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Findings and recommendations from an action research project where 6 tutors in a large FE college have worked together to experiment with a class set of iPads

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Findings classipads

  1. 1. Action Research using iPads: Findings Cathy Clarkson Kirklees College
  2. 2. What can a group of tutors learn from each other in making effective use of mobile technologies with their students… • Support from & discussion with colleagues is invaluable • Sometimes there are so many ideas it’s overwhelming and difficult to know where to start • We need technical skills and confidence & pedagogical skills and confidence
  3. 3. What can a group of tutors learn from each other in making effective use of mobile technologies with their students… • Defining the term ‘effective’ is not clear cut • The value of stepping out of our comfort zones and taking risks to try something new • With experimentation comes confidence in using technology to support our students • For example …..
  4. 4. iPad Whiteboard Apps • Wide range of apps that have similar (but different) functionalities • Beware - Developers can close your favourite apps down
  5. 5. iPad whiteboard Apps: uses Pre-reading task using a Wordle Ss listen and read or record themselves reading
  6. 6. iPad whiteboard Apps: uses Exam prep: ss make a recording of changes to a flyer Describe a house they have built in another app
  7. 7. Benefits of mobile technology portability Ease of use Built in functionality: camera, voice recorder, internet. For example ….
  8. 8. Internet: uses Self directed vocabulary development using: • Google images, • translate and • an online dictionary
  9. 9. Internet: uses Searching Google images for houses in your home country & doing a mingling task to share with classmates.
  10. 10. Camera: uses Walk around college for inspiration for a project. Take photos and return to class to discuss and plan.
  11. 11. Relationships between tutors Although we never all managed to get together at the same time, discussions and collaboration happened between individuals within the group …….
  12. 12. Discussions between: ESOL Foundation learning ESOL /Teacher education – me!! maths ESOL ESOL Teacher education Science Another ESOL tutor started using the iPads after discussions with the ESOL tutors involved in the project. The science tutor joined the project
  13. 13. Recommendations Give Tutors freedom to take risks Use peer obs as a vehicle for CPD Consider JPD as an ‘offer’ of CPD The 2014 Professional Standards: 20. Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others