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Getting ahead in the world of work?


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How to get ahead in the world of work using the common phrase trust as part of your self-marketing strategy.

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Getting ahead in the world of work?

  1. 1. People will buy from people they... 8TIPS TO 21ST KNOW CENTURY KEEP UP WITH CURRENT CONTACTS & MEET NEW PEOPLE LIKE IN YOUR BE CHARMING IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD K N O W SUCCEED WANT TO CAREER 3. TRUST AHEAD L I K E Set different levels of intimacy Form a connection with your contact PEOPLE NEED TO BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE TECHNICAL SKILLS THEY WANT IN THE WORLD OF WORK? 1. Ask open-ended questions. Follow up to expand the conversation. Convey technical competence T R U S T Switch between coffee catch ups, lunch or industry events. Record your activity each quarter. Sound sensible and knowledgeable. Use key words and concepts. �STATISTICS HIGHLIGHT THAT: This famous phrase is just common sense. GET Are you integrating it into your self-marketing? 4. 7. A N D 2. Have something to offer Convey authenticity Build on the topic so that they get something out of the conversation. Reveal something of yourself beyond bland superficialities. Express an opinion. Take a risk. Show energy & enthusiasm 8. Focus on light & shade in your voice. Talk positively about events. Exude effectiveness of all new jobs are found through networking Sound like you deliver. Get to the point and talk about outcomes. 5. OR 21ST 6. CENTURY Don't monopolise people at functions FOR YOUR say face to face meetings are key to building long term relationships Gracefully end your interaction so that you are both free to circulate. NEVER CAREER NOW of your business contacts are influenced by looks & a handshake IT'S A N D It gets easier over time & you will internalise this approach. MAKE THE APPOINTMENT WITHIN 12 MONTHS You can combine business & pleasure because of enjoyable relationships. YOU WILL BE known, liked and trusted within your target group. THEN, WHEN A JOB APPEARS, GUESS WHAT? ARE THE FIRST ONE YOU THEY THINK OF! For more expert Career Tips Follow Us! Catherine.careerconsultancy @katy1mary1 Catherinecunningham2 The Career Consultancy Sources: US Bureau of Labor Statistics