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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: ISFP


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When it comes to finding the 'ideal' job, determining your personality profile can go a long way in helping you to find exactly what is 'ideal'.

Not sure what your personality preferences are? Book in for a session with a career consultant – it will be one of the most enjoyable and useful interactions of your professional life.

For those who know their profile - here is the next Infographic in our series on MBTI personality profiles. If you are an ISFP you may enjoy finding out just what it is that makes you tick in the world of work and what careers you are best suited to.

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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: ISFP

  1. 1. ISFP: I N T R O V E R S I O N | S E N S I N G | F E E L I N G | P E R C E I V I N G live in the present They want time to "IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.” with a quiet sense of joyfulness.ISFPs experience each moment of self-understanding, individuality & growth. THEIR CORE Prize the freedom to follow their own course, & set their own timeframe. have their own space   spontaneously Express their devotion to others in many quiet ways. & for beauty in all living things   – people, plants & animals. Often have an affinity to nature 4th most common type general population  of the 8%  9% 10% women men Among types most likely to report heart disease and hypertension In college, likely to report low levels of assertiveness & among types least likely to stay Likely to value a work place with security, clear & simple instructions, & no extra hours Most likely of all types to report stress about finances & children  Commonly found in ...  occupations in health care, teaching & law enforcement. STATISTICS Realistic & practical Trusting, kind & considerate Observant, concrete & factual   Flexible & spontaneous Tolerant & non judgemental ISFPs ARE LIKELY TO BE... IS CONSISTENT WITH THEIR STRONG, INNER VALUES & IS SOMETHING THEY  care deeply about & want to contribute their energy and talents to. IS DONE WITH OTHERS IN A SUPPORTIVE & AFFIRMING CLIMATE, where they are a loyal & cooperative member of a team. LETS THEM BE ADAPTABLE YET COMMITTED; WHERE THEY HAVE A SENSE of purpose & are able to see & experience the actual results of their accomplishments. LETS THEM USE THEIR SENSE OF TASTE & AESTHETICS TO ENHANCE their physical work space, personalise it, & make others feel more comfortable. CAREER SATISFACTION means doing work that: REQUIRES ATTENTION TO DETAIL, WHERE THEY WORK WITH REAL THINGS that benefit other people & have practical applications. WORK-RELATED STRENGTHS synthesise what they sense & experience into a COHERENT whole.  Deliver advice & solutions that are practical & sensible, making any situation BETTER in the present moment. Attuned to the feelings of others & FLEXIBLE in responding to them. Expert at finding patterns & connections, seeing possibilities for change & IMPROVEMENT that others miss. 1. Super-observant  & seldom OVERLOOK any details. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE FINAL WORD...  "It is this type more than any of the others whose style it is to stand by another person (or plant or animal), with no intention to influence it, criticize it, or change it—perhaps not even to interact with it— only to be in its presence."    Otto Kroeger Type Talk at Work  Gifted problem-solvers who  FOR MORE EXPERT CAREER TIPS... FOLLOW US ONLINE! SOURCES: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron & Kelly Tieger. Do What You Are Isabel Briggs-Myers, Mary H. McCaulley, Naomi L. Quenk, and Allen L. Hammer. MBTI Manual