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How to Create a Photo Petition on SnappforGood


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Summary for how to create a photo petition on

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How to Create a Photo Petition on SnappforGood

  1. 1. SnappforGood   Creating a Photo or Video Contest: How it Works
  2. 2. Quick  Summary   §  You create and publish a photo or video contest on which includes a brief description of the contest, the rules, your Cause, and a direct link to your donation or volunteer web page so participants can take an Action. §  You promote this contest to your fans, community, and supporters. §  Participants sign up on our site, and they simply snap and post to Instagram with your selected hashtag. §  We create a photo gallery (we pull submitted photos from Instagram to your contest page) on your contest page and allow your community to vote on favorites and share with their FB fans. §  We provide you information on contest participants and overall contest data (most likes, etc) §  Contest can be a stand-alone marketing event, or paired-up with one of your fundraisers or other events. §  Contact us for pricing for Nonprofits and For Profits and Individuals
  3. 3. Develop  a  Theme   §  Create a fun or inspirational theme that can tie-in with your cause or your event §  Make it easy so as many people can participate
  4. 4. Prizes  or  Rewards   §  Set aside prizes or rewards for contest winners §  Work with partners or sponsors to help fund prizes
  5. 5. Publish  Your  Contest  Page   Click on Create on
  6. 6. Complete  Create  Form   You will also need to submit: 1.  Unique Hashtag for your contest 2.  Four pictures to tell your story Logo or your Photo Picture of your Goal (500 supporters) Picture of your Hashtag (#curecancer) Favorite Picture for this Cause
  7. 7. Contest  is  Published  
  8. 8. Promote  Your  Contest   §  Use your social media, traditional media, and CRM/ Marketing software to promote your contest and invite your fans, supporters, and community. §  Use one of our Badges on your web site and FB page to promote and redirect your fans to your contest page. §  Built-in social media share buttons on contest page to allow participants to invite their crowd
  9. 9. Participants  Sign  Up   §  Join from your Contest Page §  Take Action to Support Your Cause §  Start Snapping and Posting to Instagram Redirects participant to your selected donation or volunteer page
  10. 10. Select  Winners   §  Up to each contest organizer to decide whether they will judge photos, or whether they allow crowd-voting to determine winners
  11. 11. Data   §  SnappforGood provides user and contest data to allow you to measure success and to add new supporters to your cause/follow up
  12. 12. Contact  Information Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at Follow us on FB at Roger Brook 919-539-4697