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e-Learning A to Z - Part 1 (A-M)


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For CAFDN group at Chicago State University on April 27, 2011. Most images are copyright protected. Do not use images without permission.

Published in: Education, Technology
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e-Learning A to Z - Part 1 (A-M)

  1. 1. e-Learning AlphabetE-Learning Atheists E-Learning Zealots My images: rights reserved
  2. 2. Barry Dahl dot com
  3. 3. Clicker Time• Grab your clicker• First, some demographics.
  4. 4. Gender & Life Experience1. Female, < 45 yrs. 31% 31% 25%2. Female, 45 + yrs.3. Male, < 45 yrs. 13%4. Male, 45 + yrs. .. ... . . s. . s. . y. +y yr yr 45 45 45 + < 5 e, e, ,4 ,< al al ale ale m m M M Fe Fe
  5. 5. What is your experiencewith online education? 50%1. Taught an online class 31%2. Taken an online class3. Both 1 & 2 above 13% 6%4. Neither 1 nor 2 above . .. .. . .. .. r. li. bo lin on no 2a on n 1 a an & er ht 1 it h n ug th ke Ne Ta Bo Ta
  6. 6. Pick One47% 1. Cubs53% 2. White Sox
  7. 7. The e-Learning BattleE-Learning Atheists • These are the naysayers. • They are the non- believers when it comes to online learning. • In fact, they’re pretty sure that it’s the DEVIL. 8
  8. 8. Sample Atheist CommentOnline education is fake-education. It is not "real". Convenient? Yes. Profitable? Yes.Popular with students who mostly justwant a "degree"? Yes.And it is garbage in the end. Source: 9
  9. 9. A-Z A-Z e-Atheists Viewpoints 1. Online students are missing the “true” college experience. 2. Online students are lonely. 3. Online students can’t possibly learn as much. 4. Online students are being ripped off.A-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  10. 10. A-Z A-ZA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  11. 11. Some people are great multi-taskers
  12. 12. A-Z A-Z Brain Reality or Myth? The human brain can multi-task.59% 1.Reality41% 2.MythA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  13. 13. A-Z A-Z Multi-tasking is a Myth • Great Book • Brain Rules, by Dr. John MedinaA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  14. 14. A-Z A-Z Brain Multi-tasking Task Switching Multi-distractingA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  15. 15. A-Z A-ZA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  16. 16. A-Z A-Z Can’t • You can’t do THAT online! • Get a haircut • Train your dog • Deposit cashA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  17. 17. A-Z A-Z Can’t Some things just cannot be taught onlineA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  18. 18. True or False? Public Speaking should NOT be taught online22% 1. True78% 2. False
  19. 19. A-Z A-Z Public Speaking Physical Education You can’t effectively teach Interpersonal STEM Courses Communication online. Developmental Ed Interpersonal CommA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  20. 20. A-Z A-Z “On-Ground?” Maybe some things shouldn’t be taught in the classroomA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  21. 21. A-Z A-ZA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  22. 22. A-Z A-Z DevicesA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  23. 23. Which of these devices do you have?47% 1. Smartphone59% 2. Tablet (iPad or similar)24% 3. e-Reader (not #2 above)76% 4. Laptop computer41% 5. mp3 player0% 6. None of the above
  24. 24. The iPad iPaddle iPade & iPaddle@jimgroom
  25. 25. A-Z A-ZA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  26. 26. A-Z A-Z Entertainment EducationA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  27. 27. Faculty Perspective• For the next two clicker statements –• Put on your faculty hat, regardless of whether you actually have one
  28. 28. A-Z A-Z Entertaining Students is NOT my Job 31% 1. Fact 69% 2. WhackA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  29. 29. A-Z A-Z Engaging Students is NOT my Job 0% 1. Fact 100% 2. WhackA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  30. 30. Not this kind of entertainment
  31. 31. Who said this?“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education & entertainment doesnt know the first thing about either.”
  32. 32. Marshall McLuhan
  33. 33. A-Z A-Z Which of the following do you do?84% 1. File income taxes online (e-file)53% 2. Read e-books74% 3. Check e-mail on 3 or more diff. accts.26% 4. Sell anything via e-commerce74% 5. Learn via e-Learning53% 6. Teach via e-Learning (e-Teaching?)5% 7. None of the aboveA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  34. 34. A-Z A-ZA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  35. 35. A-Z A-Z FlexibilityA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  36. 36. A-Z A-Z Flexibility • #1 Reason why student take online courses • Not distance, not cost, not preferred learning modality TIME FLEXIBILITYA-Z A B C D E F A-Z
  37. 37. Table Exercise• Identify the factors in the design and delivery of an online course that have an impact on the amount of time flexibility for students.• What are the Effective Practices?
  38. 38. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  39. 39. Generations
  40. 40. A-Z A-Z Your Generation?12% 1. Generation Y (1980-1999)35% 2. Generation X (1966-1979)53% 3. Baby Boomers (1942-1965)0% 4. Silent Generation (1039-1941)A-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  41. 41. A-Z A-Z Reality or Myth? Gen Y Students are Very Different from Non-Trad Students47% 1.Reality53% 2.MythA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  42. 42. A-Z What’s in a Name? A-Z Photo by Alan LevineA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  43. 43. Digital NativesNet GenerationNext Generation Nexters
  44. 44. Texters Generation YGeneration Why Millennials
  45. 45. Generation Now iGeneration Echo BoomersGoogle Generation
  46. 46. Nintendo GenerationFacebook GenerationTrophy Generation Screenagers
  47. 47. That’s Crazy Talk.Let’s consolidate.
  48. 48. DigitalNet-Gennials
  49. 49. Whose problem is that? They have very few technology skills that we expect them to use in higher education.
  50. 50. Non-trads?More crazy talk.Let’s compare.
  51. 51. Conflicting Cottage Industries• “Digital Net-Gennials” are loosely defined as being born from 1980 (or ‘82) to 2000.• “Non-traditional” age students are usually defined as being 25 years and older.
  52. 52. Net Gens Non-Trads12-32 25-32 25years years years old old & up
  53. 53. A-Z Generations A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  54. 54. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  55. 55. A-Z Hyperlinks A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  56. 56. A-Z Hyperlinks A-Z • Much of the text that is available online is heavily sprinkled with hyperlinks. • This is a bad thing. –Hyperlinks are a sea of distractionsA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  57. 57. A-Z Hyperlinks A-Z • Much of the text that is available online is heavily sprinkled with hyperlinks. • This is a good thing. –They strengthen critical thinkingA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  58. 58. Hyperlinked Text95% 1. is a positive5% 2. is a negative
  59. 59. Hard Questions• What is happening to deep reading?• How do we develop the proper discipline on the net to not be so easily distracted?
  60. 60. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  61. 61. A-Z Innovation A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  62. 62. Is this Innovation or Insanity?Culture, Gender, and Identity – taught with World of Warcraft CC Flickr photo by glenn.batuyong
  63. 63. Is this Innovation or Insanity?History of Rock-n-Roll Music course – taught with Guitar Hero CC Flickr photo By 5th Ape
  64. 64. Take your pick76% 1.Innovation24% 2.Insanity
  65. 65. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  66. 66. A-Z Jargon A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  67. 67. A-Z Jargon A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  68. 68. A-Z Jargon A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  69. 69. A-Z Jargon A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  70. 70. A-Z A-Z Which do you know?11% 1. FOSS0% 2. OER17% 3. MOOC50% 4. SME33% 5. None of the aboveA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  71. 71. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  72. 72. A-Z Kisses A-Z • Lindt Truffle • Hershey KissA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  73. 73. Predictably Irrational • Why do we splurge on a lavish meal and cut coupons to save 25 cents on a can of soup? • What is behavioral economics and where all of these free lunches?
  74. 74. A-Z A-Z Which candy would you buy?50% 1. Lindt Truffle = 15¢50% 2. Hershey Kiss = 1¢A-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  75. 75. The Power of Free15¢ Truffles, 1¢ Kisses 14¢ Truffles, Free Kisses 27% 69% 31%73%
  76. 76. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K LM A-Z
  77. 77. A-Z Learning Styles A-Z With technology, we can better match content with students’ learning styles67% 1.Reality33% 2.MythA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  78. 78. Learning Styles• Hello Professor …• As we start this new semester, I just want you to know that I have determined that my learning style is, ummmh… Aquatic!
  79. 79. Learning Styles
  80. 80. A-Z A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  81. 81. A-Z Myth A-ZA-Z G H I J K L M A-Z
  82. 82. Table Exercise• Identify as many e-Learning myths as you can in five minutes.• Myth: a unproved or false collective belief or things people say that aren’t true.