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Staying Put in Your Job Amid the Coronavirus Crisis


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Has your job has survived the coronavirus crisis, but you're no longer happy at work?

Our infographic provides tips on how to find the motivation you need to stay put in your current role.

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Staying Put in Your Job Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

  1. 1. Surviving Covid-19... 3Tips to help you  thrive at work if you'd rather be elsewhere You're not Alone... Are you staying Percentage of Employees Reporting Stress at Work with nearly 50% having cried at work 100 0 20 40 60 80 100 Stress once a dayStress once a week Stress once a day 50% of employees feel like they have a JOB not a CAREER MAKE CHANGES TO  YOUR HAPPINESS. Meet with your boss to nut out how to help. You are more likely to enjoy tasks that you have some control over. WANT MORE  career tips?expert Follow us online: @katy1mary1 The Career Consultancy Catherine CunninghamThe Career Consultancy Sources: Employees-Feel-They-Have-Just-a-Job-Amid-Heightened-Career-Expectations Highlights-U.S.-Workers-Stressed Covid 19 and struggling with motivation? in your workplace because of PUT & stress is rampant TIP#1: STAY PUT improve Business operations have likely changed: Identify negatives precisely: or colleagues who are too noisy, it’s easier to solve a concrete problem. Whether it’s meetings that go on & on... Stay in the moment: Focus on the tasks at hand & you’ll be surprised how much faster time goes. Close down Facebook & avoid YouTube. Smarten up your work environment: Add some personal touches so that you enjoy being there. Get rid of clutter & make it more attractive. IF SHE HAD TO Control your impulses & remain even tempered. Treat her as well as you do your customers. TIP#2: TREAT YOUR BOSS LIKE YOUR CUSTOMER choose Focus on making life easier for your boss: OTHERS, WOULD SHE KEEP YOU ON? BETWEEN YOU OR You CAN get through this difficult time. Implement these 3 tips to SURVIVE... IT'S TOO  TO BE A NIT-PICKER. Identify 3 actions you are prepared to take to fix the next pressing issue. TIP#3: BE A PROBLEM-SOLVER dangerous Switch from complaining to solving problems: Colleagues from other technical areas can help you to think outside the square. Talk to others outside your immediate work group: ATTITUDE & YOUR BEHAVIOUR. CHANGE YOUR You are likely to be & it helps from a career survival perspective.HAPPIER catherine.careerconsultancy