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Desire2Learn Insights Sampler


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A few of the slides from the Desire2Learn Regional User Forum presentation: "Importance of Predictive Analytics in Education"

Published in: Education, Technology
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Desire2Learn Insights Sampler

  1. 1. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comFuture of Predictive Analytics in EducationIGNITE Regional User Forum
  2. 2. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAnalytics PrimerWhat is this thing called Analytics?– Using statistical analysis to discover or derive meaningful insightfrom the data we generate• 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were produced every day in 2012• 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone– Data generated from many different sources– Data can be about any subject matter
  3. 3. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAnalytics PrimerWhat is Predictive Analytics then?– Using statistical analysis, machine learning, data modeling and datamining to discover or derive meaningful insight from the data wegenerate• Historical and current data• Make predictions about future behaviors or otherwise unknown events• Exploit patterns found in big data to identify risks and opportunities in a givensubject matter
  4. 4. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAnalytics PrimerSo what does this mean for Education?– Using statistical analysis, machine learning, data modeling and datamining to discover or derive meaningful insight from the datastudents, instructors and institutions generate• Historical and current data– Data generated from students, courses, programs, instructors, etc.• Make predictions about future behaviors or otherwise unknown events– Who is at risk to drop out? Who is best to recruit? What is the best delivery methodology for acourse?• Exploit patterns found in big data to identify risks and opportunities in a givensubject matter– Which students will not graduate? Which students take too long to graduate?
  5. 5. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAnalytics PrimerWhat kinds of data are in Education?– Learning and academic data within and acrossinstitutions• Engagement– Enrollments, Withdrawals, Logins, Tools Usage, Course Access, ContentAccess, Social Learning• Learning Outcomes– Competencies, Learning Objectives, Course Outcomes, Program Outcomes• Assessments– Grades, Quiz Analysis, Surveys, Rubrics, Risk Analysis
  6. 6. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comPredictive AnalyticsWhat areas of Education will benefit?– Institutional effectiveness• Ability to respond to funding reform changes• Enable new approach to recruitment and retention strategies• Proactive course content and delivery modifications– Student Success• Improve first year retention rates• Tailor or target course and degree pathways for students• In-flight course analytics to improve success
  7. 7. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comPredictive Analytics WorkflowUnderstand the ProblemReview Assessment of DataDeliver Prescriptive SolutionInterrogate Raw DataTrack the Success
  8. 8. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comEducate. Motivate. Graduate.Real-time, personalized academic progressionand monitoring tool– Course is active or in-progress– Student is active within the coursePredictive across key learning domains– Course and Content Access– Social Learning/Engagement– Grades– Preparedness– Completion
  9. 9. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAt Risk Does Not Mean AlonePredictive tool assists Instructors to– Quickly and easily identify academicallyat-risk, disengaged or isolated students– Understand key learning issues on aper course and per student basis– Develop personalized learning strategies– Target prescriptive resolutionOngoing advisement and planning tool for both students andinstructors• Continuous feedback and improvement for adaptive learning• Minimize any opportunity for failure
  10. 10. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comDesire2Learn Internal Use OnlyRight Student. Right Course. First Time.Degree Compass uses predictive analytics to– Provide grade prediction based on historical success andstudent’s capabilities– Presents ranked list of courses relevant to the student’s degreepathwayStudent retention, graduation, time-to-degree completion• More informed course choices leads to successful course completion– Minimizes attrition, credit creep and time-to-degree– Maximizes degree completion opportunity
  11. 11. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comDegree Compass and Student SuccessDegreeCompassStudentSuccessWhile student isin the courseBefore student iseven in the course
  12. 12. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comInformationValueInsightAnalytics Maturity Levels
  13. 13. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLet’s transformteaching andlearning, together.For more information:Call us at 1.888.772.0325