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Wildfire, SMASH summit Presentation


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Stephanie Chapparo, Wildfire, SMASH summit Presentation

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Wildfire, SMASH summit Presentation

  1. SPARK to FLAME<br />Stephanie Chaparro<br />@wildfireapp<br />
  2. WILDFIRE<br />Social Media Platform enabling clients to manage all their social media needs in one place<br />Launched over 150K campaigns<br />Focus on consultative services for clients<br />|<br />|<br />
  3. WHAT<br />DOES <br />SOCIAL CUSTOMER ACQUISITION <br />mean?<br />Facebook Fans<br />Email Addresses<br />User Generated Content<br />In-Store Traffic<br />Site Traffic<br />
  4. 3 Golden Rules for Facebook Acquisition <br />FIND Your Fans<br />ENGAGE Your Fans<br />SPREAD The Word<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />
  5. RULE 1: Find Your Fans<br />GROW<br />1. <br />EXISTING<br />AUDIENCE<br />ACQUIRE<br />2. <br />FANS<br />facebook<br />with<br />Ads<br />LEVERAGE<br />3. <br />OTHER<br />CHANNELS<br />
  6. FINDING FANS<br />say they learned about a fan page because of an ad<br />75%<br />Source: Facebook<br />
  7. RULE 2: Engage Your Fans<br />2. EXCLUSIVE<br />1. INCENTIVE<br />3. TARGETED<br />Tap into Fans interests and passions through questions and content<br />Provide incentive to engage with brand<br />Award fans with exclusive deals and content<br />
  8. ENGAGING FANS<br />
  9. RULE 3: Spread the Word<br />SOCIAL<br />ATTRACTIVE<br />SIMPLE<br />1<br />1<br />+<br />
  11. TAKEAWAYS<br />for<br />Key<br />social customer acquisition<br />Get your community talking<br /> Facebook VIP<br /> Never stop changing it up<br />
  12. Wildfire Interactive, Inc.<br />1600 Seaport Blvd <br />Redwood City, CA 94301<br /><br /><br />@wildfireapp<br />+1-888-274-0929<br /><br />