Is Your Online Marketing Complete?


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Have you considered your strategy for marketing online? Is it complete? Do you have all the tools you need to make the sale?

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  • Is your online marketing plan complete?
  • Welcome to our presentation for Real Estate professionals. We’re going to discuss 3 ways you can boost sales using tools available to your business and help you develop a complete online marketing plan.
  • Are you ready to get started? Call me at 925-997-3708; or email me at can also be found on Skype at ken.sapp16. You can also visit our website to schedule an appointment. Just click on the “Contact” tab at the bottom of the page.
  • Is your current website mobile–friendly? Let’s discuss why this is important.
  • Currently there are more mobile devices than televisions and computers. Mobile is the fastest-growing communications channel in history.And this trend is only going to increase. iPhone & iPad users are 160 to 300 times more likely to contact a real estate agent than desktop users. Going mobile provides more benefits to your business than any other medium. And the costs are much lower than you might think.
  • Potential property buyers will give up on browsing thru offers on a non-mobile friendly site. And they are much less likely to recommend that site to others. You will get less clients and lose sales.
  • So what if you decide to join this mobile revolution? You have connections to buyers who are on the go because You never know when or where people make a decision to stop and look or decide to buy.With a mobile friendly site and the tools available you are ready to connect. More clients mean more buyers which means more revenue.
  • Next up in your repertoire is mobile landing pages.
  • Mobile landing pages are one-page websites for collecting leads. Think of it as an ad or commercial that automatically collects contact information of potential clients. These pages are basically for collecting name, email address and/or phone number.
  • So what are the rules to successful landing pages and lead generation? First rule is to give something of great value to people who submit their contact information. And you want them to feel regret if they don’t provide their information.
  • Rule #2: Personalize the page.Make your potential clients understand that you are a real person, not a machine. Let them see you – after all your business is about people.
  • What do you do with the leads you’ve captured? Most agents know you need make contact on a regular basis; but also give them other options to stay in contact. Use e-mail messages and SMS messaging to keep them abreast of new offerings and industry news.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of mobile marketing. It’s a great tool for generating new leads, keeping in touch with satisfied clients, and analyzing your conversion rates as well as improving your sales tactics. There is a huge potential for success with very little work.
  • Social media is one of the most misunderstood marketing tools in today’s business environment. Many business owners shun this phenomenal technology because they don’t see the value.Let’s see if we can clarify the need to use this arena.
  • Most business people see social media as a waste of time, but the reality is there is a huge audience waiting for your product or service. With social networks you have an opportunity to engage more people and their friends. You can build relationships – over a period of time. Building trust through social media means generating more leads, keeping your business (your brand) in front of those clients, and thus creating more revenue.
  • Social media is about sharing an experience and sharing ideas.You are interested in the experience.
  • But, why experience? A good experience will make buyers recommend you to their friends. Your buyers leave positive reviews on their social networks that get shared with others, which gets you more leads.Just remember to give your customers an incentive to leave a positive review.
  • Social networks are often used as a source of information to make big buying decisions – such as purchasing property. A positive review of your business, or of the experience with you, makes the decision a bit easier.
  • Almost all business owners advertise in traditional media – newspapers, magazines, postcards and other mailers – and those ads do get leads. But, social media will do better for your business – and for much less. Often for free. With social media you are not faced with “ad blindness”.
  • Getting good (or bad) reviews will help you improve your closing rates.With social media you have an invaluable opportunity to learn just how successful were at selling a property – from the buyers perspective.
  • Start building your brand. Social media is the perfect vehicle for doing that. Put your name at the top in your local area.
  • One word of caution: don’t immerse yourself in the entire social media spectrum. Pick one or two, but get really good at using them.On the following slides are two networks we recommend
  • Facebook is not the first, but it is the best known social network out there. With over 800 million users, it has changed the way business owners like you see the world.
  • Why do we start with Facebook? Well, it is typically the first place buyers will look for you. If you want a big social media campaign this is the place to start.
  • Facebook is the best at collecting reviews. But, don’t just look at them – respond to them, and engage your propsective clients in a dialog. Remember – they want to know YOU.
  • By engaging you can better understand who you are dealing with on a daily basis. In return your clients (and prospective clients) will feel like they’ve got your attention.
  • Remember, try not to advertise or sell them. Just let them see YOU.
  • Create a community – groups of people who can relate to each other. Be more than a real estate agent. You will be amazed at the number of referrals that emerge. You are in control.
  • You Tube is the second social network we recommend. You tube is more than entertainment – it is a way to reach more people outside your office. It is your open house.
  • Believe it or not YouTube is a search engine. In fact, it is the second largest search engine on the internet – soon to surpass Google. So why You Tube? People today have very short attention spans, and they love video. In fact, so does Google!
  • One excellent strategy for building clientele and closing a sale is to make a video of yourself and the properties you have to offer. People get excited by a good, engaging video. They also have an opportunity to watch it over and over, share with their friends and get their opinions, which can increase their excitement.
  • People don’t like to write, but they sure love to be on camera. Get video testimonials from people that have bought property from you. Upload the videos to your YouTube channel, and post on the social networks.You can also turn your property pictures into videos.
  • In your property videos show nearby schools, parks and other amenities in the local area. Let the videos draw them into a whole new world.
  • Give your site and your business an SEO boost. Ever since Google bought YouTube having a YouTube channel boosts your SEO. You want your business to be up as high as possible when someone searches for properties in your local area.
  • We’ve talked about the tools available to help you get more leads, and increase sales. We think it is important to understand that we live in an increasingly mobile society. People are busy, they are constantly on the go. They don’t use their desktop computers, or laptops to search for information. They use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as they go about their daily lives. That’s why going mobile is such an important step for your business. Click your mouse to see what we have to offer to help your business go mobile.
  • You’ve seen our offers, now it’s your turn to take the next step. Give me a call today at 925-997-3708 and let’s get your business on the path to success. Thank you for watching our presentation.
  • Is Your Online Marketing Complete?

    1. 1. Is Your OnlineMarketing Plan Complete?
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Who Are We?• We are a company that • We offer: offers internet – Standard Websites marketing consulting – Mobile Websites services – Mobile Landing Pages• We help businesses – SMS Messaging Service create custom marketing – SEO Services strategies to maximize – Social Media campaigns their income • Facebook • YouTube
    4. 4. WordpressWebsites
    5. 5. Wordpress• With Wordpress you will have much greater control over your site• Having a Technical background is no longer needed.• Wordpress is not getting as much credit as it should…here is why
    6. 6. It’s Free• Installing Wordpress on your site is 100% FREE• Compared to a normal site the costs to run a WP site are minimal• With most hosting it’s just a 1-click-install• As an entrepreneur you understand the need to save money
    7. 7. Looks Matter!• You need to present your business online in the right way• An awesome looking property on a poor looking site won’t impress a single potential client• Wordpress sites are clean and professional looking by default
    8. 8. Real Estate Oriented Themes• There are tons of Wordpress themes that were specifically created for Real Estate Agents• They bring many awesome features, such as: – Full-Featured Property Listing Engine – Multi-Date Appointment Setting Systems – Google Maps Integration – Communication Tools • Skype • Instant Messaging • SMS Messaging – And many, many more
    9. 9. Search Engine Optimization• SEO = higher ranking search results• Google loves Wordpress• You don’t want to rank lower than your competitors and loose those sales!• Just by having a Wordpress site you will rank higher!
    10. 10. Use Your Website To Ease Your Pain• Every sales person knows how tough it is to deal with people• Use appointment systems available for WP to schedule the meetings with clients – call only when you have to!
    11. 11. Multimedia• Nothing will get people more excited than a cool picture or an awesome video• Post these on your site and talk to clients that are ready and prepped – this does wonders for your closing rate!
    12. 12. Ready To Get Started?Contact Us Today and Get Your Business OnlinePhone: 925-997-3708E-Mail: ksapp@businessbuildersconnection.comSkype: ken.sapp16Schedule an appointment on our & Click on the “Contact” tab at the bottomof the page BUSINESS BUILDERS CONNECTION YOUR ADVOCATE FOR SUCCESS Need to Hear More? Click to Continue
    13. 13. Mobile Site
    14. 14. Current Trend• There are now more mobile devices than televisions and computers combined!• Mobile is the fastest growing communication channel in history• iPhone & iPad users are 160 to 300 times more likely to contact a real estate agent than desktop users• Join in and benefit!
    15. 15. Don’t Run, Embrace • The world has already gone mobile • Being left behind will drastically affect your business! • It is a well know fact that if a business doesn’t go mobile it will die within two years
    16. 16. If you run?• Potential property buyers will give up on browsing through offers on your non-mobile friendly site• You will get less clients instead of more• You won’t make it far going against the flow
    17. 17. If You Join In?• Connection to buyers on the go• You never know when and where people decide to look or to buy• Be ready for whenever & wherever to get more clients• More clients => more buyers => more revenues!
    18. 18. Good Impression• Be customer friendly – it WILL pay off!• Leaving a good impression will make people more likely to recommend you!• You cannot go wrong here!
    19. 19. Mobile LandingPages
    20. 20. What is it?• One page website for collecting new leads• Think of it as an ad or commercial that automatically collects contact information of potential clients – Name – Email Address – Phone number
    21. 21. Rule #1 - Value• Give massive value to those who submit their contact information• Make them want to submit their contacts• Make them feel that if they don’t submit regret will eat them alive!
    22. 22. Rule #2 - Personalization• Make your clients aware that you are not a robot but a real person• Would you host open house with a paper bag over your head?• Probably not, don’t treat your site differently!
    23. 23. How to use the Information captured?• Email your subscribers• Text your subscribers• Let them know of every new offer• One email/text message can get you more clients than you can handle!
    24. 24. Don’t underestimate• This is an amazing marketing tool for generating new leads• You can even analyze your conversion rates and improve your sales tactics• Big potential for little work
    25. 25. Ready To Get Started?Contact Us Today and Get Started With Your Mobile Web SitePhone: 925-997-3708E-Mail: ksapp@businessbuildersconnection.comSkype: ken.sapp16Schedule an appointment on our BUSINESS BUILDERS CONNECTION YOUR ADVOCATE FOR SUCCESS Need to Hear More? Click to Continue
    26. 26. Social Media
    27. 27. What’s the point?• Get new leads• Create relationships• Engage people• Build rapport• Have a presence where your audience already is
    28. 28. What’s it about?• Sharing an Experience• Sharing IdeasYou are interested in the experience
    29. 29. Why experience?• Good experience will make the buyers recommend you to their friends• Positive reviews left on Social media networks will get you more leads• Incentivize customers to leave a positive review
    30. 30. Marketing of the present• Social media is frequently used as source of information to help people decide whether to buy something or not• Especially important when facing big decisions - like purchasing a property
    31. 31. Inexpensive• Ads do bring leads to your business• But Social media will do better and for much less!• Often free!
    32. 32. Learn and improve• Collecting reviews and feedback will help you with improving your closing rates• Social Media offers you an invaluable opportunity to learn how successful you were at selling a property from the buyers perspective
    33. 33. Brand• Start building your brand!• Social Media is perfect for that• Become the best known Real Estate Agent in your local area!
    34. 34. Don’t get overwhelmed!• There are way too many Social Media Networks• Don’t get into all of them!• Pick just one or two but excel at it!• Here are two Social Media Networks that we recommend…
    35. 35. Facebook
    36. 36. Why Facebook?• It is THE biggest social media network out there• If you want a big social media campaign this is the place to start• It’s the first place buyers will look for you
    37. 37. Reviews• Facebook simply excels at review collecting• But don’t just look at them• Respond and engage
    38. 38. Involve your subscribers• Engaging people will help you – Understand who are you dealing with on daily basis – Make your clients feel that they’re getting your attention – logic does not make the sale, emotion does
    39. 39. Remember• Don’t try to advertise• Just show your personality• Make it less about business and more about people
    40. 40. Create a community• Create groups on Facebook that can relate to each other, i.e. group of first time home buyers• Be more than a dude who showed them a house• The amount of referrals will simply drown you!• As the creator of the group, you control the group.
    41. 41. YouTube
    42. 42. Why YouTube?• YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet• Being very different from Facebook it will complement your Social Media marketing strategy• Videos do wonders!• Attention spans are so short, people love video.
    43. 43. Turn it into a Video• Make a video of yourself and your properties• Nothing will get people more excited then a good video• A picture is better than a thousand words, a video is better than a thousand pictures
    44. 44. Easy videos• Get video testimonials for people that bought properties from you• Upload them to your YouTube channel• This is bound to improve your conversions!• Turn property pictures into a video
    45. 45. Make a building into a neighborhood• Show nearby schools, parks and other amenities of the local area• Let the video suck them into a whole new world
    46. 46. SEO Boost!• Ever since Google bought YouTube, having a YouTube channel boosts your SEO!• Have your site rank higher than ever!• You want to pop up as high as possible when somebody does a search for properties in your local area
    47. 47. BUSINESS BUILDERS CONNECTION YOUR ADVOCATE FOR SUCCESSSo, What’s The Bottom Line to Your Business?First some Facts: 47% of all searches are from a mobile device 70% of mobile searches result in some type of action – either purchase or in-store visit 57% of mobile users say they WILL NOT recommend a business that does not have a mobile friendly websiteWe live in an increasingly mobile society. Consumers looking for a business orservice are not driving around with their desktops or laptop in the car. They are usingtheir mobile devices. If they can’t easily navigate your website they will find acompetitors’ site that can be viewed quickly and easily. Click to see what we offer
    48. 48. Our WordPress Offer• We install WordPress on your site!• We install your handpicked theme!• We insert your initial content! $350
    49. 49. Our Mobile Offer• We make a full-blown 5-page mobile version of your website!• We custom design unique graphics to suit your style! $850
    50. 50. Our Landing Offer• We create your mobile landing page for you!• Your mobile landing page will be designed to blow away any and all indecisiveness $250
    51. 51. Our Facebook offer• We create your Facebook Fan Page for you!• We help you create your Facebook marketing strategy! $550
    52. 52. Our YouTube Offer• We create your YouTube channel for you!• We help you integrate YouTube with your website!• We work with you to create a custom clip designed with a call to action $450
    53. 53. Our Combined Offer• We create your entire internet marketing strategy: – A WordPress site – A mobile version of your site – A landing page to build a list of potential customers – A Social Media strategy • Facebook Fan Page • YouTube Channel $1997
    54. 54. Get In Touch Today• Email address: –• Phone number: – (925) 997-3708• Website: –