Design Council Sounding Board - digital provocation


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Design Council UK asked me to give a digital provocation to their sounding board about the importance of digital in design

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Design Council Sounding Board - digital provocation

  1. 1. Being connected Design Council Sounding Board 19 May 2014 William Perrin – a personal view @willperrin
  2. 2.
  3. 3. All expenditure on computer games £2.2 billion Paid content downloaded to games consoles - £1.17 billion up 17% West End Theatre receipts - £529 million UK Box office receipts 2012 - £1.1 billion DVDS £1.4 billion Digital Album sales £233 million, all album sales £772m Total video sales £2.06 billion Vast consumer appetite for purely digital products and services with no tangible form Indicates huge utility derived by people from digital attributes Digital products still infra dig. For UK mainstream media commentators. Despite the numbers
  4. 4. Objects with terrible physical design but sublime digital design Objects with sublime physical design but terrible digital design Objects that seemed previously to be innately, definitively physical where digital connectivity now adding massive utility for the customer
  5. 5. Sony PRS 500 – early ebook reader 2006, launched in UK 2008 Nice physical design, leather case etc But no digital design to back it up Software buggy And, most importantly few books worth having
  6. 6. Original Kindle 2007 Ugly Bezos kept telling designers to make it like his Blackberry But sublime digital utility and design overcame hideous physical product design
  7. 7. Beo6 remote control ‘Your Beo6 remote control is like your house key. Your key is cut just for your front door, and suits its purpose exactly. It works as an extension of your hand; not something you have to think about. ‘Your unique Beo6 unlocks exactly your mix of audio and video equipment, whether it is a single BeoVision 7 or a full link system. The same Beo6 can be as simple as you want and as flexible as you need. £600
  8. 8. Support ecosystem for Beo6 A man and a van has to come to your house just to add a DVD player Hierarchical, B&O in charge, assumes customer is stupid/incapable. Design arrogance out of kilter with modern digital times
  9. 9. User in charge Self service Connected – database totally up to the minute Support forum – assumes users will want to help each other Loyal following But product itself being superceded by phone apps
  10. 10. View from house in rural Oxfordshire Remote Quiet Stunning scenery Lovely garden for the kids, safe place for children to play Remote location – no DSL so satellite broadband which is slow
  11. 11. “Your kids will just come to know this as the house with the shit internet” …as they grow up
  12. 12. Modern contractor’s tractor will have several screens Tractors one of many objects being transformed by connections to networks and control devices Big data now becoming an issue for arable and dairy farmers
  13. 13. Huge and valuable new class of services that are innately digital with little or no physical manifestion Increasingly utility of objects arises from their ability to connect to networks Bad physical design can be outweighed by brilliant digital design Objects previously unconnected to networks are starting to get connected But often do so in a clunky way with poor design Can give rise to whole new range of issues Digital capability will be key differentiator of future products and services
  14. 14. Do you think your company, your organisation, your sector has the right digital leadership? How are digital issues affecting your business, products, services, customers Do your boards have the digital people? Do your executive teams have digital makers and doers Where would you go for help if your clients suddenly wanted a strong digital component to their products or services? How do you recruit digital talent? How can design be put at the core of digital products and services? What can the Design Council do to help?