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FONT SIZE  that it looks like a primary school assignment.
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4 Steps to a Résumé that Explodes!


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The key to a winning résumé is knowing EXACTLY how to market your skills and achievements in a way that will grab your target's attention...Are you unsure what to include?

Follow these four essential steps to ensure your résumé stands out from your competition and lands YOU the interview.

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4 Steps to a Résumé that Explodes!

  1. 1. USE THE CORRECT FONT SIZE  that it looks like a primary school assignment. USE LOGICAL HEADING SIZES & SPACING UPDATE IT EVERY FEW YEARS Not SO small that it's difficult to read... Not SO big  OBEY CURRENT STYLE RULES No underlining, shading or headings in boxes, and not too many UPPER CAPS or Italics.... The 'look' of documents changes with time and you don't want it to appear dated.  Create an attractive résumé it makes your document difficult to read. USE A MODERN FONT to a Explodes! Résumé Steps 4 that Market Place 250 on average, Every corporate job opening attracts résumés 1in 5Recruiters will REJECT a candidate before they've even finished reading their résumé spent by Recruiters seconds No Arial, Garamond or Times New Roman. Choose Calibri, Corbel or Tahoma. If your spacing and heading sizes are illogical, REALITY Focus on Page 1 & the Role 8-12 elements that an EXCELLENT incumbent in the role would have Write down Check that you have PERSUASIVELY sold each element on Page 1 Reserve Assess each line of Page 1 for its STRENGTH. If it's not a 'wow' line, remove it Aim for 8-10 strong Achievement Statements Don't cheat with layout & spacing. Remember...'less is more'. e.g. qualifications, experience, skills & attributes #2 #1 at least half of Page 1 for ACHIEVEMENTS.  They are more persuasive 5-7 The average time looking at a résumé is #3 Craft Strong Achievements FOLLOW THE PATTERN LIST SPECIFIC AREAS WHERE YOU ADDED VALUE What KPI's were you measured against? The easiest Achievement pattern is: action plus result 2. 1. QUANTIFY WHERE POSSIBLE 3. Numbers add credibility to your résumé, e.g. $, % 4. WRITE ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE PAST TENSE Each statement should begin with a verb e.g. created   5.  KEEP ACHIEVEMENTS TO TWO LINES Move the reader through your content at a good pace Analyse your role, then paint a precise picture of the value you have added. #4 Obey the conventions 1. Write the content without the personal pronoun, but don't write in the third person. Eliminate the words 'I' or 'my' 2.Consider the length carefully  As a general rule of thumb, It should sit comfortably between 3-4 pages (in Australia). 3. Select a reverse chronological format Start with your most recent role then work backwards. Or, if earlier roles are more relevant, a hybrid resumerésumé may be required. Focus on recent jobs The further back in time you go, the fewer details you should provide. Early jobs can be limited to core responsibilities. 5. Meet expectations of your market place Make sure you understand the latest trends in your industry and technical field, and clearly include relevant content.  Updateyour résumé once a yearto A strong persuasive résumé adds to your confidence & increases your conversion rate, so you need to apply for fewer roles .  detail recent achievements. Follow Us Online! Catherine Cunningham TheCareer Consultancy @katy1mary1 TheCareer Consultancy Sources: 4. For expert career advice...