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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. For Mrs. Burkett’s 1st Grade Math Class!
  2. 2. Today class we are going to learn all about Shapes!!
  3. 3. CIRCLE  Hi, I’m a circle! I am round and have no sides!  You can find me in many things like: dishes, clocks, coins, the moon when it is full, and in the Sun. I’m also the letter Oo.
  4. 4. SQUARE  Hi, I’m a square! I have four sides!  You can find me in many different things like: a side of a box, a picture frame, piece of tile, and in your grandmothers quilt.
  5. 5. RECTANGLE  Hi, I am a rectangle, I have 4 sides like a square.  Two of my sides are longer than the other two sides.  You can find me in many places like a door, area rug, ladders, fences, flags and an envelope.
  6. 6. STAR  Hi, I’m a star! I have 10 sides.  You can find me in many places! There are 50 of me on the American Flag, billions of me in the night sky, I’m Patrick on SpongeBob Square pants, and
  7. 7. TRIANGLE  Hi, I’m a triangle, I have 3 sides!  You can find me in many things like a slice of pizza, roof of a house, and in a protractor.
  8. 8. OVAL  Hi, I’m an oval! I have no sides nor no end!  I am a long circle!  You can find me in many places like: I am the shape of jelly beans, and eggs.
  9. 9. CRESCENT  I am a crescent!  I am mostly seen as part of the moons phases.  You can also find me in the arches of windows and doors.  You can find me in a bakery as a crescent roll.
  10. 10.  Hi, I’m a heart! I’m a sign of love and I also live inside your body!  You usually can see me around Valentine’s Day!
  11. 11. HEXAGON  Hello, I’m a hexagon!  I have six sides.  I can be found on a very important sign called a STOP sign!
  12. 12. 3D SHAPES We will now learn about shapes that are 3 dimensional! These shapes have length, width, and height!
  13. 13. CUBE  Hi, I’m a cube!  I have 6 sides! Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front and Back  You can find me in things like dice, blocks, boxes, safes and ice cubes.
  14. 14. PYRAMID  Hi, I’m a pyramid  I’m a form of a triangle. I’m a shape with a square base (bottom) and 4 triangle-shaped sides.  I have 5 faces.  You can find me in many thing like on the dollar bill, and in a history lesson on Egypt.
  15. 15. CYLINDER  Hello, I’m a cylinder!  I have a circle on my top and bottom.  You can find my shape in things like a pencil, can of food, a roll of coins, Mother’s Oat’s oatmeal container and a trash can.
  16. 16. SPHERE  Hi, I’m a sphere!  I have no sides!  I am a Ball!  You can find me in things like: a orange that you eat, the solar planets, a globe, and balls that you play with at recess!
  17. 17. CONE  Hi, I’m a Cone!  I have a flat bottom, and one curved side!  You can find my shape in objects like: Ice cream cone, party hats, and street cones.
  18. 18. RECTANGULAR PRISM  Hi, I’m a rectangular prism.  I have six rectangular faces.  Examples of me include a tissue box, jewelry box, cereal box, microwave ovens, and refrigerator.
  19. 19. WORKSHEETS THAT WE ARE GOING TO WORK ON  .html  hup.html  hing-shapes/  y/solids-poly.pdf
  20. 20. GAMES WE ARE GOING TO PLAY AS A CLASS  Bingo m/files/bingo4x4.html  Spinner m/files/spinner.html  Class Scavenger hunt  Shapes board Game m/files/boardgame.html
  21. 21. ART !  http://www.first-   Make a Shape Book! ks/shapes/
  22. 22. BOOKS WE ARE GOING TO READ! 1. Shapes in Nature by Feldman, Judy 2. Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh 3. Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns
  23. 23. Does anyone have any questions? Please Ask!
  24. 24. Time for a Test!
  25. 25. Thank you for paying attention and having FUN!