Space explorers by emi


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Space explorers by emi

  1. 1. By: Emi CooperSPACE EXPLORERS
  2. 2. First stepsOur first encounters with space The first satellite was launched on Oct,4,1957 It was called Sputnik 1 Sputnik 2’s achievement was launching the first living animal into space
  3. 3. Space RaceThe Space Race was about the first person ever to be sent to into space because both Russia and the United States wanted more power Yuri Gagarin was the first Russian person to orbit the earth He was in space for about 2 hours and he viewed two sunsets Alan Shepered was the first American to ever orbit the earth
  4. 4. To The MoonPeople wanted to explore the moon In the past people did not know moon was It was a legend to them The Apollo program proved that people could land on the moon The Apollo 8 was the 1st space shuttle to orbit the moon Apollo 10 was the 1st spaceship to land on the moon
  5. 5. To the moon continued Apollo 11 and its passengers were the people to ever to set foot on the moon It passengers were Neil Armstrong, Edwin [Buzz] ,and Michal Collins
  6. 6. The Space ShuttleThe space shuttle is about American scientists who wanted to build a space station At the time America was ahead in the Space Race The space shuttle was the first space ship that could be used more than once It landed like a plane
  7. 7. Other planets and beyondOther planets is about other planets we havent yet explored A human has not yet gone to any other planet Many unmanned spacecrafts have explored beyond the moon We still are exploring earth
  8. 8. Hot QsSpace travel is very expensive and dangerous is it worth it? Yesthen we will know more about or universe and have we will haveless to do in the future.Was Likas death a waste? No she was the first living creature inspace.Would you be a good astronaut? Yes because I think I come upwith good ideas.If you had the opportunity to go into space or the deep seawhich would you chose ? I would chose to go into space because Ireally want to be the first person to land on Mars.
  9. 9. ConclusionWe have learned a lot about space and there is stillmore to learn!