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How to Create a Photo Contest on SnappforGood


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Summary on how to create a photo or video contest on

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How to Create a Photo Contest on SnappforGood

  1. 1. SnappforGood   Creating a Photo Petition: How it Works
  2. 2. Quick  Summary   §  You create and publish Photo Petition on which includes a description of your Petition, your Cause, and an option to connect petition participants with your web site (redirect button). §  You and your team promote this Photo Petition to your community. §  Participants sign up on our site, and they simply snap and post to Instagram with your selected hashtag to submit their petition photos. §  We create a photo gallery (we pull submitted photos from Instagram to your contest page) on your Petition page and allow your community to vote on favorites and share comments with their FB fans. §  We provide you data on your participants so you can thank them/add them to your contact/database list. §  Contact us for pricing.
  3. 3. Publish  Your  Petition  Page   Click on Create on
  4. 4. Complete  Create  Form   You will also need to submit: 1.  Unique Hashtag for your contest 2.  Four pictures to tell your story Logo or your Photo Picture of your Goal (500 supporters) Picture of your Hashtag (#curecancer) Favorite Picture for this Cause
  5. 5. Petition  is  Published  
  6. 6. Promote  Your  Petition   §  Use your social media, traditional media, and CRM/ database to invite your fans, supporters, and community to support your Petition §  Use one of our Badges on your web site and FB page to promote and redirect your fans to your page. §  Built-in social media share buttons on Petition page to allow participants to invite their crowd
  7. 7. Participants  Sign  Up   §  Join from your Petition Page §  Take Action to Support Your Cause §  Start Snapping and Posting to Instagram Redirects participant to your selected URL page
  8. 8. Data   §  SnappforGood provides user data to allow you to measure success and to add new supporters to your cause/follow up
  9. 9. Favorite  Photo  Voting   §  Your supporters and their followers can vote on favorite photos on your Petition Page. Draws more awareness. Offer a prize for most Likes!
  10. 10. Contact  Information Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at Follow us on FB at Roger Brook 919-539-4697