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SES SF 2010 - Whats Next for SEO and News

  1. What's Next for SEO on News Sites August 2010 San Francisco
  2. Hi all
  3. Video / Play On Page
  4. Video / Play On Page 2
  5. Video / Transcripts
  6. Video XML Sitemaps / mRSS The Engines use the XML Video Sitemap protocol or a mRSS feed to find the videos
  7. Semantic mark up / Microformats Google and Yahoo! working on an open sources set of standard microformat markup to use on videos and interactive content
  8. User Generated Connect (UGC)
  9. Yahoo! / Bing
  10. Thanks! Topher Kohan SEO Coordinator: CNN CNNMoney CNN International iReport Email: Twitter: TopherATL Host: Tech Torture with Topher Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Movie: Star Wars Beer Blogger