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SAScon Beta - Utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing


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Utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing. This presentation provides 6 key considerations for utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing.

These slides were presented at SAScon Beta Conference on the 2 December 2014 by Jim Haysom, Consultant and Jamie Riddell, founder of BirdSong, a world leading pay as you go social analytics tool.

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SAScon Beta - Utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing

  1. 1. Utilising social media analytics to drive more targeted marketing Jamie Riddell & Jim Haysom BirdSong SAScon 2 December 2014
  2. 2. About Us BirdSong is the world’s leading pay as you go social analytics tool. We support thousands of users with on demand insights for Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Jim Haysom is a digital marketing consultant and has previously worked for brands such as Auto Trader, eBay, Ministry of Sound and Shopzilla. Jim has experience across social media, search marketing, display advertising and strategic partnerships. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  3. 3. Our View We believe that success with social media starts with the right content, to the right audience at the right time. These foundations can help improve social’s potential for customer engagement and marketing. Analytics can help us identify benchmarks, trends and opportunities that can be harnessed for greater success. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  4. 4. 6 key points for consideration 1. Metrics for Success 2. Followers & Fans - Creating an Audience 3. Engagement 4. Presence & Timing 5. Branding 6. Customer Care Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  5. 5. 1. Metrics for Success The ultimate measure of success will be dictated by the brand or car dealer. These could be: ● Enquiries, Test Drives and Sales. Softer Metrics will influence these results including: ● Fans / Followers ● Talking About ● Engagement Rate ● Post Reach ● Likes ● Shares ● Comments ● Check-ins These softer metrics can be the basis for industry analysis, benchmarking and more. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  6. 6. 2. Followers & Fans - Creating an audience The number of followers or fans is not a standalone metric of success. It can however point to a potential audience that can be harnessed for engagement and clicks. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  7. 7. UK Auto Brands - Top 10 pages by Fan Count See the full list at Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  8. 8. Major Auto Dealers - Top 10 pages by Fan Count See the full list at Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  9. 9. Can we learn anything from these fan tables? ● The total number of fans or followers is not truly insightful without context ● Fan size can be influenced by advertising, organic growth and offline signposting ● How does the fan base grow over time? ● Is there a difference between recent fans vs legacy fans? ● Does fan size reflect the ‘in-market’ opportunity or market share? ● Churn; does this reflect consumer behaviour or content you are posting? ● What is your net audience following across all social channels? ● For all social channels, we need to analyse ‘who’ is following us or liking us Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  10. 10. How your audience defines themselves First name analysis helps us Biography analysis helps us understand their interests identify gender Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  11. 11. How your audience defines themselves First name analysis helps us Biography analysis helps us understand their interests identify gender Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  12. 12. Location - Are they in your catchment? According to recent Auto Trader research; 1 in 5 car buyers are willing to travel anywhere in the UK to view a car. The average is 60 miles. Yes @EasternBMW (Edinburgh) No Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  13. 13. Can we define loyalty from follower patterns? By understanding the relationship of followers and brands, we can start to identify elements of loyalty or interest. Follower overlap for @LancasterJaguar @RybrookJaguar @hafoxjaguar @RidgewayJaguar @WatfordJaguar Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  14. 14. Should we worry about ‘roving’ followers? Are the followers for Lancaster Jaguar more receptive for rival competitor messages? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  15. 15. Audience vs. Customers Not every fan or follower will be a customer. Take time to analyse your customer and prospect database to identify social profiles. Ask your customers for their social profiles. Segment your customer database with the new insights. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  16. 16. Dealing with lapsed accounts Lapsed profile Current profile Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  17. 17. Audience overlap for Ridgeway Group @ridgewayskoda 284 followers Current profile @JewsonSkoda 942 followers Lapsed profile Are customers still 199 85 857 Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon engaging with this account, e.g. complaints? What’s the social referral traffic impact to website? What’s the equity of your follower base? What’s my closure and comms plan? Understand who the most valuable and influential profiles are that you want to migrate across to current profile. Create and execute a migration plan of followers to current profile.
  18. 18. Growing an audience Harness existing assets for fan encouragement. The total number of followers fans is not truly insightful without context. Fan size can be influenced by advertising, organic growth and offline signposting. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  19. 19. Social profile links on website and email marketing Are your social signposts easy to find, e.g. pages, placement and up-to-date? Have you implemented tracking to capture audience segments and outbound engagement to better understand profile follower conversion? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  20. 20. Tracking inbound traffic and user behaviour Is social referral traffic set up in your analytics? What’s the behaviour of a social media visitor on and off your website? Is social retargeting tracking set up for remarketing? @VinesBMW Twitter profile Website homepage Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  21. 21. Signposting in the physical environment Leverage insights from offline behaviour, consumer demographics and social engagement. Who is checking in, clicking on links or sharing their experience? Swarm Check-in Facebook Check-in SMS & QR Code Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  22. 22. Signposting in the physical environment Encourage social participation within the retail environment. • Customer areas • Point of sale • Windows • Decals • Business cards • Stationary Customer Service Showroom windows Decals on cars Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  23. 23. Why should I find you on Facebook? Signposting alone is not sufficient. Like email, you need to provide reasons for someone to follow you. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  24. 24. 3. Engagement Building a larger audience is only of value if you can measure the results and success. Social media engagement should not be a passive experience. Your audience will simply stand up and walk away if they are not receiving value. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon Image credit:
  25. 25. Use analytics to get a competitive advantage Your best content is useless if you share it at the wrong time, in the wrong format or to the wrong audience. Understanding what has worked and failed in the past, will empower you to make better decisions in the moment and for the future. It’s good to understand your competitors’ activity to identify new opportunities and gaps you can fill. Implement social interaction tracking with GA, use social platform analytics and various third party tools that can provide you meaningful insights. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  26. 26. How engagement can help reach Two reasons are stated for decreasing organic reach on Facebook: 1. Increased competition of other news sources Facebook could show you at any one time. 2. Improved algorithm to bubble up quality content. Addressing these issues does not have to be an immediate rush to paid promotions Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  27. 27. Facebook Insights What does good content look like? • Focus on business and marketing objectives • Analyse types of content and timings • Consider average reach per post and not just engagement rate • Have a CRM mentality and use Custom Audiences • Implement Conversion pixels Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  28. 28. Twitter Analytics With Twitter Analytics you can look deeper into the performance of any of your recent tweets. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  29. 29. Understanding your tweet performance View your tweet timeline and the key metrics: • Impressions • Engagements • Engagement rate Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  30. 30. The first few hours are critical for reach Understand your tweet engagement in the first 24 hours across key metrics: • Embed media clicks • Detail expands • RTs & Favourites • User profile clicks • Hashtag & link clicks • Replies Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  31. 31. Export tweet data to analyse in detail Download your tweet activity to interrogate the data, discover trends and performance activity. Example @jimhaysom tweet activity Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  32. 32. Facebook Engagement Rates Engagement Rates can be a useful benchmark to identify the success of a page. It is a soft metric that can highlight areas of strength or improvement for further investigation. Engagement Rates change regularly based on the latest fan count and page activity. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  33. 33. The most Engaging UK Auto Brands The average engagement rate for UK Auto brands is 1.68%. 17 brands are below average for engagement. See the full list at Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  34. 34. UK Auto dealers by Engagement Rate See the full list at Any guesses why the engagement rate is so high? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  35. 35. What can we learn from Engaging Brands? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  36. 36. Sharing is caring. Or is it because you asked. The most popular FB updates from Eastern BMW - ranked by shares Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  37. 37. Likes, Shares & Comments ‘Total Talking About’ is measured against all forms of user action in relation to the page & posts. These include Likes, Comments, Shares and Check-ins. Should we attribute the same value to a like, comment or share? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  38. 38. 4. Presence & Timing When is the best time to post? Is it when you’ve had the most success so far? Is it when your audience is active on Facebook or visiting your website? Or should it match your dealership footfall? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  39. 39. Does Facebook activity match website activity? Hourly Facebook activity Hourly website activity Source: BirdSong Source: Perrys Motors Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  40. 40. Dealership footfall to Eastern BMW Daily Facebook activity Daily Showroom footfall Source: BirdSong Source: Eastern Western Motor Group Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  41. 41. Dealership footfall to Eastern BMW Hourly Facebook activity Hourly Showroom footfall Source: BirdSong Source: Eastern Western Motor Group Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  42. 42. 6. Branding How your brand is presented will contribute to your performance in converting a lapsed, existing or future customer into becoming a social follower or fan. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  43. 43. Profile naming conventions and claiming vanity URLs Are you making it easy for consumers to find, recognise and trust you? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  44. 44. Don’t cut and paste existing creative Consistency of marketing creative builds familiarity, but optimise your creative for each social platform. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  45. 45. Make sure your profile set-up is complete Your audience has made the effort to seek you out on social media. Make first impressions count. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  46. 46. Consistency is imperative across your social portfolio Make sure all your profiles are not forgotten and reflect a professional image. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  47. 47. Don’t confuse your audience What do you want your audience to do? Read tweets, follow you, watch video, visit website? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  48. 48. Branding in the timeline Remember, not everyone will regularly visit your page. They will consume your content in the timeline so make sure your brand is recognisable. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  49. 49. ‘On Brand’ Here is a great example of ‘on brand’ content - can you name the brand? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  50. 50. ‘Off Brand’ Here is an interesting example that we’d call off brand - can you recognise the brand? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  51. 51. 6. Customer Care How should customers raise their issues? Main account or search for a dedicated Customer Service account? Analytics can help us understand how your customers want to engage, when and how, and what’s their expectations around your response. It can also identify who are these complainers? Do you have a single view of this customer, and what’s their social influence, size of social network, frequency of activity? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  52. 52. Are customer service accounts easy to find? “Evans Halshaw” “Arnold Clark” Mobile search Composing a tweet Mobile search Composing a tweet Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  53. 53. How & When do people engage? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  54. 54. How do brands respond? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  55. 55. Are the tweets supportive? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  56. 56. Do they answer the query or pass it on? Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  57. 57. Closing Thoughts Never before has so much analysis been available to the industry. Choose your data points carefully. Don’t be afraid to challenge the data. You still need work to convert analytics to insights. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  58. 58. Thank you Get this presentation at Analyse any brand on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Simply pay as you go. Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon
  59. 59. Connect with us @jamieriddell @jimhaysom Join the conversation @jamieriddell @jimhaysom #SAScon