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Community Wireless Networks (Nov 18 2006)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Community Wireless Networks (Nov 18 2006)

  1. 1. Community Wireless Networks Dana Spiegel Executive Director
  2. 2. Public Wireless Networks Community Wireless Municipal Wireless Commercial Hotspots
  3. 3. Community Wireless
  4. 4. Community Wireless Grassroots organizations with public interest Free Wi-Fi hotspots or networks of hotspots Open source technology innovation More than just internet access Intended to address local issues Each is unique Laid the groundwork for municipal and commercial Worldwide
  5. 5. NYCwireless Advocate for Public Hotspots Non-profit Volunteer-based Public-space and semi-public space Education Policy Under-served communities
  6. 6. Municipal Wireless Started with Philadelphia, but now lots are doing it Biggest success is Chaska, MN Mostly small and medium-sized cities Availability, ubiquity, affordability Multiple business models (public, private, and in- between) Public sector applications Biggest driver is broadband competition (or lack thereof)
  7. 7. Philosophy Investment in city’s future Raising the floor for base level access Not competitive with existing broadband Sustainable (not free?!) Create a marketplace, encourage competition Digital divide important, but not primary driver Supplemental connectivity
  8. 8. Internet Users Dial-up Broadband Not Online
  9. 9. Internet Users Primary Market
  10. 10. Strategy Involve community Include wireline plans Hybrid network deployment – backhaul, distribution, organization Public amenity – free in public spaces Applications – communication, emergency services, government services Build infrastructure, let ISPs use it (common carrier)
  11. 11. Plan Include low cost service level Secured, prioritized access for public safety Holistic plan – equipment, computers, training Partner with local non-profits and others Upgrades after 4-5 years
  12. 12. Business Models Sponsorship – NYCwireless Government owned and operated Government owned, operated by contractor Non-profit For-profit partnership Earthlink doesn’t want to be a network operator, just an ISP
  13. 13. Public Hotspots
  14. 14. Hardware
  15. 15. Software
  16. 16. Captive Portal WifiDog NoCat Pyramid Linux OpenWRT
  17. 17. Mesh CUWiNware (HSLS) Freifunk, Germany (OLSR) Roofnet, MIT (SrcRR) LocustWorld (AODV)
  18. 18. Mesh Node Mesh Node Mesh Node Mesh Mesh Node Node Mesh Node Mesh Node Mesh Mesh Node Node Mesh Node Mesh Node
  19. 19. Creating a Public Hotspot Technology choices Site survey Installation Training Fund-raising Volunteers
  20. 20. Projects
  21. 21. NYCwireless SuperNode
  22. 22. Wi-Fi Thank You
  23. 23. Wireless Community
  24. 24. Spectropolis
  25. 25. New York Live
  26. 26. NYCwireless Hotspots
  27. 27. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  28. 28. Stuyvesant Cove Park Solar One
  29. 29. Madison Square Park
  30. 30. Wireless Networking in the Developing World A practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure
  31. 31. Contact