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10 Steps to Win that Internal Role and Influence your Decision Makers


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Internal Recruitment statistics show that 75% of roles in an organisation are filled externally.

Here are 10 tips on how to win that internal role and influence your decision makers.

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10 Steps to Win that Internal Role and Influence your Decision Makers

  1. 1. Your track record... recruited internal candidates to some extent. recruited internal candidates to a great extent. 29%47% 75%25% of professionals have their eye on an internal promotion. of roles in an organisation are filled externally. yet of Decision-Makers stated their organisation... prospects of Internal Success? internal recruitment STATISTICS TO WIN THAT INTERNAL ROLE� Treat the interview like the competitive process it is. Avoid sabotaging yourself when applying for your next in-house job Don't presume you are a shoe-in for the job make your changes when they matter & INFLUENCE YOUR DECISION MAKERS 10 STEPS TIP #2: TIP #1: and TIP #3: tell your current boss you are applying You will need to maintain relationships in the future. TIP #4: find out how people perceive you Reshape that reputation during the interview if�necessary. wear appropriate clothes to the interview Dress formally as you would for an external interview. Sound enthusiastic with new ideas FOR the role Research key outcomes needed to succeed in the job. Ask the manager how she wants to handle the conversation if you know her well TIP #7: Otherwise, strike a tone that's both friendly & professional. don't get defensive about mistakes you've made in the past Be honest & explain what you've learned.� TIP #9: improve your salary negotiation skills Assess the range on offer and prove that you offer value.� TIP #10: don't take anything for granted Go through the whole process seriously & with rigour. the fact that your employer knows you... that you have done well in your role to date... that they know what you are capable of. Dress at the level to which you are aspiring - Now! for more expert career advice... follow us! the career consultancy @katy1mary1 source: LinkedIn talent trends study 2016 society for human resource management study for TIP #5: TIP #6: TIP #8: the career consultancy catherine cunningham Don't�rely�on... 24% of employees leave a job 'cos they miss out on a promotion.� Don't let it happen to you!