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Tap into the expertise of Global Marketing Experts with these 5 Career Tips


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We’ve all got used to how important marketing is to business success. So, how come very few of us think to apply this type of Best Practice to our own careers?

Global marketing experts stress the need to split time and resources between brand building and sales. If you’re smart, you’ll adopt their advice to thrive in your career.

Yes, you need to nail your sales technique: résumé, Cover Letter, interview performance. But it makes much more sense to improve your BRAND so that employers come to you.

This Infographic has 5 tips adapted from marketing gurus, Les Binet and Peter Field, to help you switch from a panicked last-minute scurry to apply for jobs to a strategic and SENSIBLE career marketing campaign.

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Tap into the expertise of Global Marketing Experts with these 5 Career Tips

  1. 1. get at least    IN YOUR FIELD BECOME THE  Go-To Candidate DO YOU   No?     For Expert Career Advice Tap into the expertise of GLOBAL marketing experts with these   5 Career Tips         Are you ahead of the curve in your  Then it's time to implement these B2B  CAREER Marketing? marketing techniques to get ahead. Master Brand Building & Sales         1. EXECUTE YOUR SELLING WITH SKILL: Interview skills & salary negotiation LinkedIn profile & job search networking Cover Letter & résumé   Tip #5   2. IMPROVE YOUR PRESENCE IN THE MARKETPLACE: Establish a strategic plan with measurable KPIs Increase your emphasis on brand Increase your Share of Voice           Tip #1   The more people you reach & the more people who talk about         you, the greater your opportunity to grow your market share.         Brand Building ensures your market place knows you          & likes what it sees, & your selling skills clinch the deal.          Focus on a Fame-Driven Campaign           Tip #2   advantage over any less familiar competitors.         If you're the brand everyone talks about, you have a serious          Create your own content. Use LinkedIn for blogs and/or write technical papers for your industry journals. Vary tone & style depending on the media. Pipe up in professional development activities. Offer sensible & strategic comments at appropriate times in your network. Speak at conferences. Form relationships with the gate-keepers in your target market. Offer an angle on issues that are troubling your industry. Use Emotion to Form Connections   Tip #3   on an emotional level.         Generate creative ideas that resonate with your audience         useful medium LinkedIn is likely your Analyse your most most valuable avenue to non industry-specific Broaden commentary content Report on global concerns & trends Decide exactly what it is you stand for Paint a compelling picture of your worth Harness Creative Language      Tip #4   Taking risks & being bold in pursuit of fame is worth it.         Ban the bland. Have a voice. Use professionally chatty language in key brand documentation: LinkedIn profile and blogs Avoid ‘motherhood’ content. Eliminate corporate-speak phrases that are overused and boring Reveal something of yourself and your workplace philosophy in interviews. Use ‘coffee shop’ talk to build rapport Show colour. Mix everyday words with evocative language.         Use subtle & understated emotion. Hope, aspiration, confidence and fear of failure are all in play in the B2B buying mindset Understand the emotions relevant to your buyer at interviews. Peace of mind is a useful catch-all approach. Convey the message you're a safe pair of hands It doesn’t make sense to have an emergency response to that next job by applying for roles only when they arise.., Switch         short-term         from         to strategic!         all the while ignoring your BRAND.         Sources: content/uploads/2019/04/Les_and_Peter_The_Greatest_Hits.pdf solutions/blog/posts/B2B-Marketing/2019/The-Long-and-the- Short-of-it-for-B2B-Marketing Les Binet and Peter Field, Eff Week 2016, ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’, IPA Les Binet and Peter Field, Selling Creativity Short, IPA Les Binet and Peter Field, The Link Between Creativity and Effectiveness, Thinkbox/IPA Les Binet and Peter Field, Media in Focus: Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era, IPA Instead, incorporate         B2B         into your career management.         marketing & sales tenets         Follow Us! The Career Consultancy the career consultancy @katy1mary1 catherine.careerconsultancy