand] may have been for a contest, by impulse, and doesnt mean they have experience with them. LIKED, VISITED, OR REVIEWED?@kmullett #FWChamber
  21. 21. User Edits Appear To Have an Impact@kmullett #FWChamber
  22. 22. Don’t Appear To Impact Rank: » Check-ins (unless) » Rank/Recommendations (but) » Employees adding work connection (unless) » Likes (unless) THIS WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY CHANGE@kmullett #FWChamber
  23. 23. Why Don’t They Like Us? » Are we clear with our message? » Is design or action most important? » What is our call to action? » What is in it for ME? (WIIFM) » Icons are notifications, not calls to action.@kmullett #FW Chamber
  24. 24. Signage Helps Everyone Which of these will grow their Facebook page? Text “like cirrusabs” to 32665.@kmullett #FWChamber
  25. 25. Social media works best when you are a willing participant, see value, & treat it like a lifestyle, instead of a task. DO YOU SEE THE VALUE?@kmullett #FWChamber
  26. 26. "Everything that can be invented has been invented.“ ~ Charles Holland Duell SPECULATION = QUICKEST WAY TO BE WRONG@kmullett #FWChamber
  27. 27. The Future: » For search engines » For locals and directories » For other social channels » For users » For marketers WE KNOW IT’S “EVOLVING”@kmullett #FWChamber
  28. 28. OWNERSHIP@kmullett #FWChamber
  29. 29. Humanize your messageEncourage conversationListen firstPromote Less. H.E.L.P. PHILOSOPHY@kmullett #FWChamber
  30. 30. search “Kevin Mullett” @kmullett ME@CirrusABS Text “like cirrusabs” to 32665
  31. 31. Photography by Kevin Mullett or Stock agencies unless noted below. Jhong Dizon – Just Do It Charles H. Duell – half-length portrait Joe Shoemaker – untitled pic of me ATTRIBUTION@kmullett / @cirrusabs