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Presentation from WordCamp Victoria.

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  • From the typewriter to WordPress we have come a long way for presenting our Ideas to the world.
  • WordPress101 ppt

    1. 1. WordPress 101"Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." Unknown 2005 www.JohnOverall.com
    2. 2. WordPressstarted in 2003with a single bitof code toenhance thetypography ofeveryday writingand with fewerusers than youcan count onyour fingers andtoes.
    3. 3. Public Area of Blog
    4. 4. Admin Dashboard
    5. 5. Admin Dashboard
    6. 6. Main Tools
    7. 7. General Settings
    8. 8. Add/Edit Pages
    9. 9. Add/Edit Posts
    10. 10. Add Custom Menus
    11. 11. Add New Plugins
    12. 12. www.JohnOverall.com
    13. 13. Top 9 WordPress Website enhancing plugins These plugins are sure to help your site out WP-Touch WordBooker & Twitter Blog CheckOut by tribulant Twitter Blog Gravity Forms Mail Press Blubrry Power Press XML Sitemaps iRobots.txt Headspace2
    14. 14. Create any type of form you want. With Gravity Forms creating Forms is an easy task Easy create any type of form. Has built in form fields ready to go Yes it is a premium plugin.
    15. 15. Every site needs a few formsGravity Forms make the job easy.
    16. 16. Easy Publishing for you Podcasts… Podcasting made easy Instant placement of a player w/download link. Automatically sends notices to iTunes about new episodes. Can do multiple podcast channels so you can have more than one podcast running on your website.
    17. 17. Add a Podcast to your site in a few easy steps
    18. 18. setting your site up for mobile viewing Mobile web surfing is doing nothing but increasing Prepare your site for all the differing mobile devices WP-Touch makes it easy A few simple settings and your all set
    19. 19. WPtouch makes your sitemobile ready in a few easy steps.
    20. 20. Easily connect your site to Facebook With Wordbooker Facebook is automated Automatically update your status Pull comments from Facebook to your site If you update an old post you can republish it Easily add a Facebook like button or widget to your site.
    21. 21. WordBooker connects your siteTo Facebook in a few easy steps.
    22. 22. Easily connect your site to Twitter With Twitter Blog your Twitter is automated Automatically update your status Pull comments from Twitter to your site
    23. 23. Twitter Blog connects your siteTo Twitter in a few easy steps.
    24. 24. set your site up for e-commerce With Checkout it becomes very easy to setup your own ecommerce store Sell any Product you like from digital downloads to affiliate products Import Product lists & convert from older shopping cart systems
    25. 25. Making E-Commerce easy.
    26. 26. Manage you own email list and more… Choose the list and sections available for subscription. Make any section of your site available to be subscribed to. Automatically sends out emails on a per post, weekly and monthly basis to your users. Sends responses for comments to both you and the commentator and allows subscriptions to that comment line.
    27. 27. Easily manage your own email list and subscriptions to your site.
    28. 28. Quick Easy Sitemaps… Sitemaps SEO Ready Instant auto creation of your sitemap. Automatically sends notices to Google, Bing, Yahoo & Ask. Creates a search engine ready gzip file.
    29. 29. Make sure your site always has a valid up to date site map
    30. 30. Quick Easy Robots.txt file… Search Engine Ready Block bad robots from your site. Stop Google and other from indexing your images. Stop the wayback machine from indexing your site.
    31. 31. Easily setup and keep up to date your robots.txt file
    32. 32. Easy SEO for Your Site… Control The SEO on Your Site Customize most sections of your site. Use tags to automate the tasks. Cab be applied globally or just locally.
    33. 33. Simple easy settings for controlling the SEO in differing sections of your website
    34. 34. Well you decide… This image of a search from Google taken January 13, 2012 I have the top 5 spots for WordPress Training Victoria BC
    35. 35. www.JohnOverall.com