Integration in Retail - Presentation for 2 ME Retail IT Summit in Dubai


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Integration in Retail IT environment is crucial subject. Supplay chain, POS, Customer Loyalty, Self-Service …. but also very specific retail hardware like scales, price checkers, people counting …. and all of them have to be integrated. This is not easy taks at all. But there are solutions which can make the life easier.

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Integration in Retail - Presentation for 2 ME Retail IT Summit in Dubai

  2. 2. CREATIVE RETAILINGDimensions of Retail Environment Multichannel Retailing POS, Kiosk, online shop, mobile phones, home delivery … Product Type Traditional items, Music, Movies, Games, eBooks, Retail Formats Insurances, Travel Deals, Hypermarket, C-Stores, Services …. Petrol Stations, drive-in store, self-service store …. Process and Cost Optimisation
  3. 3. CREATIVE RETAILINGTypical Retail Environment• Supply Chain Management • ERP Top 10 IT Initiatives• Customer Loyalty • Financial Systems Started in 2011• Self Check Out • Electronic Shelf Labels• Kiosk • Label Printing• Scales • Home Delivery• Online Shop • Mobile Payments• Point of Sale • RFID• Reverse Vending Machines • Mobile Processes I• Cigarette Dispenser • Parking Ticket Machines• Security Equipment • Stock and Warehouse• People Counting • Personal Shopping Assistants• Self Scanning Systems • HR systems• Money Counting Machines • Forecort• Digital Signage • EAS• Video Surveillance • EDI Source: Gartner Additional systems and solutions depend on the verticals ( e.g. Restaurants, Petrol Stations … ), country requirements and business processes
  4. 4. CREATIVE RETAILINGTypical Retail Project (Macro Integration)Retail Chain: • “No Mans Land” between solutions• C-stores, • Different Formats• 220 stores • Different structures (for example per• Each store has 1-3 POS and BO store – splitter is needed)• In average 1000 Transactions per POS and per day • Implementation of middleware (Websphere) • Implementation of customer (retail) Financial Supplay Chain specific add-ons System Solution • Implementation of data structures • Implementation of data formats • Implementation of data comparison processes BOS BOS BOS POS POS POS POS POS POS The customer learnt to live with the existing situation
  5. 5. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Reality today Online Shop Customer ERP BI ESL Loyalty Kiosk SCO Scantech Price verifier POS Tomra Avery Mettler RVM Scales Scales Wincor Digital Motorola RVM Signage Price Verifier Money PSA Counting Not integrated at allIntegrated (somehow) ATMs Cigarette People Parking Dispenser Counting Systems
  6. 6. CREATIVE RETAILING…. and your management decided to open petrol stations
  7. 7. CREATIVE RETAILING…. and to sell products via mobile phones
  8. 8. CREATIVE RETAILING…. you would feel like this
  9. 9. CREATIVE RETAILINGWhat is the right way to go?
  10. 10. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration The needed information is somewhere aroundbut:… at the right place? … in the right format? … at the right moment?
  11. 11. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Know where the information is, use it as you need it Use it in the right format, at the moment, when you need it
  12. 12. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Demands• Data Exchange - online and real time• Guaranteed data delivery• Data Conversion• Data Consistency• Central Master Data Management• Usage of many different proprietary hardware devices• Fiscal law requirements and fiscal devices in some countries• Easy and fast adaptation of new retail concepts without exchange of existing environment• Central Control of the complete infrastructure at any time• Independence from hardware/software manufacturers and solution providers
  13. 13. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Demands• Easy and fast integration of new hardware and software• Open strategy (Standards) and independence from resources• As little interfaces and interaction between systems as possible• Simplification of infrastructure• Investment protection
  14. 14. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Service Plus Approach Communication and integration platform with Clear focus on Retail - Solving exactly the problems of the retail environment Modern technology - Latest Microsoft technology, proven in thousands of projects around the world Scalability - From integration of one of the smallest barcode readers up to the enterprise integration with thousands of transactions Robustness - Guaranteed delivery of data and provision of functions Openness - Open interfaces and data model with strategy for partner eco system Standards - ARTS Data model, OPI for EFT, UPOS for retail devices
  15. 15. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Solution OCTOPUS Retail Integration Bus • Middleware for integration and data exchange in Retail • One platform for Hardware, Application and Enterprise integration
  16. 16. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Like it is with Octopus Customer Online Loyalty ERP BI Shop Integration Plattform from Service Plus Octopus Bizerba Scantech Motorola POS Mettler Digital People Cigarette Scales Price Price Scales Signage Counting Dispenser Verifier Verifier ATMs PSA Berkel Wincor Tomra Kiosk Money Parking Scales RVM RVM Counting System
  17. 17. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Octopus Architecture Driver Integr ation Styles Octopus MSMQ Octopus Integr ation Styles Driver Unique, flexible, simple and very powerful architecture
  18. 18. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Major Functions Multi Integration Projects – Integrate many different devices and solutions Integration Patterns – use of standard integration patterns Content Filters – change your data as needed as many times as needed Protocols – use any standard protocol, e.g. ftp, SOAP, http, ssh … Remote Command Engine – integrate your platform in other applications Watch Dog – secure your platform to keep it up and running Delivery Engine – secure, that your data is delivered Persistency Master – store your data, until it is successfully delivered
  19. 19. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration – Major Functions Extended Logging– monitor every activity (function and data) of your integration Performance Monitoring – monitor the performance of your integration Scheduling – run integration tasks fully automated or as needed Security – protect your data with strong crypting algorithms Internationality– work with one platform in the store, region, country, world Clustering – install the platform on one or more servers Load balancing – balance the communication flow over many instances
  20. 20. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Example – EDI/Supplier integration Supplay Chain Financial Management System Integration Plattform from Service Plus OctopusSupplier 1 Supplier 2 Supplier 3 Supplier 4 Supplier n
  21. 21. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Example – Central Store Management Head Office 3. Distribution1. Change your data in Head Office2. Start distribution5. Status monitoring Stores 4. Import of changed data
  22. 22. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Example – Integration of Scales ERP, POS or other application Head Office or Store Stores Digi Avery Berkel Bizerba Mettler
  23. 23. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Example – Price update for offline POS 1. Store the prices on USB stick on Server Project: • Chain of shoe stores 2. Plug USB stick into the POS • Integration of offline POS (update of item 3. Read and import the prices prices) • No interaction with 4. Monitor status users or
  24. 24. CREATIVE RETAILINGExample of Micro Integration Offer something special to your customer Inovative business process With minimum investment … with right Integration Plattform!
  25. 25. Fast VIP Checkout– major characteristicsCREATIVE RETAILING • Any customer/loyalty or other ID card can be used • Any checkout can be used as Fast VIP check out and traditional checkout at the same time • No restriction related to the POS functionalities: • Additional items can be added at the POS, • Void item, cancel receipt or any other function can be used • Transaction can be manipulated as in normal sale • All promotions and discounts can be used as at traditional checkout POS • No influence on payment functions or any other POS function • Hardware independent - any OPOS based scanner can be used • POS application is independent – no integration with POS application is needed
  26. 26. CREATIVE RETAILINGFast VIP Checkout Wireless scanner Checkout(e.g. USB/Bluetooth) scanner OPOS POS application Octopus is residing behind the OPOS driver Transaction Octopus integrates all devices (easy to extend e.g. mobile devices) For the POS application it is just like a checkout scanner … no integration/development in the POS application
  27. 27. CREATIVE RETAILINGIntegration Example – Fast VIP Checkout 1.Attach any wireless scanner to the POS 2.Install OctopusQB 3.Make your customers happy with a very special Treatment • No integration with POS • 0 € development • 0 time for integration • No changes of the hardware • No additional expensive hardware
  28. 28. CREATIVE RETAILINGBenefits of the right integration Better usage – Integrate even smallest devices and biggest solutions across the enterprise Protection of your investment – Reduce the number of interfaces and include new ones easily Better maintenance – simplify your infrastructure and make it better and easily maintainable Data transparency – secure the data delivery and if needed run thorough data analysis New concepts – implement new business processes easily and fast with existing infrastructure Independency – become independent from solution providers (hardware and software)
  29. 29. CREATIVE RETAILING…. and you feel like this
  30. 30. CREATIVE RETAILINGCreative Retailing