Other                     Storefronts                 OVER 1.2M DEVELOPERS
Accelerating pace of innovation             Blurring of online and offline commerce                                      ...
Consumer engagement      Multi-channel & devices& loyalty                              Assortment, Price,Global reach and ...
Promotions & coupons             Store location    Mobile                                           Self-scanning & commer...
Store location                   Promotions & Coupons                                                                     ...
Marketplace           + Apps        Inc. Assets            Partners           Developers                        X.commerce...
    –    –    –
    –    –
Self Healing                                                                      Application                     Customer...
Cloud Foundry                        Open Stack                                      (PaaS)                             (I...
1    •           2   •    •               •    •               •    •               •    •               •    •           ...
Operational Health                                                Metrics         Alerts      Onboard New             Logs...
The Problem We Are Working Try to Solve …   •                    From:        To:                                         ...
           –       –    –    –    –       –       –           
    –                    –    –
    –                                    –                
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
X commerce   open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final
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X commerce open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final


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  • Give the background on the shape of the platform: uniformly exposing the capabilities of eBay (mention the marketplace and PayPal as the obvious ones, but also Milo, RedLaser, Where, Zong, etc. – 40ish brands) while “turning the platform inside out” to enable third parties to bring their novel commerce innovations to merchants. Merchants get a rich array of capabilities – which they need to grow their businesses – and developers get distribution.RobustChoose from a broad set of flexible, cost-effective commerce capabilities – from stand-alone to bundled solutions – all in one placeOpenAccessible environment that encourages innovation and makes it easier to sell apps and connect with businesses needing integration helpSimplify the integration process for businesses and merchants by using open, standards-based technologiesX.Commerce Vision:Build a platform that combines the capabilities of eBay Inc. and those of third parties to attract and grow merchants while driving revenue to eBay.com and PayPal.
  • X.commerce is an open ecosystem of partners and developers to help retailers extend and future proof their commerce infrastructure. Stats: Over 50 capability categories Over 300 technology companies integrating Over 1.2m Commerce developers All to help deliver innovation to retailers, large or small.
  • E-commerce is getting blurry.Show-rooming is just one example of channel disruption.Ask if anyone shopped for a product in their local merchant, only to buy it elsewhere online.
  • Merchants of all sizes are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in technology…Merchants need partners who can help them navigate the market disrupting technology changes that are occurring.
  • eBay has made tremendous strides over the past 4 years. But the market is evolving, and so are the needs of merchants. The question becomes…how do we best serve merchants in the emerging reality of multiple channels and multiple touchpoints? The answer is that our organization – and the solutions we offer – have to evolve as well.The biggest element of our evolution is the launching of the X.commerce business, the Open Commerce Platform.
  • MMP:Enterprise is integrated with multi-marketplace to sale and marketSales – listing on different marketplacesMarketing – Kenshoo integration to optimize campaignsFuture – additional localized marketplaces, automated feedbacks and synchronization  Social:Integration with Open Graph for consumer evangelistFuture – feedback paths on campaign effectiveness and consumer/merchant interactions Mobile:Support for all commonly used technologies including native apps and mobile web (including HTML5)Dedicated mobile storefronts and offeringUnique mobile featuresIntegrated in single admin and provide insight on consumer actions
  • Many of you will recognize the challenge inherit in building and maintaining complex point-to-point integrations.X.commerce is solving the complexity, cost, and risk associated with our Open Platform approach to integration. That approach we call our Open Commerce Language, or “OCL”.Our OCL is: Actively developed using an open source development model Is used to describe business processes implemented by one or more X.commerce capabilities Allows collaboration to occur between capabilities that are independently developed by various providers Domain specs are managed on our GITHUB site
  • Why OpenStack?Given the problems we’re trying to solve;The need for flexibilityRapid InnovationPlatform Control
  • Explain the role of CI/CD and DevOps as critical to making a cloud platform viable.
  • Consumers – CI/CD, Self-Service Console, Analytics ServicesCloud Platform Services – Service layer that a) provides orchestrated lifecycle management operations to manage various components of the workload b) data centric services (logs, metrics, etc)*Talk about completely virtualized operational environment based on Open Stack*Talk about Cloud Foundry*Talk about e2e lifecycle management of application stack components and distributed shared infrastructure components
  • Ship Quality, Ship Early, Ship Fast !!!There is broad-based desire to be able to roll updates, bug fixes, and new code to site faster and with minimal process overhead. This fast-track to production must be enabled while maintaining thorough and proper testing. Key function of Cloud Automation is to enable engineering pipelines that provides the capability for on-demand creation of test environments and automatic orchestration of a series of test stages. *Talk about over-subscription of resources for providing better utilization of resources.
  • Ephemeral private environments of application services are created on demand using Cloud Foundry.Note: Ephemeral means: lasting for a very short time. This is very important. We are building with an expectation that workloads will come and go.Multiple such logical environments can be linked together to form a “pipeline” of environments. Continuous testing of applications within these environments is also supported. Based on the results of testing, applications can be propagated from one environment to the next. This enables teams to create environments tailored to their project and continuously test their application in different environments ranging from standalone to highly integrated.
  • Monitor and control environments to maintain the required service levels.ActivitiesMonitor the health of application and infrastructure componentsView configuration, metrics and logsEnable auto-remediation and auto-scalingPerform control actionsBenefitsSynchronized and consistent environmentsMonitoring that is tied to provisioning/repair (closed loop)Real-time cost visibility*Mention some of the functions are still work in progress.
  • Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services.We are migrating our orchestration layer from Chef to Bosh, as we speak.
  • Several monitoring/trending/alerting/graphing systems exist but fail to live up to the promise. The usual suspects are scale, data management, and configuration management complexity. We are focusing our efforts on trying to identify components which stitches together an ideal architecture for– Near real-time analysis of the data stream with smart fault detection– Horizontal scalability– Loosely coupled components– Ease of integration with Cloud Management System to provide a closed loop experience– Powerful trending and graphing
  • We've been using OpenStack for almost two years, making us one of the most experienced enterprises with the technology in the space. Our direct participation with OpenStack drove a significant portion of the feature set in OpenStack Essex.
  • As infrastructure is commoditized, X.commerce can decrease cloud costs, working with external industry leaders.Allows X.commerce to focus on strengths of running world’s largest open commerce platform: Business intelligence Commerce expertise Customer focus Reliability Security Global presence
  • X commerce open stack beijing keynote - 2012-08-10 final

    1. 1. 
    2. 2. Other Storefronts OVER 1.2M DEVELOPERS
    3. 3. Accelerating pace of innovation Blurring of online and offline commerce Today Tomorrow Mobile LocalGlobal Social Digital Service & delivery
    4. 4. Consumer engagement Multi-channel & devices& loyalty Assortment, Price,Global reach and scale Service Optimization New competitionInnovation & data Amazon, e-tailers
    5. 5. Promotions & coupons Store location Mobile Self-scanning & commerce self-checkoutPayments Mobile shopping lists In-store research Social Commerce Loyalty
    6. 6. Store location Promotions & Coupons Online commerce Mobile commerce Self-scanning & self-checkoutOffline commerce Mobile shopping lists Payments Mail order In-store research Social Commerce Loyalty
    7. 7. Marketplace + Apps Inc. Assets Partners Developers X.commerce capabilities
    8. 8. 
    9. 9.  – – –
    10. 10.  – –
    11. 11. Self Healing Application Customers (Capability Developers + Merchants) Manage Data SLA Driven Self Service Runtime Middleware We XFabric Manage O/SCI/CD Product Multi-Tenant XOCL … Virtualization Taxonomy Servers Storage Secure Automated Networking PaaS
    12. 12. Cloud Foundry Open Stack (PaaS) (IaaS) Redis (In-Memory Store) Chef (Config. Mgmt) Rabbit MQ(Messaging System) BOSH (Cloud Mgmt. System) Mongo DB(Persistence Store) Open TSDB Hadoop (Time Series Database) (Persistence Store) Collectd Flume (Metrics Collector) (Log Collection/Transport)
    13. 13. 1 • 2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3 • • • • • • •
    14. 14. Operational Health Metrics Alerts Onboard New Logs/Msg. Trace App Stack Upgrade App Scale App Self-HealingAccess Point Configurations Scale Data Services Backup Data Provision Shared Infra.
    15. 15. The Problem We Are Working Try to Solve … • From: To: X • • • • •From: To: • • •
    16. 16.   –  – – – –  – –  
    17. 17.  –   – –
    18. 18.  –     –  