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Service as a Superpower with Christina Burns

Customer Service is key! Learn the top three customer service superpowers from Ruby's Vice President of Customer Success, Christina Burns!

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Service as a Superpower with Christina Burns

  1. 1. Service as a Superpower: How a remote receptionist service can increase profitability and boost productivity
  2. 2. • With Ruby since 2009 • 10+ years in the customer experience field • Obsessed with dogs • Read my CX insights at! Christina Burns VP, Customer Success
  3. 3. Your Service Superpowers Service as a Superpower | February 7, 2018 | #ROOFINGEXPO 3 • First Impressions • Why and how first impressions matter to you and your customers – and what you can do about it • Productivity • The cost of lost productivity and surprising ways we lose productive momentum • Follow-Through • The profit-generating opportunities in maintaining a strong focus on customer follow- through
  4. 4. Winning business with memorable first impressions
  5. 5. 7 seconds Average time it takes a person to form an opinion based solely on first impressions
  6. 6. A customer is calling! Voicemail or Phone Tree IVR (Interactive Voice Response) In-house receptionist or other staff members (maybe even you!)
  7. 7. Voicemail?! 67% will just hang up 75% report being frustrated when they can’t just talk to someone 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are treated Source: customer-service-facts-quotes-statistics/
  8. 8. A human being!
  9. 9. First Impressions in Action “In the first weekend, Ruby’s exceptional service resulted in three sales orders, bringing in over $20,000 in revenue. At the end of the week, Ruby had earned the top spot on our sales team.” - Justin Wekenmann, Odyssey Telecommunications
  10. 10. Losing momentum • It can take 23 minutes to get back “in the groove” after an interruption • You can easily spend up to 6 hours per day managing interruptions Source: life/wp/2015/06/01/interruptions-at-work-can-cost-you- up-to-6-hours-a-day-heres-how-to-avoid-them
  11. 11. Maintain momentum! • Hold your calls any time with the click of a button • Review calls and messages in real time, on your schedule • Manage your day instead of managing interruptions!
  12. 12. Productivity in Action “I think that your services are great! You all have really helped our company out. I get so much more accomplished during the day, without being distracted by phone calls. I am really impressed with the quality of information collected, and the prompt notifications!” - Kate Ashley, Devine Bath
  13. 13. How many calls do you make each day?
  14. 14. Let us return your calls!
  15. 15. Bonus – increase sales! • 70% of consumers are willing to spend more when they receive good service • 60% of consumers will switch to a competitor for a better experience Source: customer-service-facts-quotes-statistics/
  16. 16. Follow-Through in Action “Ever since we signed up with Ruby Receptionists we've been able to recover 10-15% of our inbound leads and over $1,600 in marketing costs per month. That's a huge return for our investment with Ruby Receptionists and we're just getting started! I highly recommend Ruby Receptionists. They're extremely professional, we love their service and so do our clients!“ - Ariel Instueta, Instueta Roofing
  17. 17. What should you look for in a virtual receptionist service? 18 • Do they answer all calls live during business hours, and within just a few rings? • Do the receptionists sound like they’re right in your office? • Are the receptionists friendly, delightful, and helpful? • Do they charge any hidden fees, such as call connection or message fees? • Do they have a mobile app and customer website? • Can they answer basic questions about your business? • Do they deliver a great first impression to your callers?
  18. 18. The Human Touch “As a small business owner I always try to deliver great customer service on all levels and Ruby Receptionists definitely gives me the edge. If I am in the showroom with a potential new client or on the phone, I don’t want to divide my attention to a new call. But each new call may lead to new business. Hiring Ruby was the answer. Every call is personally answered in a very friendly manner and the Ruby staff will know to take a message based on rules that I can easily set on my phone and now on my Apple watch. The human touch is missing in so many transactions, and Ruby makes our business standout.” - Alan Andrews, North Star Stone
  19. 19. 3 Key Takeaways • Deliver great first impressions by making sure a real person always answers the phone • Pay attention to lost momentum and productivity – your time is valuable! • When searching for virtual receptionists, ask a lot of questions to ensure they’re delivering a great experience to callers – and providing the human touch!

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Customer Service is key! Learn the top three customer service superpowers from Ruby's Vice President of Customer Success, Christina Burns!


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