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What’s so great about pdhpe

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What’s so great about pdhpe

  1. 1. What’s so great about PDHPE ? Bec Batoua 17287656
  2. 2. PDHPE IS NOT JUST SPORTS….  PDHPE Focuses on Personal development, Health and Physical Education  This unit educates students on the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle  Aims to develop everyday life skills  Healthy lifestyles provide children with the greatest chance of achieving and maintaining mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing  Promotes positive attitudes and teamwork  Aides in developing and valuing ones self and others Bec Batoua 17287656
  3. 3. Did you know.. o Less than half of all of NSW primary school children do the recommended 60 minutes of exercise daily o Most children in NSW lack fundamental movement skills such as throwing, running and jumping due to an increase in their inactive lifestyles o Children who lack basic fundamental movement skills were less likely to participate in sports or play with their friends, had lower fitness levels and were more prone to being overweight or obese. Bec Batoua 17287656
  4. 4. The benefits of Physical Education  Physical education Develops fundamental movement skills which are required in everyday life to participate in all types of games and activities. Playing in the park with friends, becoming a part of a team sport or simply going on a bike ride with the family all require using basic fundamental movement skills.  Through games and sports students are encouraged to work individually and on teams and are exposed to many forms of physical activity using a variety of sporting equipment. This challenges students on different levels and develops relationships, communication and the ability to make decisions, which are all important in our everyday lives, not just on the sports field.  Active kids are healthy kids! Physical activity builds strong bones and muscles, promotes cardiovascular fitness and builds self esteem. Bec Batoua 17287656
  5. 5. Personal Development and Health  Teaches children about their growing and changing bodies. Looks at the physical and emotional changes that happen as we get older and aims to support and guide children in understanding why these changes are taking place  Promotes healthy lifestyle choices and aims to encourage a nutritious diet, note the importance of rest, physical activity and hygiene in order to maintain a healthy body and mind  PDH teaches safety in different environments, not just the school. We look at sun safety, bike and road safety and safety around the home. Bec Batoua 17287656
  6. 6. PDHPE is more than great!!  It is a vital subject that teaches your children how to lead happy healthy lifestyles and become involved in physical activity daily  Children will take away confidence and the ability to value themselves and one another, an important lifelong skill  Students will gain an understanding into how and why their bodies are changing and have the opportunity to ask questions in a positive learning environment  We will learn how to be safer in a variety of environments and create an awareness of the world around us  Overall, we will have fun with our friends by playing a variety of games and sports whist continuing to grow and build our self esteem and confidence Bec Batoua 17287656