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Weaving Your Way With Widgets & Plugins


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A presentation at Wordcamp Miami

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Weaving Your Way With Widgets & Plugins

  1. 1. Digital MarketingWeb Development & Security
  2. 2. Essential WordPress PluginsSecurity Post Editor Speed Social SharingSEO
  3. 3. Plugin Installation Two of the best features of WordPress are the number of plugins available to extend it and the ease with which plugins can be installed from the WordPress dashboard. To install plugins: Go to Plugins > Add New Enter a plugin name or a keyword for the desired feature Look through the plugins in the returned list Click “Install” for the plugin you want then “Activate” itAll plugins discussed in this presentation can be installed this way.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. SecurityAll Websites are vulnerable to hacking.The popularity of WordPress with bloggers,marketers and web developers makes it a primetarget for hackers.
  6. 6. Simplest DefenseThe easiest defence against malicious bots andhackers is to install a few plugins: Better WordPress Security WordPress File Monitor Plus WordPress Firewall 2 BulletProof Security WP Database Backup
  7. 7. Security PluginsHelp protect WordPress against known vulnerabilities.There is no one-size-fits-all option of the WordPresssecurity plugins.The 5 plugins shown here will secure any siteagainst most hackers, malicious bots and maliciousscripts but not one of them is sufficient by itself and most provide overlapping security measures.
  8. 8. One: Better WordPress SecurityProtects WordPress in 21 different ways. Protects against brute force attacks Protects against automated attacks on scripts within plugins and themes in the wp-content directory Hides the Admin, Login and Register scripts Protects against SQL and RFI attacksBetter WP Security:
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Two: WordPress File Monitor PlusMonitors for new, edited and deleted files Detects changes by time-stamp, file hash and file size Emails site admin when files are changed Makes it hard for hackers to install & change files without site admin knowing about it Makes it easier to clean compromised sitesWordPress File Monitor Plus:
  11. 11. Three: WP DB Backup Saves database snapshots in case of hackingHackers can use SQL injection attacks to destroyunprotected databasesWP Database Backup emails a copy of your coreWP database files to you at regularly scheduled intervalsShould your database ever be compromised,you can use this plugin to restore a healthy version of it WP Database Backup:
  12. 12. WP DB Backup
  13. 13. Four: WordPress Firewall 2Blocks malicious application parameters &executable file uploads Blocks directory traversals Blocks suspicious SQL queries Blocks WordPress specific terms in application parameters Blocks executable scripts from being uploaded Has a downside: must be disabled when some plugins are being configuredWordPress Firewall 2:
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Five: Bulletproof SecurityAn almost complete security plugin Protects against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts The pro version locks down wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.htmlBulletProof Security:
  16. 16. Post EditorWordPress uses the excellent TinyMCE visual editorto make blogging and content creation easy fornon technical people but the WordPress TinyMCEeditor is a poor reflection of the full flavored product.
  17. 17. TinyMCE AdvancedIs an easy to configure TinyMCE plugin manager Dragndrop management of TinyMCE plugins Table management Font style and size management Control over what is and is not taking space in your post editor screen Advanced bullets and numbering optionsTinyMCE Advanced:
  18. 18. TinyMCE Editor Settings
  19. 19. Default TinyMCE EditorTinyMCE Advanced Editor
  20. 20. Even More TinyMCE Editor Plugins There are more plugins for TinyMCE than you might ever envision.There are plugins for adding buttons for code highlighting,plugins for adding Skype buttons, plugins for addingpre tag and span tag buttons to the visual editor.Need more emoticons? There are plugins for that too.TinyMCE Advanced not doing it for you?Try Ultimate TinyMCE instead.
  21. 21. Contact Form 7
  22. 22. Insert Short Code In HTML On Your Contact Page
  23. 23. SpeedSearch engines value quick loading pages as muchas surfers insist on quick loading pages.You need to keep your site fast loading or you willlose visitors and search engine placement.
  24. 24. What slows a site down? Scripts like plugins and and media players Too many images and videos Themes burdened with lots of scripts Off-site scripts that struggle to load Poor server management Heavy site traffic Lots of other factors tooNot all factors that affect site speed can be controlledbut some plugins help lower page-load times.
  25. 25. Quick CacheA working, plug and play caching plugin Decreases page load time by caching the static content of a page in a static HTML file Reduces database requests so lowers server load Can make a page load in a fraction of a second instead of within a couple of secondsQuick Cache:
  26. 26.
  27. 27. WP JQuery CDN Gives control over the JQuery version loaded by WordPressjQuery is a Javascript library used to add gloss towebsites with CSS manipulation, effects & animations,easy DOM selection and Ajax. WP jQuery CDN can make your site faster:By preventing WordPress loading jQuery when it isalready loaded by the themeBy loading a smaller jQuery Script in place of thedefault WordPress jQuery scriptWP jQuery CDN:
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  29. 29. Social SharingHelp visitors repay your hard work by making it easyfor them to share your content with friends.Doing this also increases page authority with searchengines that monitor social bookmarking and keepspages visible as visitors make your content viral.
  30. 30. SociableAdds social bookmarking and sharing buttons Can insert buttons above content Can insert buttons below content Can insert floating skyscraper of sharing buttons Stylish Easy to configureSociable:
  31. 31.
  32. 32. SEOMost of your traffic will come from search enginesA default WordPress installation does not producesearch engine optimized contentSEO Plugins are essential for any WordPress site
  33. 33. What Is SEO?Search Engine Optimization Writing content that search engines recognize as fulfilling search requests Targeting keywords and phrases that real people will search for when looking for content like yours Using title tags, description tags and URLs that show in search results to tell searchers your content meets their needs Pinging search engines to advertise new content A few plugins will help improve your sites SEO
  34. 34. SEO Ultimate Provides easy control over content metatagsChange the title tag of any post, page or categoryChange the description metatagControl areas that search engines index with robots.txtSet noindex and nofollow attributes for any page, postor category SEO Ultimate:
  35. 35. SEO Ultimate Configuration Panel
  36. 36. BWP Google XML SitemapsSitemaps help search engines index pages Search engines follow links to find pages An unlinked “orphaned” page is invisible to search engines BWP Google XML Sitemaps creates an index of all site content to create a map of your site which it lists in robots.txt Register your sitemap as sitemap.xml with Webmaster Tools in Google and BingBWP Google XML Sitemaps:
  37. 37. Sitemap Index
  38. 38. Page Index
  39. 39. cbNet Ping OptimizerPrevents over-pinging WordPress pings search engines & aggregators to tell them when you publish & update content Search engines and content aggregators like to be pinged but not too frequently Pinging too frequently causes search engines and aggregators to block a sites pings cbNet Ping Optimizer limits WordPress to pinging on content creation not content updates.cbNet Ping Optimizer:
  40. 40.
  41. 41. FD FeedburnerRedirects the WordPress RSS feedRedirects post and comment (optional) feeds to FeedburnerFeedburner is Googles RSS feed syndication serviceFeedburner pings RSS aggregators which assists thespread of your content around the NetFD Feedburner:
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Bonus PluginsThe next few plugins increase user engagement,make content easier to navigate and make it easy tomonitor visitors and the journey each takes aroundyour site.
  44. 44. Disqus and LivefyreEntice visitors to comment and share on Facebook & Twitter Both Disqus and Livefyre use external authentication for logging in. This means site registration can be disabled to improve site security Livefyre commenting works with realtime comment thread updating so no page reloads required Disqus allows <code> and <pre> tags. Disqus: LiveFyre
  45. 45. Disqus Comment Form
  46. 46. Livefyre comment Form
  47. 47. Table of Contents PlusAdds an content index to every page Makes page content easier to navigate Uses heading tags like h2 and h3 to create a content table for a page Encourages proper use of heading tags to structure content for surfers and SEOTable of Contents Plus:
  48. 48. Table of Contents Plus
  49. 49. Jetpack and StatPress VisitorsJetpack for WordPress Stats and StatPress Visitors for complete visitor tracking Stats is the Jetpack plugin that provides basic visitor statistics such as number of visitors, keywords and phrases used to find a page and post/page views StatPress Visitors tracks visitor IPs, time on site, internal and external click-throughs and country of origin Jetpack: StatPress Visitors:
  50. 50. stats - Jetpack
  51. 51. Google AnalyticatorAnother statistics plugin Adds Google Analytics tracking code Easy site authentication with Google Analytics Admin and other user levels can be left untracked Downloadable file extensions can be trackedGoogle Analyticator:
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Those Plugins AgainBetter WordPress Security SEO UltimateWordPress File Monitor Plus BWP Google XML SitemapsWP DB Backup cbNet Ping OptimizerWordPress Firewall 2 FD FeedburnerBulletproof Security Disqus and LivefyreTinyMCE Advanced Table of Contents PlusWP JQuery CDN Jetpack and StatPress VisitorsSociable Google AnalyticatorContact Form 7
  54. 54. Facebook Page Like Widget
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Get Code
  57. 57. Click “ Add Text” In Widgets Section
  58. 58. Insert Code In Text Widget On Your Blog
  59. 59. Twitter Widget
  60. 60. Log in to & Click on “Resources”
  61. 61. Select “Widgets”
  62. 62.
  63. 63. Inserting Images On A Widget<A HREF=""><IMGSRC=""width="255px"></A><BR><!--<IMG SRC=""255px">--> A HREF: Where to link the image SRC: Where the image is hosted
  64. 64. Contact Blanca Stella Mejia Lee Hodson 305.710.1311 Presentation at: