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Local media in the UK - a more co-operative approach


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Local media in the UK - a more co-operative approach William Perrin presentation to Westminster Media Forum @willperrin

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Local media in the UK - a more co-operative approach

  1. 1. William Perrin@willperrin in the UK - a quick canter aroundWestminster Media Forum30 May 2013
  2. 2. Village in Wiltshirerun by retired man inhis 70s as localinformation serviceTwitter, Facebook,youTube integrated
  3. 3. 11,000 likesFacebookmanifestion of asmall media businessPopulation ofHorsham 56,000
  4. 4. 3,000 daily uniques12,000 twitter followersPrint edition – ad sales importantpart of revenue
  5. 5. Superb pro-am site in Stone,Staffordshire run as part
  6. 6. 6.7 million posts166,000 membersPopn Sheffield 552,000Successful small business
  7. 7. Parwich, DerbyshireTeam of six volunteersThree stories a dayWordpress.com750 PV a dayVillage population 500
  8. 8. Hyperlocal sites come and go as thereis demand for and interest in themthat stimulates social entrepreneursNormal market entry and exit.Pits flourished during intense politicalcrisis in Stoke-On-Trent but is nowdormant.BTW – anyone remember TheJournalism Foundation?
  9. 9. Hyperlocal Innovationsystematic geotagging toopen standardsPreparing for a future oflocal mobile searchHeeley Online Sheffield
  10. 10. Much interest in#hyperlocal fromresearchers and innovationfunders
  11. 11. ‘local news stories are not updatedfrequently and news coverage isnot particularly comprehensive inmost localities.In addition, BBC local sites areorganised around regions orcounties, which are perceived asbeing too large to be locallyrelevant.’BBC Trust – 20 May 2013
  12. 12. Co-operative society andCarnegie UK TrustLocal meetings to create localco-opsSharing local contentproduction and distributionEquitable sharing structuresCan BBC, local radio, local TVand local papers come to thetable
  13. 13. Talk About LocalWe help you create, understand and work with local grassroots online