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Social Media: Creating an Effective Digital Strategy

Social media marketing tips for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ provided by Bare Knuckle Marketing:

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Social Media: Creating an Effective Digital Strategy

  1. 1.  Drives Traffic – engaging content encourages linking Reputation Management – a great listening tool Brand Recognition Blended Results – your content on other sites gets ranked, other content types appear in Search Engine Results
  2. 2.  You must be willing and able to engage Requires constant attention and interaction Honest / Authentic message Conversation not Conversion Interacting not Advertising
  3. 3.  Don’t Spam Be Respectful & Friendly It’s OK to be a “Real” Person Provide Quality Content – The purpose of these sites is to share relevant content. You’re there to establish a relationship, not just to make a sales pitch. Social Media Policy – many companies are implementing these now. Use your “What if my mother saw this?” filter
  4. 4. ListenMonitor/Measure Plan UseEngage Tools Grow Network
  5. 5. Useful Research Sites and Tools
  6. 6.  Find Your Market Find Your Voice Define Goals
  7. 7.  Find Your Market What are they saying about:  Your brand  Services in general  The industry  Your competition  Their problems, complaints  Their hopes, dreams, what makes them happy Find Your Voice Define Goals
  8. 8.  Find Your Market Find Your Voice  Humor  Controversy  Information  Educational Define Goals
  9. 9.  Find Your Market Find Your Voice Define Goals  Improve reputation  Increase visits/traffic  Increase leads  Generate awareness  Build relationships  Build trust  Focus groups  Combat negative comments  Customer service
  10. 10.  Focus on goals Who and How Often: Schedule Join Conversation First, Then Convert Them
  11. 11.  Who?  One or more people?  Who will it come from?  Who will be the admin?  Use internal resources How often?  Set a schedule and stick to it  What is natural?  93% of marketers use social media, 58% 6 hours or more  Twitter Tools    Facebook Tools  
  12. 12.  Features  Know the basic commands (hashtag, retweet, like, etc.)  Create custom apps  Hide time wasting apps Know how to login, post updates, act as PAGE Best Practices  Dont spam  Create social media policy (rules and ethics)  Dont retweet too much  Remember to use keywords  Create content that is useful  Share useful links  Establish a relationship, dont just give the sales pitch
  13. 13. Which Social Media Sites are right for my business?  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Flickr  YouTube  StumbleUpon  Delicious  Yahoo! Answers  Digg  Niche Sites  Start your own social network –
  14. 14.  Create keyword rich and interesting profiles so you appear in more searches Use what you learned from listening/monitoring Use your brand and/or keywords as your username Create custom backgrounds and avatars Setup tracking on all accounts, where possible, and track initiatives
  15. 15.  HootSuite TweetDeck Phone Apps  TweetDeck  QR Code Scanners  Network Specific (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  16. 16. General Tips  Share with existing friends  Reciprocal befriending  Send email invite  Be interesting  Deliver value  Follow industry leaders  Link to your profiles from site  Add “Like” button
  17. 17.  Product/service announcements Sell – share coupon codes/links Talk around the brand Cutting edge news Contests Customer service Listen and respond Periodic tips Seasonal tips/info
  18. 18.  Setup Google Alerts to show mentions of brand Most social media sites have a metrics tool Google Analytics
  19. 19.  Don’t focus on proving direct ROI Benefits are often secondary or tertiary Focus on interaction, value of content, not numbers Focus on Branding Measure actions and engagement, not just size of network Track your time/costs
  20. 20.  Baseline Data  How many fans, followers, bookmarks, etc.  Referrers  Number of meaningful comments/interactions  Subscribers & Interactions Interaction – are users engaging in a conversation?  Twitter: retweets, answering questions, driving traffic to site, increasing followers?  Facebook: likes, comments, wall posts, mentions?  YouTube: views, comments, embeds? Conversions – are your leads increasing? Search engine traffic – increasing, adding to the long tail? Retention rates, Repeat business
  21. 21. Create a presence  Personal Profile  No Commercial Activity  Facebook Group  For a quick discussion, or attracting quick attention  Main benefit: you can direct message your members  Not indexed by search engines  Facebook Page  For long term relationships  Multiple admins allowed  Indexed by search engines 
  22. 22.  Add Applications: Vanity URL: (need 25 likes) Export updates to Twitter: Import Blog: Social RSS
  23. 23.  Be searchable – consider setting profile to public Control who sees what with Friend Groups and Custom Privacy Settings Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings Connect with industry leaders/influencers Join groups in your market/network Follow limits - 5000 friends, unlimited fans
  24. 24.  Link/Logo on site Link/Logo in email signature (digital), print materials (traditional) Send Email Request Act as page, interact on other pages “Like” other pages/content, as company
  25. 25. How to leverage Facebook: Brand awareness Lead generation Introduce a product or campaign Improve reputation Collect data/content Keep an ongoing dialogue
  26. 26. How to do it, and Drive more traffic: Run promotions Create polls If a user interacts with your page, it shows up on their “wall” = free advertising Create events that users can RSVP to Best times for business use: Tuesday & Wednesday (yours may vary, so test)
  27. 27. ● Online Resume● Online Networking Opportunity● Lead Generation Tool● Recruiting Tool● Builds Valuable Connections with Others in Related Fields (Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate…)
  28. 28. ● Over 150 million members● As of December 31, 2011 (the end of the fourth quarter), professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second.● Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members● Over 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages
  29. 29. Pros Great Content Free Research Tool Recommendations = Credibility Global ReachCons Spam Requests for Connections Paid Subscription $19.95/mo and up Email Overload Too Much Privacy = Invisibility or Mistaken Identity
  30. 30. ● Online resume● Goal is to be 100% complete● Use keywords  Position  Industry  Updates  Websites  Twitter Account
  31. 31.  Add Company Profile: Get recommendations Customize your links to draw interest Can share updates on Twitter and vice versa Custom URL Add applications
  32. 32.  Professional Current Good Quality Company Logo is for Company page Personal Brand
  33. 33.  Reply to status updates View profile stats Privacy settings
  34. 34.  Control who sees your activity Control what others see when you’ve viewed their profile (can make this anonymous) Select who can see your connections Control type of email, frequency and who can send invitations
  35. 35.  Follow Company Connect personal profile to company as current employer. Add LinkedIn Company Follow Button:
  36. 36. Contacts > Add Connections Add Connections:  Import email list  Invite people you know to join Colleagues Classmates People you may know People you just met
  37. 37.  Get as many connections as possible Search companies and connect to employees Find industry leaders Get business card = request connection Make it personal Reply when accepting a connection Include your LinkedIn URL:  Email signature  Business card  Web site  Facebook profile  Print materials and other traditional media
  38. 38.  “Add To Network” “Get Introduced”  Pro – More Personal  Con – Can Take Time if all parties aren’t frequent users  Con – Limited to 5 Introductions with Free Version
  39. 39.  Credibility Digital version of a traditional referral Make recommendations Profile > Recommendations > Sent Recommendations Request recommendations Profile > Recommendations > Request Recommendations
  40. 40.  Career/job postings Start discussions Status updates show in email messages Join groups and contribute to Q&A
  41. 41.  Groups Answers Events Advanced Search Applications
  42. 42.  Groups > Groups Directory My Groups Following Groups You May Like Groups Directory Create a Group
  43. 43.  Get information Network Learn about market and their needs Avoid constant self promotion Offer solutions to fix problems
  44. 44.  Discussions  Reply  Ask  Send detailed email privately Members Promotions Jobs Search
  45. 45.  Meet a need Share articles Share links to your site content Notify of upcoming events
  46. 46.  Use keywords in group name/description Add your company website to the group Add your blog Send a weekly message
  47. 47. More > Answers or Similar to the Q&A in groups, but not limited to the group Search answers Ask questions (ask 10 per month) Answer questions
  48. 48.  Personal response Be helpful and resourceful Leave an open invitation
  49. 49.  More > Events RSVP shows up on home profile Send invitation to relevant contacts
  50. 50.  Generate leads Search keywords, groups, industries, etc.
  51. 51. More > Get More Applications… Share presentations Share reading list Post blog Events Company buzz (track mentions)
  52. 52.  10 – 30 minutes/day Create a habit ( Control Email Notifications Start on “Home” page  View updates  Statistics Review Groups  Daily or Weekly Email or Groups Tab  Contribute Check Inbox  Email notifications or on site  Send email blast Connect with people you just met Post status update
  53. 53. LinkedIn Learning Center:
  54. 54.  Choose username Create an avatar Custom background Use keywords in your description so other users can find / follow you
  55. 55. Monitor your reputation, keywords, industry  Go to  Type in a keyword
  56. 56.  Use various tools to find Twitter users to follow   Twitter search “Who to Follow” Follow well known Twitter users Twitter lists Follow people that engage and influence Who do the industry leaders follow or RT or mention frequently? Block “Adult” accounts that follow you – they can damage credibility Follow back those that follow you Don’t auto follow everyone back If you follow too many people, it can be too noisy Follow who your network is following Find local users: Cincinnati Twitter List/Database
  57. 57.  Twitter Commands  #hashtags  @replies  RT’s (Retweets) Use your account  Who’s retweeting your content?  Who’s mentioned you? Trending topics – what’s hot? Add Retweet Button to your blog / other content
  58. 58.  Leave space at end for retweets Hashtags  #Followfriday  Virtually attend an event  Use of hashtags makes you look like a fluent tweeter Block spammers, or report to @spam on Twitter Retweet feature shows you who Retweeted
  59. 59.  Product testing Create an online persona Be entertaining Respond within 24 hours Post links to your content People love lists Use trending keywords Contests, prizes are often shared Allow users to share Launch a help center
  60. 60.  Personal Page  Builds personal brand  Establish authority Business Page  Click “Create a Google + Page” in right sidebar Click Settings link to customize page settings
  61. 61.  Send invitations Create circles Stream > Notifications  Who’s added you to their circles. Add back if relevant.
  62. 62.  Establish your personal brand and your business as an authority Authority = strong ranking signal for Google “What’s Hot” – adjust how much shows up in your stream View Ripples to learn about influencers
  63. 63.  Use social media to listen and learn from network, about market, about competition Authentic message Constant attention Be engaging Evolve
  64. 64. Allison Kulage(513) Twitter @BareKnuckleMktg