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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. ShapesBy Eulàlia Freixa PedrolaANT 1 (2012/13)
  2. 2. Lesson Plan:• Title of the unit: Playing with shapes• Unit of study: Maths - Geometry• Group: 4 years old children (Pre-school)
  3. 3. Learning objectives:• To identify basic shapes (circle, square, triangleand rectangle)• To draw basic shapes following the teacher’sinstructions• To draw a monster by using basic shapes(circle, square, triangle and rectangle) [Fast-finishers activity]• To describe the monster using the vocabularythey already know (shapes and colours) [Fast-finishers activity]
  4. 4. Competences involved:• Linguistic and audiovisual communication• Mathematical competence• Data processing and digital competence• Learning to learn• Competence in knowledge and interaction withthe physical world
  5. 5. What children shouldknow first?• Instructionverbs/actions: listen,draw, colour…• Colours: red, blue,green, yellow, pink,purple, orange…• Classroom materials:pencil, crayons, smartboard, rubber…What are theygoing to learn?• Square• Circle• Triangle• Rectangle
  6. 6. Lesson Developement:
  7. 7. • Everyday routines: (10 min)
  8. 8. • Reviewing colours: (5 min)
  9. 9. • Introducing shapes: (10 min)
  10. 10. • Playing withshapes:(15 min)
  11. 11. • Shapes & Colour Dictation: (15 min)
  12. 12. Fast-finishers activity:• Drawing a monster on a paper by using shapesand colours.• Learning objectives:-To draw a monster by using basic shapes(circle, square, triangle and rectangle)-To describe the monster using thevocabulary they already know (shapes andcolours)
  13. 13. Reflections:• Children got excited because they noticed theyknew the colours in English (revision)• They loved doing an online activity on the smartboard (smth new for them and occasional)• They got overexcited when doing the onlineactivity because they realised they weremanaging pretty well• They followed the instructions correctly whendoing the Shapes & Colour Dictation(assessment)
  14. 14. Changes??• Of course, there can be changes…since there were no fast-finishers, I would usethe ‘Drawing monster’ activity in the next lessonto revise what they have learnt and to foster thenew vocabulary.