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SITE 2014 - iPads for Teachers? The Challenges of Integrating Technology in the Classroom


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Barbour, M. K., & Quinn Grzebyk, T. (2014, March). iPads for teachers? The challenges of integrating technology in the classroom. A paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Jacksonville, FL.

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SITE 2014 - iPads for Teachers? The Challenges of Integrating Technology in the Classroom

  1. 1. iPads For Teachers? The Challenges Of Integrating Technology In The Classroom Michael K. Barbour, Sacred Heart University Tamme Quinn Grzebyk, Wayne State University
  2. 2. Abstract This MACUL grant is focused on a professional development project designed to support teachers using iPads in the classroom. The PD was teacher-centric and on-going, and emphasized specific apps teachers recommended. This presentation will explore that PD model and how teachers used their iPads as a personal and classroom tool.
  3. 3. Project • Five science teachers provided with iPads • Monthly professional development sessions – topics decided on by the teachers themselves – focused on pedagogical issues and app show & tell • Occurred December 2010 to March 2011
  4. 4. Professional Development • Driven by the teachers • Examined ways in which teachers could use a single iPad in the classroom • Focused solely on free apps • Balanced between apps that could be used with students and apps for teacher personal & professional development • Occurred monthly over a four month period
  5. 5. Research Questions 1. How do teachers perceive potential uses of iPads in their own teaching? 2. How do teachers perceive potential uses of iPads in their own professional development?
  6. 6. Data Collection • Recordings of the PD sessions • Interviews with each of the teachers at the conclusion of the project • Observation of single iPad integration lesson with one teacher
  7. 7. Results Affordances • offered a visual richness that teachers found particularly intriguing • allowed for more fluid classroom environments, where teachers could also move about the room more freely • seen as a replacement to current textbooks, in large part, due to their enhanced features
  8. 8. Results Challenges/Limitations • use of technological devices in the classroom can be limited when there is not an appropriate level of integration with necessary school resources, particularly wireless Internet access (WIFI) and school administrative software • there simply weren’t the kinds of free apps available that could be useful in some subjects • concern about the device’s overall value vs. different solutions like a netbook or laptop
  9. 9. Results Professional Development • mostly for discovery/brainstorming and lesson planning • discovery activity taken on by the teachers also led them to apply what they found during actual lesson preparation • potential ability to use iPads for class administration
  10. 10. Observation • Teacher collected devices from a number of his colleagues & encouraged the students to bring along their own devices – Gave them a list of free apps to download beforehand • Began by having students complete a pre-test using the multiple- choice question function in Mobl21 (a mobile learning management system) • Provided some direct instruction by displaying a 99¢ app on the iPad using the classroom document camera • Followed by the students exploring the topic using two different apps on their own devices • Finished the class by having the students complete the same multiple-choice quiz as a post-test
  11. 11. Your Questions and Comments
  12. 12. Director of Doctoral Studies Sacred Heart University, USA