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Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent, or Under Control? - Blog Indiana


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Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent, or Under Control? // Presented by Kevin Mullett (@kmullett) for Blog Indiana aka #BIN2011 on August 11th, 2011.

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  • christylands, Doug's idea is to purchase inexpensive stock photography and place it in the article so that if someone copies the entire article, including the purchased image that they don't have rights to use, you can turn them in to the stock photography agency you purchased the image from and alert them to the person using the image illegally. That way the agency will have their lawyers go after them instead of you having to do the work and pay the bill.
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  • Kevin, a question on the slide 27: Can you explain what the trick is? I don't understand based on the slides.
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  • The problem with this presentation is that I could not clone myself and see it while going to other presentations! Thanks, Kevin, for making the slides available. Looking forward to putting these techniques to use.
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  • I've followed Kevin on Twitter for quite some time, because I picked up on the fact that this guy knows what he is talking about. I confirmed that on Aug. 11, 2011, when I attended this session at the 2011 Blog Indiana Conference at the Fishers Conference Center. Kevin explained in straightforward and understandable terms how to keep an eye on your online reputation and what to do about it, if or when it gets out of control. I've got several notes to myself on things that I need to do in this area, thanks to Kevin. On the following day at Douglas Karr's session, Doug acknowledged Kevin's contributions to Doug's '40 40 Minutes' presentation.

    I'm delighted to have met Kevin personally at this conference, and feel that I benefitted substantially from the information, tips, and advice that he imparted in his session. Thanks for your willingness to openly share this information with other bloggers and social media enthusiasts!
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Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent, or Under Control? - Blog Indiana

  1. 1. Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent,or Under Control? // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” *note two “t’s” director of product development
  2. 2. // if you need legal advice, get a lawyer• not a lawyer• not an ORM guru/expert• i have been caught off-guard• i’ve been black and blue from ORM/SERM skirmishes• i’ve seen my share of issues, normally starting with SEO audits @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  3. 3. // we’re not discussing privacy although a lack of privacy can impact your online reputation, online reputation is not about privacy. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  4. 4. // who’s in control of your reputation? what would I find? 100’s more?for brands or individuals (or individuals connected to brands) @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  5. 5. // search engine reputation management Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is an important subset of Online Reputation Management (ORM). @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  6. 6. // social is in SERPs right nowhow will it change social participation? how will it change where we click on a SERP page? @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  7. 7. // reputation you create vs others carefully monitor not only the reputation you create, but that which is created about you. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  8. 8. // who’s side are these guys on? • reports and reviews are being marketed to the consumer • these type of sites make sure reports show up in SERPs • potential to reach 1000’s more then your outbound message • traffic for them, lost business for you @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  9. 9. // be proactive and positive treat online reputation management as a positive ongoing activity rather than a defensive situation. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  10. 10. // own your brand &/or identity control? • clog the SERPs • push competition off • be proactive not reactive #4 on page 6 #7 on page 4 @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  11. 11. // just getting indexed isn’t good enough there is a big difference between getting something indexed and having it rank in SERPs. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  12. 12. // ut oh! what if he wasn’t well published? NOT Louis Gray the tech blogger! @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  13. 13. // known to all or only you? weigh what really needs to be addressed. Is this known to the general public or only to you? @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  14. 14. action // online reputation monitoring discovery starts now • alerts/lists are crucial • look for sentiment • look for engagement • you might be surprised @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  15. 15. action // start watching for…+misspellings actively watch name(s), usernames, nicknames, brand, competition, others in your organization, and product/service names. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  16. 16. // being proactive affords choice 540+ more? • how would I score for “kevin mullett” if I had not been proactive? • junk sites built on pligg, scuttle, defualt wordpress, and bookmarking @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  17. 17. // evil doers, malcontents, & competitors be on the look out for google bowling (bad neighborhood backlinks), sockpuppeting and astroturfing (fake accounts). @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  18. 18. // online reputation search post discovery • wasn’t tracking keyword • alternate platforms • competitor reaction @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  19. 19. // dig a little deeper once you know • using quoted search • time/date ranges • search operators - allintitle: detect plagiarism - allintext: find them all @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  20. 20. // attention is the right tool tools don’t catch bad guys, minds do. sometimes you need a plan and someone to back you up. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  21. 21. action // document EVERYTHING! • false information perpetuated to miniscule demographic • promoting defamation (libel) may leave you as culpable @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  22. 22. // here comes the Calvary? allow others to come to your aid if possible, because the type of response is almost always as important as the original message. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  23. 23. // documentation is cheap • discovered • documented • tracked • removed! @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  24. 24. // defamation is better than opinion? from a removal of content standpoint, bold face defamation is easier to have removed than an opinion. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  25. 25. // you’ve decided it really is a problem thoughts on taking action • stop, wait, consider a response or deletion carefully • when is it time to pick up the phone to make contact • copyright the work • contact an attorney • get professional ORM/SERM/SEO/SM help @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  26. 26. // removal? google’s game • google accounts — Me on the Web (if your name/brand is used, but only if on a porn site. why?) • google help — Have you found webspam? • google help — Removing Content From Google • google help — DMCA – Google AdSense @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  27. 27. // doug’s trick, brilliant in it’s simplicity • buy a stock photo to place on the page (my mega list of agencies) • report them to the stock agency for infringement @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  28. 28. action // jobs will change, your name won’t job changes? you are likely to change jobs many times in your lifetime, however save for a few reasons, your name will not. free services come and go! own a domain! $10/ year (do it) @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  29. 29. action // social media brand/identity checks grab your brand/identity @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  30. 30. action // local listings for citations grab your local listings: be consistent with citation: name, address, phone number @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  31. 31. action // are you #winning? more visible in search? • better visibility • keeping competition at bay • better prepared for issues @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  32. 32. // good ORM is good for SEOto proactively manage your online reputation is to recognize the value of everything else it impacts. @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  33. 33. // get tips, tricks, invites, and info Find out what’s in The Puzzle Box or text CIRRUSABS to 71813 @kmullett // #BIN2011 #ORM
  34. 34. Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent,or Under Control? // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development
  35. 35. Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent,or Under Control? // Kevin Mullett 30+ Links to tools and resources: ( bundle) Quotes from the presentation in tweet-able form: ( bundle) Like it? Please take a moment to comment!