Using technology to reach 21st century learners


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Using technology to reach 21st century learners

  1. 1. By: Sarah Hobbs UHCL Graduate Student
  2. 2.  Students are very use to the technologies they have available on a daily basis.  Many know how to use technology better than their teachers and parents.  They use technology all the time. They are very mobile and plugged in throughout many of their activities.
  3. 3.  Try to integrate technology but many lack current technology resources  Many feel that they lack training on the technologies that they have.  Many feel like they don’t have time to implement technology effectively  Many do not have enough resources for an entire class.
  4. 4.  Should be implemented into the classroom because it can help teach all types of learners.  Can help enhance already strong content lessons.  Helps students receive the 21st century skills they need in order to be successful in the workplace.
  5. 5.  Help increase student participation  Reach students at their level  Take students to places where we can not travel as a class  Increase understanding of difficult topics  Add support to topics discussed in class  Provide additional learning opportunities to support higher level thinking
  6. 6.  Technology integration is not where students attend a technology class.  True integration means that learning is supported through the use of technology.  Technology and its benefits can not take away the benefit of having a strong knowledgeable teacher.  The Strongest teachers use technology to ENHANCE learning and move students to new levels of understanding!
  7. 7. Step 1 –Determine relative advantage Step 2- Assess tech teks Step 3- Decide objectives and assessments Step 4- Design Integration strategies Step 5- Prepare instructional environment Step 6- Analyze results Step 7- make revisions Retrieved from Roblyer and Doering2013
  8. 8.  Interactive white boards  games  Ebooks  Virtual field trips  Math and reading support programs  Geocaching  Online videos  Blogs  Social media  Tutorials  simulations
  9. 9.  Visit other teachers using technology and observe them. Don’t forget to ask questions.  Attend professional development for specific technology concepts/programs  Ask the technology specialist for assistance and training  Ask administrators to provide additional training.  Watch online tutorials and videos
  10. 10. Teachers are required to use technology in the classroom, according to PEDAS requirements. Technology TEKS are also a part of each grade level curriculum and should be included as part of instruction. Students need to be able to see technology at work and produce work with it especially as they move into higher level classes, that assume they know basic technology skills.