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36 iPads, 1 Faculty, 101 ideas


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A walk through the many methods being used in the university's Health faculty to make teaching and learning richer by using iPads and apps. Robin was accompanied by staff (Melanie Lindley, Mandy Braisford and Dave Ridley) and students (Lizzie May and Ryan Morton) who talked about their many experiences of using this technology and their ideas for the future.

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36 iPads, 1 Faculty, 101 ideas

  1. 1. 36 iPads, 1 Faculty, 101 IdeasRobin Gissing - TEL AdvisorFaculty of Health & Wellbeing
  2. 2. Session Overview:36 iPads (Give or take a few)We have a two phase project on-going at the moment. Phase1 is written up over at ( andphase 2 is on going.1 FacultyAll this work has been undertaken within the Faculty of Health& Wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University. The faculty coverssubject areas like Sport, Nursing, Allied Health Professionsand Biosciences.101 IdeasWere going to show you a few ideas generated by myself oracademic colleagues that are currently being used live inteaching now.As for the rest...
  3. 3. Staff Members:Robin Gissing & Tom JolleyManaging iPads in a Higher Edfaculty.
  4. 4. HWB iPad Project• Our2 phase project gave the faculty access to a number of iPads.• Originally 6 iPads for phase 1 (and 2 Motorola Xooms)• Phase 2 (Classroom use) added an additional 16, then afurther 10, and finally a further further 10 (so, actually 42 now)• We use the Apple Configurator to manage the iPads in two Bretford iPad carts (split across two sites)• We started off using mainly free applications, but since the Volume Purchase Programme launched in the UK we have switched some to better, paid, apps.
  5. 5. Apple Configurator• Theconfigurator app for OSX allows you to manage at a granular level any iPad plugged into an iPad cart.• Our cart holds 30 iPads at a time, in two rows of 15.• Configuring the iPads beforehand means that you can deploy a set of iPads with a specific set of applications or set up (eg. lock iPad to one app) with profiles.• Youcan lock down en-masse the iPads in different levels, or apps which could be disruptive to the learning experience (eg. email, iOS facebook integration etc.)
  6. 6. Volume Purchase Program• Volume purchasing on the iPad was opened up last year in the UK.• It allows you to purchase redeem codes (at heavy discounts) for iPads to either give out or as we have been doing sync with the iPads in the cabinet to automatically load the apps on for a specific session.• Its challenging to get to grips with because you need separate apple ID accounts for every stage of the process.
  7. 7. But what about Android?• We also have a pilot project around Nexus7 tablet computers• A cohortof students in biosciences, and the associated staff have been loaned Google Nexus 7 devices to assist with their studies.• Studentsare using apps and connecting to the google apps for education system within the university• This pilot is looking at how students would work, if they were each given or had their own tablet computer in class. The Android robot modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
  8. 8. 3 Stories fromthe Faculty...
  9. 9. Staff Member:Mel LindleyStudents:Lizzie May & Ryan MortonEmbedding technology enhancedand mobile resources into the UGPhysiotherapy curriculumTechnologies used:TedED, Google Sites, 3D VERTsuite, Aurasma App,
  10. 10. Background• Aware that clinical experience in respiratory physiotherapy is limited• Desire to improve overall student experience and try and make teaching more meaningful – Gained feedback from students over 2 academic years as to key content that is difficult to understand/apply to practice – Worked with students to develop resources• Aimed to create a variety of different resources that were engaging, accessible and directly transferable to practice
  11. 11. What did we do?• Identified range of formats available – TEL advisor key role in translating ideas• Redesigned current workbooks and identified key content to be delivered by video whilst maintaining key interactive content to develop students knowledge and understanding• Worked with students to agree content and develop videos• Used TEDEd template for ease of design and interactivity – created 12 different TEDEd resources – housed within 1 Google site
  12. 12. Student perspective - why get involved?• To develop our own knowledge and understanding.• To provide a learning resource for other students to access.• Preparation for developing and presenting In Service Training in later careers – Gained detailed insight into our own presentation skills, communication style and how we come across to patients in a clinical setting
  13. 13. Proposed benefits• Easy to access resource online that has good practical demonstrations and detailed descriptions that provide more information than would normally be found in textbooks/other learning resources• Benefits: – Easy to access across many devices (PC, iPad, android tablet) – Accessible at any time – Short so easy to follow and understand – Can listen to the explanation and see the demonstration – Can watch it as many times as required – Written transcripts of the videos to improve accessibility
  14. 14. Student Feedback“I think the videos are a great learning " the videos helped my style ofresource, they are really clear and learning more than reading aconcise. I think they are very helpful normal textbook"since we don’t cover those devices thatmuch except when on placement, andsince my respiratory placement was the “ I thought it was a really goodfirst, its really useful as a recap.” idea and really helpful not only as a demonstration but to also consider learning from a different“The videos were long enough to perspective and creating anothercontain all the relevant info and a method of learning to access.”comprehensive demo, as well asprofessional behaviour, without beingtoo long-winded or becoming tedious.” " Im lovin the videos!"
  15. 15. Student Feedback
  16. 16. SummaryStudent summary• Very enjoyable experience, which we would definitely recommend for other students to get involved withStaff summary• Varied engagement from teaching team• Identified development needs for staff• Required a very different approach to developing learning materials• Generated external interest and request for collaboration within 24 hours• Overall very enjoyable experience
  17. 17. Staff Members:Mandy Brailsford & Mel LindleyUsing Augmented Reality inNursing & Physiotherapyrespectively wholly on iPadTechnologies used:AurasmaApp
  18. 18. What?• Augmented Reality overlays of patient actors onto manikins• Augmented reality is a technology which allows the addition oftext, video or graphics to be overlaid onto the real world viacomputer based device.
  19. 19. How?• Using ipads and an off the shelf application Aurasma• Students have been surveyed about how its used, and trials have been undertaken to show its impact.• Some students were given the iPad, and nearly 100 students accessed the scenarios with the iPad in at least one of their scenarios.
  20. 20. Staff Member:Dave RidleyUsing iPads in Sport to provideinstant feedback to students andvideo annotationTechnologies used:Coaches Eye App
  21. 21. Physical Education StudentsContext:Video analysis helps students to view performance, gainfeedback and monitor progress• 2003 VHS 2013 iPadsAdvantages of iPads:• Quick and slick to use both iPads and the Coaches Eye App• Recorded data is impressive and relevant for students learning• Students quickly integrate iPads into their learning and use it fluently to support their learning• Large screen for playback compared to a phone/ipod touch
  22. 22. Impact onStudentLearningSubject Specific Generic• Subject knowledge • Communication, social skills,• Observational & Analytical skills giving receiving feedback• Quicker performance progress • Problem solving and prioritising, and associated motivation action planning • Independent learners
  23. 23. App:Coachs EyeAvailable on Apple App Store & Google Play Store
  24. 24. 101 IdeasIve collated a list of ideas to be used with mobile devices like iPads inLearning & Teaching in HE. So far Ive got about 80 ideas and I amwriting up each idea into a mini case study.You can see the list at the link below and follow the progress of theproject on the main blog page.
  25. 25. Any Questions?