Exploring the galaxy natasha alex


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Exploring the galaxy natasha alex

  2. 2. First Steps The first steps were when they launched the first successful satellite called Sputnik 1. The second satellite launched was called Sputnik 2 .This satellite was used to send a dog named Laika into space .Men were curios if a living thing could survive in space .Sadly Laika did not survive. The third satellite set out was called Explorer 6.It was used to send back pictures back to Earth of Earth. the fourth satellite set out was TIROS 1.it was used to send back weather information. The fifth satellite sent out was Echo 1.this one was used to send TV signals.
  3. 3. Space Race As soon as the Russians sent out the first satellite the space race was on. Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space .The Russians were in lead. Yuri Gagarin orbited earth once[2500 miles] before landing. A little less then a month later Alan Shepard blasted off but returned back down[320 miles]. The next year John Glenn blasted off in the space ship called friendship 7 .He orbited three times before landing. He told everyone that earth looked like a big map. He was an American hero .the Americans were in the lead. Soon Russia caught up .they had sent out the first woman in space .
  4. 4. To the Moon Many people have wondered about the moon. It’s time to find out about it. The moon orbits around the earth . Apollo 7 carried three astronauts . Scientists had tested the space craft to see if it would take men to the moon. Apollo 8 proved that we could go to the moon. Three astronauts had orbited around the moon about ten times. Apollo 9 astronauts orbited earth . They tested the lunarModel. Apollo 10 flew all the way to the moon 9miles from surface. Apollo 11 landed on the moon .6 hours later Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon. A few days later they left the moon.
  5. 5. The Space Shuttle The USA had made it to the moon. They were ahead in the space race . Science tests were done in labs to see what would be next. The next thing that was done was space shuttles. Soon they had made shuttles for the astronauts .
  6. 6. Other Planets and Beyond No people have been to other planets but many machines have. Mariner explored the atmosphere of Mars. Pioneers mission was to land on Venus. Viking landed on mars in 1997. Cassini –Huygens recently sent pictures back of Titan Saturns largest moon.
  7. 7. Conclusion Even know we’ve been exploring the galaxy for almost 50 years. There is so much still to learn about space and the galaxy. 1957 the first satellite sent out . 1960 first human in space. 1963 first woman in space. 1965 first space walk. 1969 first human to walk on the moon. 1981 first space shuttle mission. 1983 pioneer leaves the solar system. 1990 Hubble telescope launched. 2000 crew arrives at ISS. 2003 ISS completed Cassini-Huygens sends pictures from Saturn.
  8. 8. Hot’s Q’s 1. Space travel is dangerous and very expensive. Do you think it is worth it? Yes because we are learning about atmospheres and galaxies. Was Laikas death a waste? Kind of because she was a good dog and she didn’t deserve death would you be a good astronaut ? No because I would probably fall out of the spaceship . If you had the chance to explore the deep sea or deep space which would you choose and why? Both because they are both exotic and full of adventures.