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  • This hypermedia game is to review and assess the basic 2 dimensional shapes that align with the Core Content Standards for Kindergarten Mathematics: Geometry K-2, Correctly names (or identifies) shapes regardless of their orientation or overall size.
  • In order for students to have the most success with a game or assessment such as this one, a review is necessary to refresh their memory and also to engage the learner.
  • My super secret project!

    1. 1. Building with ShapesA Geometry Lesson for Kindergarten
    2. 2. Shhhhh! If you can answer the questionscorrectly, we can get the parts we need for our SUPER secret project. We believe that you are theperfect helper because we KNOW that you know your shapes! Let’s get to work!
    3. 3. Movie Time CircleWatch this movie from Brainpopjr to review thebasic shapes. Click on the television to watch SquareEllipse or Oval Rhombus or Diamond Rectangle
    4. 4. CirclesAn example of a circle shape is: A. a door B. a ball C. a box
    5. 5. SquaresA square has how many sides? A. 4 B. 3 C. 5
    6. 6. Triangles A Triangle has three sides. Watch the green triangle to see which object is also a triangle. Once you have decided, click on the picture that is your answer.
    7. 7. Click on the hammer to continue the game
    8. 8. Rectangles How many corners or A rectangle has four vertices does a sides, just like a square. rectangle have? However, two of its sides are short and two of its sides are  A. 3 long, but of the same  B. 5 length.  C. 4
    9. 9. Ellipse Another name for an oval shape is an ellipse. An example of an ellipse is : A. A balloon B. an egg C. both A and C HINT: You might need them for a birthday cake and birthday party!
    10. 10. Rhombus A rhombus has four sides and four corners, just like a square, but it is tilted up onto one of its points. Another name for a rhombus is a ____?A. TriangleB. RectangleC. Diamond
    11. 11. Click on the toolbox to return to the game
    12. 12. A circle shape is roundClick on the basketball to go back to the question
    13. 13. It might roll on the groundClick on the yellow circle to return to the question
    14. 14. Click on the toolbox to return to the game
    15. 15. A square has four cornersClick on the big square to go back to the question
    16. 16. A square has four sides of the same lengthClick on the blanket to return to the question
    17. 17. Click on the toolbox to return to the game
    18. 18. A triangle has three sidesClick on the mountain to return to the question
    19. 19. A triangle has three cornersClick on the yield sign to return to the question
    20. 20. Click on the toolbox to return to the game
    21. 21. Whoops! Try again!A rectangle has the same number of corners as it does sides. Click on the boy to go back to the question
    22. 22. Count the corners asthey flash. Click on the boy reading a book to return to the question
    23. 23. Click on the little toolbox below toreturn to the game!
    24. 24. An ellipse is like a circle that has been squished just a littleClick the yellow egg to return to the question
    25. 25. Click on the clown to goback to the question
    26. 26. Click on the toolbox tofinish the Super Secret Project!
    27. 27. Twinkle, twinkle little star… How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a ________ inPlease click on the skythe musicalnotes to returnto the question
    28. 28. Is this is a picture of a baseball rhombus?Click here to go backto the question
    29. 29. Keep clicking to buildthe super secret project!
    30. 30. One more thing before you go!