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  1. 1. TASK 4.3 GUIDE:1. Relate back to previous objectives set2. Use exploratory questioning3. Be patient4. Help people to develop their own strategies, don’t impose it on them 5. Give some “easy wins” – give your colleague some ideas of things they can put into practice intheir next lesson, for example a starting exercise, or way of using the Smart board. There will thenbe a feeling of immediate progression.CHECKLIST 1 100% 50% 0%1.A clear statementthat the performance2.The correct time linefor the performance3 Effectively organizeslearning situations tomeet the objectives ofthe class presentation4 Uses instructionalmethods encouragingrelevant studentparticipation in thelearning process5 Uses instructionalmethods encouragingrelevant studentparticipation in thelearning process6 Demonstratesenthusiasm for thesubject matter7Communicatesclearly and effectivelyto the level of thestudents.8 Demonstratescommand of subjectmatter.9. Respondsappropriately tostudent questions and
  2. 2. TASK 4.3comments.10.Encourages criticalthinking and analysis.CHECKLIST 2A. PREPARATION 4 3 2 11. The instructor had a clearly discerniblelesson plan.2. There was an appropriate balance ofstructured and open-ended/communicativeactivities.3. The exercises and activities were introducedin context.4. The plan was geared toward real/authenticlanguage use.B. LANGUAGE USE 4 3 2 11. The instructor used the target-language in theclassroom appropriateand effectively.2. Use of English was appropriate to studentneedsC. LESSON PRESENTATION 4 3 2 11. The lesson was presented effectively andclearly.2. The activities/exercises chosen to achievethe objectives were effective.3. There were smooth transitions betweenactivities.4. The time allotted for activities wasappropriate.5. The amount of teacher talk and student talkwas appropriate.
  3. 3. TASK 4.36. The type and amount of teacher feedbackwas effective.7. Cultural instruction was integrated into classactivities.D. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT1. The use of small groups/pair work duringeach activity was appropriate.2. The seating arrangement facilitated learning.3. The use of audio-visual & tech materials waseffective.4. The instructor divided his or her attentionamong students appropriately.5. Student participation was on task.E. CLASSROOM ATMOSPHERE 4 3 2 11. Student participation was active and lively.2. The class atmosphere was warm, open andaccepting.3. The instructor was sensitive to studentsdifficulties and abilities.F. USE OF TECHNOLOGY 4 3 2 11. Use of technology (video, audio, webmaterials) was appropriate given the materialbeing presented..2. Use of technology was particularly creative,i.e. it accomplished something that could nothave been done as easily with other media.
  4. 4. TASK 4.33. Use of technology is limited in the classroom,but used appropriately outside the class (e.g. foremail, drilling, background, etc..COMMENTS: