Space exploreing by cassia arnold


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Space exploreing by cassia arnold

  1. 1. By Cassia Arnold
  2. 2.  First steps means how men stared to exploring space using satellites. There are five satellites to be first at something. In 1957 sputnik 1 was the first satellite to orbit Earth and send back radio signals. In1957 sputnik 2 was the first satellite to send a dog into space. In 1959 explorer 6 was the first satellite to send back TV pictures of Earth. In 1960 tiros1 was the first satellite to send back weather information to Earth. In 1960 echo 1 was the first satellite to relay voice and TV signals from one point on Earth to another. Laika the dog was the first creature in space.
  3. 3.  On April 12,1961 ,soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin blasted off in his spacecraft . This mission was the first to send a human being in to space. He spent almost two hours out there, orbiting earth one time. The next year astronaut John Glenn blasted off in the spacecraft Friendship 7 and orbited Earth three times.
  4. 4.  Apollo 7 carried three astronauts into space. They tested the spaceship that would soon take men to the moon. The lunar module was a special spacecraft. It was built for one purpose only. After exploring the moon, the two astronauts would blast off from the moon’s surface in the lunar module.
  5. 5.  The United states made it to the moon first. Scientists hoped to build a space station. Their answer was the space shuttle. This was the first space craft ever built that could be used more than one time.
  6. 6.  But many has unmanned space crafts have explored the planets of our solar system and beyond. Mariner explored the atmosphere of mars. Most recently, the Cassini - Huygens spacecraft sent back pictures of the surface of Saturn largest moon, Titan. Many people on earth explore the night sky with a telescope.
  7. 7.  We’ve been exploring space for almost 50 years. We’ve learned about space from manned space missions, satellites, unmanned probes, and telescopes.
  8. 8. Space travel is dangerous and expensive. Is it worth it? I think if it is a good mission then yes.Was laika’s death a waste? I do not think so.Would you be a good astronaut ? I would be a good astronaut.If you could explore space or the deep sea which would you explore and why?The deep sea because it seems more beautiful.