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Contributing to WordPress Theme Review at


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Contributing to WordPress Theme Review at
This is talk presented by our Founder/Lead Developer Sakin Shrestha at WordCamp Nepal 2014 #wcnp2014 . Special thanks to Tammie and Emil from WordPress Theme Review Team Admin for supporting the review process and providing guide for preparing slide.

This slide is useful for the people who want to know about WordPress Theme Review Team, Why and How to Join the Team? Process of Reviewing Theme. Posting your review finding is Ticket.

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Contributing to WordPress Theme Review at

  1. 1. Contributing to WordPress Theme Review
  2. 2. Sakin Shrestha Founder / Lead Developer Catch Themes Catch Internet
  3. 3. My Contribution to WordPress Free WordPress Themes & Plugins Contributor to WordPress Core Trusted Theme Reviewer WordCamp Organizer WordCamp Speaker
  4. 4. WordPress Theme Review Team?
  5. 5. Why Join WPTRT? Stop Complaining Start Reviewing
  6. 6. How Do I Join? team/
  7. 7. How Do I Join? 1. Register User Profile in 2. Subscribe to Blog 3. Read Theme Review Handbook
  8. 8. How Do I Join? 4. Join the #themereview Slack channel. 5. Attend Weekly Meetings Tuesday 18:00 UTC: Team Meeting Thursday 18:00 UTC: Mentoring Meeting
  9. 9. Setting Up?
  10. 10. Environment setting-up-your-machine MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP, VVV
  11. 11. Theme Unit Test Install WordPress Importer Plugin & Import test data xml
  12. 12. wp-config.php Set WP_DEBUG to ‘true’ define('WP_DEBUG', true);
  13. 13. Developer Plugin 1. Theme for a self-hosted WordPress installation 2. Install the Following Plugins - Theme Check - Regenerate Thumbnails - RTL Tester - Monster Widgets - Debug Bar - Log deprecated notices
  14. 14. Request a Ticket Click “New Reviewers” For now, request ticket in Trac Ticket Request Queue 2014/ Post Username and Mentor (Optional)
  15. 15. Review Workflow
  16. 16. Required 1. Theme Check Plugin 2. Log Depreciated Notice 3. PHP & Script Errors 4. Theme Tags 5. Theme URI & Author URI 6. Check License ( Must be 100% GPL Compatible) 7. Premium Theme Shop should be selling under GPL to be in the repo 8. Footer Credit Links ( Only one – Author/Theme URI ) 9. Screenshot should be a real image not a logo or mockup. 10. Plugin Territory
  17. 17. Required 11. Miscellaneous or unused files 12. Scripts & Styles ( No Hard Coding) 13. No analytics or tracking 14. Translation, Text Domain, Function Prefix 15. Proper Core Functionality ( Use Core Functions) 16. Sanitation, validation, escaping of inputs and outputs 17. Save option in single array 18. Use sane defaults & No default setting values in database 19. Theme names must not use: WordPress, Theme 20. Themes are must spell “WordPress” correctly in all public facing text: all one word, with both an uppercase W and P.
  18. 18. Required (Automated) 1. No shortcodes, no custom post types and no custom taxonomies 2. No removing or modifying non-presentational hooks 3. Disabling the admin tool bar 4. Theme settings page under appearance 5. Themes are required to declare their license explicitly using the license and license uri header slugs to style.css
  19. 19. Recommendation 1. Backwards compatibility 2. Theme documentation 3. Accessibility 4. Theme unit test 5. Theme Check plugin info notices 6. changelog.txt for changelog
  20. 20. Post Review in Ticket 1. Hello and the welcome wrapper 2. Write your output - Required - Recommendation - Info and Notes 3. What Next - If theme meets all Requirements, then set it as Approve - If theme doesn’t meets all Requirements, - Ask to fix it and upload new version - Leave the ticket open - Close the ticket as Not Approved only when theme author doesn’t response within 7 days - Then Theme Review Admin/Key Reviewer will check your review and either push live or reopen is found issues
  21. 21. What Next Promotion to WordPress Theme Reviewer Learn the Queues Updates & New Start Reviewing Independently
  22. 22. Contribute in other ways 1. Theme Check Plugin - 2. Become a Mentor 3. Talk about Theme Review in Meetups and WordCamps
  23. 23. Thanks, any questions? Blog: Email: Twitter: @sakinshrestha