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DIT mobile learning... intro


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Basic intro to mobile learning used for workshop

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DIT mobile learning... intro

  1. 1. @iclaudiadMobile Learning IntroDublin Institute of Technology
  2. 2. • Definitions• Affordances of mobile devices• Examples of mLearning• Tools• Try-it
  3. 3. The exploitation of ubiquitoushandheld technologies, togetherwith wireless and mobile phonenetworks, to facilitate, support,enhance and extend the reach ofteaching and learning”( definition
  4. 4. Mobile learning is more than theuse of ubiquitous devices as it alsorefers to learning across contexts,eg:-while on the bus,-while moving from one lecture room toanother,-while out on field trips….etc…. defn
  5. 5. Mobile devices
  6. 6. Affordances of Mobile phones• Portability• Connectivity• HCI types• Geo Location• Content creation: Image,Video, Audio• Application availability
  7. 7. What students do with mobile devices
  8. 8. What SOME lecturers do:
  9. 9. • Texting• Evaluation/Assessment• Learning Management Systems:Blackboard, MoodleTechnologies in education
  10. 10. • Learning/Performance support• Just in time learning/ Byte size learning• Augmenting existing learningexperiences• Enabling Authentic learningWhen to use mobile learning
  11. 11. Mobile Learning Showcase• Texting• Apps : 1, 2• Games: 1, 2
  12. 12. Mobile Learning Showcase• SPATIAL STUDIES: Videos +QRcode• Micro Courses or Byte sized learning• CHINESE : Contextual texting• BUSINESS/ENTREPRENEURSHIPPROGRAMME:Texting for Information & Scaffolding
  13. 13. …a few questions…Exercise with Socrative usingparticipants mobile devices inclass.(Mobile devices used instead ofclickers)
  14. 14. Your thoughtsSo why are lecturers not usingmobile learning??......Gathering feedback via wallwisher and participant’s owndevices...
  15. 15. Reasons given by lecturers include:
  16. 16. , enablemobilehttp://socrative.comBlackboard appOther tools for creating, creating ipad apps (on MAC):(padilicious)
  17. 17. •••••••