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  1. 1. Endorsed and RecommendedResources forUniversity of CambridgeInternational Examinations2012 www.hoddereducation.com
  2. 2. Welcome to our 2012 catalogue, which features our complete range of endorsedand recommended print and electronic resources for University of CambridgeInternational Examinations.We have specifically produced titles for a range of levels from Primary to Advanced.Details about each one are included throughout the catalogue. However, for moreinformation you can also visit www.hoddereducation.com or get in touch with yourlocal agent, listed on the back cover. CONTENTS Look for these symbols throughout the catalogue to find resources that are available as eBooks orOrdering information ..................................................................... 1 have eTextbook versions. eBookCambridge Primary NEW Ready to Go Lessons . ............................................ 2 Single copy eBooks of our titles are available NEW Revise for Primary Checkpoint . ............... 3 from some or all of the following websites: Amazon – www.amazon.co.ukCambridge Secondary 1 Dawsonera – www.dawsonbooks.co.ukCheckpoint English ........................................................................... 4 EBL – www.eblib.comCheckpoint Mathematics ......................................................... 5 Ebooks.com – www.ebooks.comCheckpoint Science .......................................................................... 6 Ebrary – www.ebrary.com/corp Myilibrary – www.myilibrary.comCambridge IGCSE® Netlibrary – www.netlibrary.comEnglish ................................................................................................................ 7Mathematics .............................................................................................. 8Science ........................................................................................................... 10 eTextbook NEW Modern Foreign Languages ..................... 11 eTextbooks are enhanced digital versions ofBusiness . ...................................................................................................... 12 the textbook available on subscription. TheyICT ......................................................................................................................... 13 allow you to export double page spreads to yourGeography . ............................................................................................... 13 School network, add notes, highlight areas and bookmark key pages.Cambridge InternationalAS and A level Visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk to find out NEW Mathematics . ................................................................. 14 more and to sign up for a free 60 day trial.Science ........................................................................................................... 15Geography . ............................................................................................... 16Order Form ............................................................................................... 17Agents, Stockists andRepresentatives .........................................................Back page® IGCSE is the registered trademark of University ofCambridge International Examinations. Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  3. 3. IT’S EASY TO TRY AND BUY!TRY It’s easy to try and buy!e-Inspection Copies enable you to evaluate an electronic version of the textbookfree of charge. You can browse through by flipping pages, using the index and bysearching. You get instant access to the whole book for 30 days – no returns, no hassleand it’s good for the environment! During this time you can also forward the link on tocolleagues so they can view it too. To sign-up visit www.hoddereducation.comFor print Inspection Copies or Sample Copies contact your local agent, whosedetails you can find on the back cover. You can also contact Frances Aizlewoodon +44 207 873 6240, and by email at frances.aizlewood@hodder.co.ukBUYYou can purchase print resources via any of the following methods: Direct from your local agent, listed on the back cover Online at www.hoddereducation.com Email us education@bookpoint.co.uk Call us on +44 1235 827720 Post or fax the order form on p17For more information just contact Frances Aizlewood on +44 207 873 6240,or by email at frances.aizlewood@hodder.co.uk Try our eTextbooks for free, for 60 dayseTextbooks are zoomable, flickable, digital versions of traditional printed textbooks thatcan be used to teach a whole class or by students anywhere, anytime.It only takes 60 seconds to get 60 days of outstanding digital content! Get your free 60 day trial now at www.dynamic-learning.co.uk PAGE 1 To order find your local agent on the back page
  4. 4. CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY Ready to Go LessonsCambridge Primary NEW eBook This new series supports schools in delivering quality lessons in English, Maths and Science that cover the objectives of the revised Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks. There are six photocopiable books per subject that cover each stage. They contain easy-to-use lesson plans based on the Cambridge Primary schemes of work and which are modelled to the teaching approaches in the new Cambridge Primary Teacher Guides. They include a helpful bank of lessons from which to offer a flexible, international approach and develop the curriculum within your school. • eries editors are experienced practitioners S and authors • ill save you time planning and W preparing lessons • upplement your existing scheme or use S as a stand-alone resource We are working with University of Cambridge International Examinations to gain endorsement for these titles ENGLISH MATHEMATICS SCIENCE Cambridge Primary Ready to Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Lessons for English Stage 1 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 1 Go Lessons for Science Stage 1 9781444177107 • August 2012 • £45.00 9781444177602 • October 2012 • £45.00 9781444177824 • October 2012 • £45.00 Cambridge Primary Ready to Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Lessons for English Stage 2 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 2 Go Lessons for Science Stage 2 9781444177053 • September 2012 • 9781444177596 • November 2012 • 9781444177831 • November 2012 • £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 Cambridge Primary Ready to Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Lessons for English Stage 3 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 3 Go Lessons for Science Stage 3 9781444177060 • August 2012 • £45.00 9781444177589 • September 2012 • 9781444177848 • October 2012 • £45.00 Cambridge Primary Ready to £45.00 Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Lessons for English Stage 4 Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Go Lessons for Science Stage 4 9781444177077 • October 2012 • £45.00 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 4 9781444177855 • November 2012 • Cambridge Primary Ready to 9781444177619 • October 2012 • £45.00 £45.00 Go Lessons for English Stage 5 Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Cambridge Primary Ready to 9781444177084 • August 2012 • £45.00 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 5 Go Lessons for Science Stage 5 Cambridge Primary Ready to 9781444177626 • September 2012 • 9781444177862 • November 2012 • Go Lessons for English Stage 6 £45.00 £45.00 9781444177091 • September 2012 • Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Cambridge Primary Ready to £45.00 Lessons for Mathematics Stage 6 Go Lessons for Science Stage 6 9781444177633 • October 2012 • £45.00 9781444177879 • December 2012 • £45.00 PAGE 2 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  5. 5. CAMBRIDGE PRIMARYRevise for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Cambridge Primary NEW eBookThis series supports the revision of English,Maths and Science in preparation for theCambridge Primary Checkpoint Tests at theend of Stage 6.There are Teacher’s Guides and student Study Guidesfor each subject that provide essential guidance forboth you and your students.The Teacher’s Guides:• elp you plan with an overview of the H learning objectives• evelop lessons with activities and D supporting photocopiables• rovide essential tips to improve P students’ performance• nclude practice papers in the style of the I Cambridge Primary Checkpoint TestsThe Study Guides:• reak down key facts and words in a B manageable format• rovide plenty of revision activities P• nclude challenge sections for higher I level studentsThese resources have been carefully planned and writtenby experienced practitioners to boost the confidence ofstudents ahead of their tests. They will save you timeplanning and you can gain valuable insight into whatstudents need to achieve and the best ways to improvetheir performance.We are working with University ofCambridge International Examinationsto gain endorsement for these titlesENGLISH MATHEMATICS SCIENCECambridge Primary: Revise Cambridge Primary: Revise Cambridge Primary: Revisefor Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Cambridge Primary CheckpointEnglish Study Guide Mathematics Study Guide Science Study Guide9781444178289 • October 2012 • £9.99 9781444178296 • October 2012 • £9.99 9781444178302 • October 2012 • £9.99Cambridge Primary: Revise Cambridge Primary: Revise Cambridge Primary: Revisefor Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Cambridge Primary CheckpointEnglish Teacher’s Guide Mathematics Teacher’s Guide Science Teacher’s Guide9781444178319 • October 2012 • 9781444178326 • October 2012 • 9781444178333 • October 2012 •£39.99 £39.99 £39.99Visit www.hoddereducation.com/cambridgeprimary for more information aboutthese two new series. PAGE 3 To order find your local agent on the back page
  6. 6. Cambridge SECONDARY 1 English Cambridge Checkpoint EnglishCambridge Secondary 1 AUDio CD John Reynolds These hugely successful resources are matched to the Curriculum Framework to ensure the very best support for you and your students. They are used throughout the world, where they are renowned for their clarity and accessible approach. • ritten by the same trusted and experienced author of the W IGCSE textbook • repares students for the Cambridge Checkpoint Tests and P further study • ffers full support for teachers O The Student’s Books have been written to provide accessible guidance to students from around the world. They offer full coverage of the framework, with extracts from a wide variety of texts, cultures and historical periods. They also include essential support for your students with speaking and listening activities and a ‘Key skills’ section in each chapter. Stage 7 The Teacher’s Resource Books for each stage outline Student’s Book 1 • 9781444143836 • 160pp • £15.99 opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening. They Teacher’s Resource Book 1 (with audio CD)  also highlight the key skills required in each chapter and provide 9781444143898 • 80pp • £75.00 guidance on suggested alternative texts. To help you plan and Stage 8 deliver lessons with greater ease they include photocopiable Student’s Book 2 • 9781444143850 • 160pp • £15.99 student worksheets with additional activities and grammar Teacher’s Resource Book 2 (with audio CD)  9781444143904 • 96pp • £75.00 exercises, as well as author and poet biographies. The free audio CD has extracts of readings of poetry and prose from the Stage 9 Student’s Book 3 • 9781444143874 • 160pp • £15.99 corresponding Student’s Book. Teacher’s Resource Book 3 (with audio CD) The Checkpoint Revision Guide provides your students with 9781444143911 • 96pp • £75.00 dedicated guidance for the Cambridge Secondary 1 test. It features We are working with University of advice on how to tackle the examination, plus plenty of opportunity Cambridge International Examinations to practise with test questions. to gain endorsement for this title Revision Guide Visit www.hoddereducation.com/cambridgecheckpoint for 9781444180725 • 96pp • March 2013 • £9.99 more information about the specification and to view sample pages. Workbooks coming soon! Helps students Full colour to develop their illustrations speaking and ensure ease listening skills of learning Covers all the key skills identified in the revised Cambridge Secondary 1 English Curriculum Framework Pages from Student’s Book 1 PAGE 4 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  7. 7. Cambridge SECONDARY 1 MATHEMATICSCambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Cambridge Secondary 1Ric Pimentel and Terry WallThese market leading resources are used inschools throughout the world. They are matchedto the Curriculum Framework and now include adedicated Revision Guide, to ensure your studentshave all the support they need to achieve their bestpossible grade.• rovides ideal preparation for the Cambridge Checkpoint Tests P• ritten by the same trusted author team as the first editions  W• ives plenty of extra practice questions in the Workbooks G• ffers full support for teachers in delivering the curriculum OThe Student’s Books include new sections on calculationsand mental strategies that provide accessible guidance throughthese difficult topics. There are also chapters that focus on ICT,investigations and problem-solving, helping your students toapply Maths to real-life situations.The Workbooks offer your students essential practicequestions. There is a parallel exercise for each exercise in the Stage 7Student’s Book, and students can write their answers in the Student’s Book 1 • 9781444143959 • 224pp • £15.99Workbook, making them perfect for both classroom and Workbook 1 • 9781444144017 • 112pp • £4.99homework use. Teacher’s Resource Book 1 9781444143928 • 112pp • £75.00The Teacher’s Resource Books include answers to all Stage 8the questions in the Student’s Books, teacher guidance and Student’s Book 2 • 9781444143973 • 184pp • £15.99mental tests. There are also four end-of-section tests and Workbook 2 • 9781444144031 • 96pp • £4.99Practice Tests for use at the end of the relevant stage, all with Teacher’s Resource Book 2marking guidance, to give your students the best possible 9781444143935 • 96pp • £75.00exam preparation. Stage 9 Student’s Book 3 • 9781444143997 • 184pp • £15.99The Revision Guide offers your students a dedicated guide Workbook 3 • 9781444144055 • 96pp • £4.99to the Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint Test. With clear Teacher’s Resource Book 3explanations of tricky concepts and exam advice from an expert 9781444143942 • 96pp • £75.00author, your students will feel confident about their revision. We are working with University of Cambridge International ExaminationsVisit www.hoddereducation.com/cambridgecheckpoint to gain endorsement for this titlefor more information about the specification and to view Revision Guidesample pages. 9781444180718 • 128pp • August 2012 • £9.99 Guides students through mental strategies and tests them with non-calculator exercises Written in an accessible manner for students of all language levelsPages fromStudent’s Book 1 PAGE 5 To order find your local agent on the back page
  8. 8. Cambridge SECONDARY 1 Science Cambridge Checkpoint ScienceCambridge Secondary 1 Peter D Riley Widely-used and highly-respected, these resources are fully matched to the Curriculum Framework to provide superb support for you and your students. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are combined, but the material is in three distinct sections so you can still teach the course as three separate Sciences if you prefer. • rovides ideal preparation for the Cambridge P Checkpoint Tests • ritten by a successful author with lots of international W experience, with additional advice from an examiner • ffers full support for teachers in the accompanying O Teacher’s Resource Books The Student’s Books bring Science to life with full-colour diagrams and illustrations. They will help your students demonstrate an investigative and experimental approach to science, with a strong emphasis on Scientific Enquiry, with chapters including ‘Earth and beyond’, and ‘Human reproduction’. Stage 7 Student’s Book 1 • 9781444126037 • 256pp • £17.99 The Teacher’s Resource Books offer detailed support with Teacher’s Resource Book 1 9781444143805 • 160pp • £95.00 the practical aspects of the course, and include plenty of homework activities and worksheets. To help prepare your Stage 8 students for the examination there are also two practice tests Student’s Book 2 • 9781444143751 • 208pp • £17.99 Teacher’s Resource Book 2 with marking guidance. 9781444143812 • 144pp • £95.00 The Revision Guide will give your students excellent Stage 9 Student’s Book 3 • 9781444143782 • 208pp • £17.99 preparation ahead of their Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint Teacher’s Resource Book 3 Test. Topics are explained clearly with mind maps and 9781444143829 • 144pp • £95.00 diagrams to aid visual learning. Expert exam advice will also ensure that all your students are confident ahead of their test. We are working with University of Cambridge International Examinations to gain endorsement for this title Visit www.hoddereducation.com/cambridgecheckpoint Revision Guide for more information about the specification and to view 9781444180732 • 128pp • August 2012 • £9.99 sample pages. Workbooks coming soon! Provides additional points for discussion, encouraging students to consider different approaches and ideas Helps students to develop their scientific enquiry skills Pages from Student’s Book 1 PAGE 6 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  9. 9. Cambridge IGCSE ENGLISHIGCSE English Cambridge IGCSE EnglishSecond Edition eTextbook eBookIan Barr and John ReynoldsWritten by an experienced author and an examiner, this textbook is matched to thesyllabus and is packed with engaging content. It will help your students prepare fortheir examination and enhance their enjoyment of English.• evelops the skills necessary to become a better reader and writer D• etailed advice and preparation for the examination D• ays particular attention to writing summaries P• eaches skills for successful writing of essays and coursework assignments TStudent’s Book • 9780340889176 • 192pp • £19.99Also availableeTextbook • from £250.00 + VATTo sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.ukIGCSE Study Guide forFirst Language English eBookJohn Reynolds and Julia HubbardWritten by an experienced examiner and trainer, this study guide provides a wealth ofinformation and key facts for each topic.• xplanations of common misconceptions and errors E• ample questions and answers with tips on how to address common problems S• urther questions for practice F9780719579004 • 104pp • £9.99To sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.ukIGCSE English as a Second LanguageFocus on Writing eTextbook eBookAlison DiggerThis title has been specifically developed for students with English as a secondlanguage, making it extremely useful for use in advance of other exams, such as FirstCertificate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and CambridgeIGCSE First Language English.• ey skills are taught through examples relevant to the examination K• ncludes authentic material written by students, with critical comments from a I teacher/examiner, to promote success• ttention is paid to the importance of style and content, together with accuracy and A the correct use of different registers• ontains an extensive database of topic-related vocabulary and ideas, to encourage C breadth of knowledgeStudent’s Book • 9780340928066 • 264pp • £19.99Also availableeTextbook • from £250.00 + VATTo sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk PAGE 7 To order find your local agent on the back page
  10. 10. Cambridge IGCSE MATHEMATICS Cambridge IGCSE MathematicsCambridge IGCSE Mathematics Second Edition CD-ROM eBook Ric Pimentel and Terry Wall This second edition of the bestselling textbook is endorsed for use with the University of Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus. This full colour, expertly written text is accessible for students and includes a free Personal Tutor CD-ROM, which features audio-visual worked examples of all the key concepts covered in the textbook. This is ideal for students following the Extended Curriculum. • overs the entire syllabus (Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Statistics and C Probability) in one volume • ncludes ICT sections with ideas for ICT activities in each chapter I • ffers worked examples and plenty of exercises and assessments throughout for O rigorous drill and practice • ses international contexts throughout to aid understanding and ensure it is relevant U to students everywhere • rovides two short-answer assessments at the end of each chapter that enable you P to monitor progress, whilst an Extended Section introduces further material “I can see every reason why this is recommended by Cambridge University and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone teaching or studying for IGCSE or GCSE Maths” Teacher review on Amazon 9781444123159 • 488pp • £19.99 Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Practice Book NEW eBook Ric Pimentel and Terry Wall This brand new Practice Book will give your students the opportunity to build their knowledge of key mathematical concepts. With plenty of questions, including ones to stretch and challenge higher ability students, you can ensure they get plenty of essential practice. • Simple and quick to set questions as lessons or as homework • Includes past exam questions for comprehensive preparation ahead of exams We are working with University of • Contains plenty of additional questions to supplement the textbook Cambridge International Examinations to gain endorsement for this title 9781444180466 • 160pp • June 2013 • £6.99 View e-Inspection Copies one month before publication online at www.hoddereducation.com PAGE 8 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  11. 11. Cambridge IGCSE MATHEMATICSCore Mathematics for IGCSE  Cambridge IGCSE MathematicsSecond Edition eTextbookRic Pimentel and Terry WallThis companion volume to Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics is written by the samehighly experienced author team. It is specifically for candidates preparing for theCambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core Curriculum (up to Grade C) examination.Student’s Book • 9780340908129 • 432pp • £19.99Also availableeTextbook • from £250.00 + VATTo sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.ukIGCSE Revision Guide forMathematics eBookJohn Jeskins, Jean Matthews, Howard Baxter, Mike Handbury, Mark Patmoreand Eddie WildeEditor: Brian SeagerWritten by experienced examiners, this revision guide is written especially forstudents preparing for the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580) extended curriculumexamination.• overs every syllabus topic, with a handy checklist to aid revision planning C• rovides brief explanations of each topic followed by worked examples and questions P to cement understanding• ncludes numerical answers and a vocabulary list – especially useful for I international students9780340815786 • 120pp • £9.99Cambridge IGCSE InternationalMathematics eTextbook eBookRic Pimentel and Terry WallSupports the new Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics (0607) syllabus.It includes worked examples and practice exercises, and international contextsto ensure the text is relevant to all students.• ntegrates the use of a graphics calculator throughout to reflect the focus of this I new syllabus• ncludes investigations and modelling I• omes with free access to a website featuring PowerPoint presentations, C Personal Tutor audio-visual examples, additional assessments, and sample exam papers with solutions• nswers to all questions are available online AStudent’s Book • 9781444112924 • 496pp • £25.99Also availableeTextbook • from £250.00 + VATTo sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk PAGE 9 To order find your local agent on the back page
  12. 12. Cambridge IGCSE SCIENCE IGCSE Science Student BooksCambridge IGCSE Science Second Editions eTextbook CD-ROM eBook Biology Author: D G Mackean Chemistry Authors: B Earl and L D R Wilford Physics Authors: Tom Duncan and Heather Kennett Written by renowned authors, these bestselling textbooks ensure comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the Core and Extended material specified in the latest Cambridge IGCSE syllabus. With a bright and attractive format, each one includes free additional electronic resources on a CD-ROM. • evision CD-ROMs contain interactive tests for each R syllabus topic as well as Sample Examination Papers • yllabus-matching grid provides easy identification of S coverage and Core and Extended topics The eTextbooks allow you to display zoomable, flickable, searchable pages on a whiteboard and are ideal for whole-class teaching. IGCSE Chemistry • 9780340981887 • 312pp • £19.99 IGCSE Physics • 9780340981870 • 336pp • £19.99 Also available IGCSE Biology eTextbook • from £250.00 + VAT Recommended by IGCSE Chemistry eTextbook • from £250.00 + VAT University of Cambridge International Examinations ICGSE Physics eTextbook • from £250.00 + VAT IGCSE Biology • 9780340981863 • 384pp • £19.99 To sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk Cambridge IGCSE Science Practice Books NEW eBook Biology Author: Dave Hayward Chemistry Authors: B Earl and L D R Wilford Physics Author: Heather Kennett We are working with University of These brand new Practice Books provide a wealth of questions and Cambridge International Examinations practice for your students that will help reinforce concepts and provide to gain endorsement for these titles superb preparation ahead of their exams. Biology Practice Book 9781444180459 • 160pp • February 2013 • £6.99 • deal for use in class or as homework I Chemistry Practice Book • ncludes a wealth of levelled questions including stretch and challenge I 9781444180442 • 160pp • October 2012 • £6.99 for higher ability students Physics Practice Book • ctual past exam questions to build the necessary exam skills A 9781444180473 • 160pp • October 2012 • £6.99 IGCSE Science Study Guides eBook Biology Author: Dave Hayward Chemistry Author: Bob Berry Physics Author: Mike Folland Written by experienced teachers and examiners, these study guides include: • Key facts for each topic • Explanations of common misconceptions and errors • Sample questions Study Guide for Biology • 9780719579042 • 156pp • £9.99 • Tips and comments on how to address common problems Study Guide for Chemistry • 9780719579028 • 136pp • £9.99 • Further questions for practice Study Guide for Physics • 9780719579035 • 112pp • £9.99 PAGE 10 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  13. 13. Cambridge IGCSE MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESCambridge IGCSE French and Cambridge IGCSE Modern Foreign LanguagesSpanish Foreign Language NEW AUDio CD eBookFrench Authors: Yvette Grime, Jayn Witt and Mike ThackerSpanish Authors: Judith O’Hare, Jacqueline López-Cascante and Mike ThackerThese brand new resources provide a grammar-led approach and extensiveCambridge IGCSE exam preparation that will help you develop independent,culturally aware students of French and Spanish.There are Student’s Books, Teacher’s Resources and Grammar Workbooks availablefor both French and Spanish that:• evelop students’ ability to use the language effectively in practice and in D their exams• rovide insight and encourage a positive attitude towards other cultures P• tretch and challenge students to achieve their best grades S• nsure the progression required for further study at A level or E equivalent qualificationsThe Student’s Books are structured to the latest Cambridge IGCSE syllabus andare predominantly written in the target language by experienced teachers and nativespeakers to reflect the style of the examinations. They also include specific examadvice and preparation, helping to develop the variety of skills needed for success inthe assessments. Topics on Francophone and Spanish-speaking culture are integratedthroughout to ensure students develop the cultural awareness that is at the heart ofthis international qualification.The Teacher’s Resources feature detailed guidance on how to prepare yourstudents for their Cambridge IGCSE examinations. To help you save time planninglessons they include powerpoint presentations on Spanish-speaking and Francophoneculture, as well as vocabulary lists and interactive grammar activities all provided ona VLE-compliant CD. The Audio CDs contain all of the listening exercises and areincluded as part of this resource with full transcripts, offering superb value for money.The Grammar Workbooks provide the additional grammatical support thatstudents require to become spontaneous and confident linguists. They featureplenty of opportunity for practice and activities that are suitable for use in-classor as homework.All resources are suitable for the Cambridge International Certificate inSpanish/French Foreign Language in the UK.We are working with University ofCambridge International Examinationsto gain endorsement for these titlesFRENCHFrench Student’s Book • 9781444180954 • 240pp • March 2013 • £19.99French Teacher’s Resource + Audio CD-ROMs • 9781444180985 • 176pp • March 2013 • £150.00French Grammar Workbook • 9781444180992 • 64pp • March 2013 • £6.00SPANISHSpanish Student’s Book • 9781444181005 • 208pp • April 2013 • £19.99Spanish Teacher’s Resource + Audio CD-ROMs • 9781444181029 •144pp • April 2013 • £150.00Spanish Grammar Workbook • 9781444181036 • 64pp • September 2013 • £6.00 PAGE 11 To order find your local agent on the back page
  14. 14. Cambridge IGCSE BUSINESS STUDIES IGCSE Business Studies Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Third Edition eTextbook eBook Karen Borrington and Peter Stimpson Written by experienced Business Studies teachers and principal examiners, this textbook features a special introduction for Cambridge IGCSE students with sections on study skills, exam technique, case study work and Cambridge IGCSE exam questions. • rings concepts and theories to life with case studies from relevant B international businesses • einforces learning with frequent thinking points, activities and discussion themes R • elps students to become independent learners with practical guidance for H organising individual study • evision questions and advice from examiners support the acquisition of R study skills and examination techniques • iagrammatic revision summaries help students to plan their learning and D prepare for their exams The CD-ROM provides a wide range of interactive and downloadable facilities to support learning and revision. The Study Guide includes key facts for each topic, plus explanations of common misconceptions and errors. Sample questions and students’ answers with examiners’ comments on how to improve grades are also included. With eTextbooks you can provide your students with 24/7 online access. You can also display pages to your class on a whiteboard, highlight sections and make notes. Relevant case studies show how the theory relates to Business Easy to find definitions ensure students understand the key terms Full colour illustrations and diagrams help demonstrate ideas and concepts Also available Student’s Book • 9780340926499 • 456pp • £19.99 eTextbook • from £250.00 + VAT CD-ROM • 9780719572692 • £99.75 + VAT To sign up for a free 60 day trial visit Study Guide • 9780719579011 • 120pp • £9.99 www.dynamic-learning.co.uk PAGE 12 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  15. 15. Cambridge IGCSE ICTIGCSE Information and Cambridge IGCSE ICTCommunication Technology eTextbook CD-ROM eBookGraham Brown and David WatsonThis text provides up-to-date coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE ICT requirements.The authors are experienced examiners and teachers and bring a wealth oftheoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that students are fullyprepared for both the written theory paper as well as the two practical papers.Each section of the syllabus is clearly explained and illustrated with lots of tasksand activities to reinforce learning. The book is in two sections, fully covering thetheoretical knowledge required for the written paper and the skills needed for thepractical exam.The CD-ROM contains source files for the tasks and activities, as well as Student’s Book • 9780340983829examination-style questions with model answers and a glossary. 312pp • £19.99 Also availableWith eTextbooks you can provide your students with 24/7 online access.You can also display pages to your class on a whiteboard, highlight sections eTextbook • from £250.00 + VATand make notes. To sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk Cambridge IGCSE GEOGRAPHYIGCSE Geography Cambridge IGCSE Geography eTextbook CD-ROM eBookGarrett Nagle and Paul GuinnessThis has been written by leading and experienced Geography authors, teachers andmarkers. It covers the latest curriculum for Cambridge IGCSE Geography and isaccompanied by a CD-ROM offering invaluable study and revision support.• ncludes plenty of exam practice to help students prepare for examinations I• learly explains all the content, with lots of different tasks and activities to engage C students• eatures lots of case studies and examples from around the world to illustrate F geographical terms• omes with a CD-ROM that contains sample examination papers and diagrams for student use CThe eTextbook allows you to teach your whole class with ease:• pload pages to your VLE U• isplay pages to your class on an electronic whiteboard D• ake notes and bookmarks MWith eTextbooks you can also provide your students with online access so they can study anywhere, anytime!Student’s Book • 9780340975015 • 224pp • £19.99Also availableeTextbook • from £250.00 + VATTo sign up for a free 60 day trial visit www.dynamic-learning.co.uk PAGE 13 To order find your local agent on the back page
  16. 16. Cambridge INTERNATIONAL AS A LEVEL Mathematics Cambridge InternationalCambridge International AS and A level Mathematics AS and A Level Mathematics NEW eBook Roger Porkess and Sophie Goldie This brand new series has been specifically written for the University of Cambridge International Examinations course for AS and A Level Mathematics (9709). These four comprehensive books give your students full coverage of the syllabus: • 1 is covered in the first Pure Mathematics book P • 2 and P3 in the second Pure Mathematics book P • 1 and S2 are covered in a single Statistics book S • 1 and M2 in a single handy Mechanics (Applied) book M Detailed worked examples and clear explanations for each topic combined with the student-friendly approach ensure that all your students can access the mathematics. There are plenty of exam questions included, making sure your students are thoroughly prepared for their examinations. Each book contains a free CD-ROM with ‘Test Yourself’ interactive multiple choice questions and Personal Tutor audio-visual step-by-step worked examples of exam-style questions for further revision and practice. The authors are experienced writers, examiners and teachers who have written Worked examples show students how to extensively at this level to provide you and your students with the most comprehensive best tackle problems and relevant resources. Concise, clear explanations ensure the maths is accessible We are working with University of Cambridge International Examinations to gain endorsement for these titles Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics 1 Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics Statistics 9781444146448 • 320pp • £19.99 9781444146509 • 368pp • October 2012 • £24.99 Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics 2 Mechanics 9781444146462 • 352pp • £24.99 9781444146486 • 368pp • August 2012 • £24.99 PAGE 14 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  17. 17. Cambridge INTERNATIONAL AS A LEVEL SCIENCEInternational A/AS Level Physics Cambridge International AS and A level ScienceChris Mee, Mike Crundell, Wendy Brown and Brian ArnoldThis textbook has been endorsed for the Cambridge International AS and A LevelPhysics syllabus (9702).With a strong emphasis on practical skills, this text covers the main theoreticalconcepts and applications of Physics. Creative thinking and problem-solving skillsare also encouraged and developed throughout the course.• earning outcomes are clearly defined at the beginning of each section to help L focus learning, whilst summaries at the end of the sections provide a review of the main ideas• vast number of worked examples and consolidation questions throughout A provide the opportunity for regular self-assessment• xam-style questions help test knowledge and understanding and improve E exam performance• ritten by experienced examiners and teachers WPhysics Student Book • 9780340945643 • 472pp • £27.50International AS and A LevelBiology, Chemistry and PhysicsRevision GuidesMary Jones, David Bevan, Chris Mee and Richard WoodsideThese International AS and A Level Science Revision Guides are written by experiencedteachers and examiners to provide exam-focused texts that guide students through thecontent and skills of the course ahead of their exams.A specimen examination paper is also included in each book along with sampleanswers, comments and tips.Each Revision Guide contains:• n introduction containing an overview of the course and how it is assessed A• dvice on revision and taking the examination papers A• summary of the facts and concepts that students need to know for the examination A• xplanations of the data-handling and practical skills students will need to answer E questions in both the written and practical exams• pecimen examination papers for students to try, followed by a set of sample S students’ answers for each question, with commentsBiology Revision Guide • 9781444112672 • 256pp • £14.99Chemistry Revision Guide • 9781444112689 • 256pp • £14.99Recommended byUniversity of CambridgeInternational ExaminationsPhysics Revision Guide • 9781444112696 • 256pp • £14.99 PAGE 15 To order find your local agent on the back page
  18. 18. Cambridge INTERNATIONAL AS A LEVEL GEOGRAPHY Cambridge InternationalCambridge International AS and A level Geography AS and A Level Geography CD-ROM Garrett Nagle and Paul Guinness This textbook has been written especially to support Cambridge International AS and A Level Geography. The content covers the core syllabus and all the human and physical geography options. There is also a strong emphasis on geographical skills, including advice on fieldwork. A CD-ROM is included with the textbook that features interactive tests, links to useful websites, revision checklists, additional work and a glossary. • overs the full content of the syllabus, including all 8 options C • ritten by experienced authors, examiners and teachers W • rovides an international focus, including examples and case studies from P around the world • ncludes a strong emphasis on developing students’ geographical skills I The Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM contains selected illustrations and photographs from the textbook, along with annotated model answers at three different levels to give a clear indication of the requirements of the exam. Clear diagrams help Full colour photographs demonstrate concepts illustrate examples from around the world Activities develop essential geographical skills Student’s Book • 9781444123166 • 496pp • £35.00 Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM • 9781444123173 • £80.00 + VAT PAGE 16 Sign up for e-Inspection Copies at www.hoddereducation.com
  19. 19. resources for University of Cambridge International ExaminationSHow to order Order FormTo place an order you can either photocopy this Order Form or cut it out and send it back to us. Either way simply fill in thegrid below with the Title, ISBN and Price followed by the number you require. Then fill in the Sub-total box, add on the PP(see box below grid) and write the amount in the Total box. You’ll find the title, ISBN and price information on each page ofthe catalogue.You then just need to fill in your details before sending or faxing it back to us.To order an Inspection or Approval copy simply tick the I/A column.N.B. You can still order titles that are not yet published. Just fill in the Order Form and you’ll receive the title as soon as it’savailable. (Prices and publication dates were correct at the time of going to press but may be subject to change.)I/A Title ISBN Price Qty Sub total Post and packing Sub-total: UK educational establishments – firm orders add £3.50. Overseas – please add £5.00 for first item, £2.50 for each additional item up to £20.00 maximum. Postage:Please fill in all the relevant sections before sending it Total:to the address below. YOUR DETAILSMethod of paymentFill in your name and address and we will send the Surnamebooks / resources to you with an invoice. If you would Initialsprefer to send payment with your order, you can pay by Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Othercheque or credit card. Job TitlePayment by cheque Emailc I enclose a cheque/postal order for £_______________Please make cheques payable to Bookpoint Ltd. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IPayment by Credit CardPlease call our Credit Card telephone hotline: Department+44 (0)1235 827720 or complete the details below: School Addressc Please debit my credit/debit card (please delete asappropriate)Credit/Debit Card No: County / Country Post CodeExpiry Date: Telephone (for contact in case of query)Issue No (Switch only):Signature: Please return this order form to the FREEPOST address: Hodder Education, FREEPOST OF1488, 130 Milton Park,Your credit card payment will be charged by Bookpoint Abingdon, OX14 4YYLtd. If the registered cardholder address is different Tel +44 (0)1235 827827 • Fax +44 (0)1235 400401from that given opposite, please specify address here: International School / Export Trade Orders +44 (0)20 7873 6299 (fax) PAGE REF NO: 2125311 17
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