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Insider's Scoop to Nail 5 Common Interview Questions


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"Tell me a little bit about yourself". We've all heard this dreaded line before. Knowing how to 'best' answer this question could ultimately help you to win the job...or to lose!

Our infographic highlights five of the most common job interview questions with tips on how to answer them correctly to help you succeed.

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Insider's Scoop to Nail 5 Common Interview Questions

  1. 1. INSIDER'S SCOOP "TEll us a little bit about yourself."’ Need an expert to help you out? @katy1mary1 The Career Consultancy   TO NAIL INTERVIEW  QUESTIONS It's time to  put yourself in the  DRIVER'S SEAT   to answer interview questions  5 but COMMON   1 This is one of the CLASSIC first questions in an interview. Break your answer up into 2 parts.   Part 1   Provide a brief but interesting glimpse of you as a person. Part 2  Match key elements of the position to your skills & background.   "what are your strengths?"2 This question lets YOU decide your content. Provide specifics about 3 key qualities you possess. "what IS YOUR 90 DAY PLAN?”3 Use this question to show your strategic thinking.   The following 4 steps will help.  1. Read ‘The First 90 Days’ by Michael Watkins - the go-to book for promotions & new jobs. 2. Research the industry & organisation. Focus specifically on future challenges. 3. Construct your content. Again, use structure to keep their attention. 4. Find someone strategic to check that you cover key points. OLD "what Are your weaknesses?"4 Mention a weakness & THEN what you've done about it. This shows self-awareness & openness to change. TOP 5 CLASSIC Only mention a ‘soft skills’ weakness if they specifically ask - again, use one that is not relevant for the position. If possible, highlight a technical weakness that is NOT relevant for the position e.g. report writing. "wHy Do you want this job?"  5 The employer’s needs should be the basis of your answer. Use structure to hold their attention & deliver strong content.   Focus on 2 key areas. 1. Technical elements of the role Analyse exactly what you can offer, assessed against key requirements of the role & subtley flatter the organisation. 2. Culture of organisation & business unit Research the hiring manager, key clients & products/services. Link their culture to your approach & values.  catherine.careerconsultancy So, JuST like those Boy Scouts,  questions appear    They're OLD FASHIONED & STODGY but they still offer you the opportunity to SHINE. BE PREPARED!   5These   in interviews.  TIME & TIME AGAIN WANT MORE EXPERT ADVICE? FOLLOW US!