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Global Certified Recruitment Manager


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Global Certified Recruitment Manager

  2. 2. • Calculate costs associated with bad recruitment recruitment• Use the Behavioral event interviewing techniques • Use behavioral indicators and BARS based rating• Use quan comm. And iceberg models during scalesinterviewing • Learn best practice interviewing practices• Use icebreaker question techniques and • Use scene setter and past performance questionseffective body language To create positive and also golden pause and single word probesperceptions among candidates about the company• Reduce short term attrition substantially byconducting motives and self image analysis• To understand the latest trends and tools inDuration: 2 Days 2
  3. 3. MODULE 1: Recruitment Analytics MODULE 3: Short listing and FilteringUnderstanding Strategic issues in recruitment to increase Short listing- knowledge of matching CVs - Motivational Check –effectiveness and efficiency of the process Salary, perks , growth , Key Benefits ( Brand, Environment, Flexi-Key metrics for effective Recruitment including aspects like time )VA,BVA,NVA The process of short listingUnderstanding costs of Bad recruitment like induction costs, direct Filteringrecruitment costs, stabilization costs etc. Knowledge based filtering through academic Qualification,Key reasons for attrition – improper reference checks, poor percentage of marks scored and experience level or thru simpleanalysis of job functions, inadequate interviewing techniques written tests.Competency def’s and iceberg model Skill Based filtering through In – trays,presentations,roleplays,fact-Competency measurement using Behaviorally Anchored Rating finding exercises etcScale Behavioral filtering using psychometric tests like MBTI,FIRO etc.Overview of the hiring process – Requirements Analysis, MODULE 4: Interviewing and Probing Techniquesshortlisting, filtering, Interviewing and selection Introduction to interviewingMODULE 2: Recruitment Analysis The overall interview process – pre- interview preparatory phase,Fundamental job description - useful tool to attract, hire, retain and the interview itself, post interview assessment and decision phasedevelop a qualified employee. Stages of the interviewDifferent methods of Functional analysis like direct observation, Quan-com questions and behavioral indicatorsinterviews, diaries, questionnaires, job element analysis, criticalincident method etc. 4 key interviewer skills - Listening, Body Language Sensitivity, Communication Style, QuestioningBehavioral analysis through in-depth assessmentcenters,TTA,Quancomm Body language – non verbal signalsThreshold trait analysis – mental,learned,motivational traits etc Different types of questioning methods - Open vs. Directive Vs Close ended.Definitions of Quan-com Evaluation of the interview process through The Graphic Scale Method of Assessment, The Ranking Systems, checklist scales. 3
  4. 4. Excellent program which would definitely add knowledge in therecruitment industry Dipin Shikarpuri HR Manager Fircroft KazakhstanWell planned, excellent presentation, excellent facilitation Trainer,knowledge is excellent deepak gupta HR Manager Bharti foundationGreat! There were some repetitious from last program-yet overall goodlearning Parul HR Manager AHRB 4