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Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination


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You know you can grow your business on social media - but you're unsure where to start.

I break down the process to mastering social that matters: finding a tribe, figuring out what to say, courting influencers, and more.

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Getting Social With Small Business: Content, Community and World Domination

  1. 1. Social Media For Your Business Content, Community and World Domination
  2. 2. Introduction James’ Background Random House Mark Bittman Jodi Picoult Karen Slaughter Janet Evanovich Small Business Meurice Garment Care Delezhen Jewelry Big Business Ford, Amtrak, Colgate
  3. 3. Social Media Is… Introduction – a platform for making connections – authentic reflection of consumers’ values – built on the passions of users
  4. 4. Social Media Is NOT Introduction – intended for advertising – impressed by glossy production – quick or easy
  5. 5. Social Ecosystem
  6. 6. Social Ecosystem Facebook  Lowest Common Denominator  Close to 200 Million US users  Strict privacy settings  Very low organic reach  Many active niche communities
  7. 7. Social Ecosystem Twitter  Small minority of very-active users  Most ethnically diverse network  Connections to strangers encouraged  Don’t fear the stream  Connections more important than hashtags
  8. 8. Social Ecosystem Instagram  Highly visual network  Nearly mobile-exclusive  Business + personal content  Comparable users to Twitter  More sharing than conversation  Spontaneous, experience driven
  9. 9. Social Ecosystem Pinterest  Heavily female network  Third largest site (by traffic)  Users open to strangers  Great for SEO & ecommerce  Look for relationships with big influencers
  10. 10. Social Ecosystem YouTube  Perfect forum for experts  Pay attention to tags & categories  Goal is to funnel traffic  Less crowded by businesses  Avoid the comments
  11. 11. Social Ecosystem LinkedIn  Tremendous networking resource  Active discussion groups  Choose connections wisely  Surprisingly good content platform  Consultants, professional services thrive here
  12. 12. Social Ecosystem The lesser networks… Google+ Vine Yelp Foursquare Snapchat (no!) Tumblr Medium
  13. 13. Metrics And Reporting
  14. 14. Metrics And Reporting Reach Fans Clicks Shares Likes                          
  15. 15. Metrics And Reporting Less-Tangible Metrics  Social Proof  Modern Perception  Direct Feedback  Demographic Stats  Email Signups
  16. 16. Metrics And Reporting Measurement Considerations  social is not transactional  analytics aren’t standardized — or available as a native feature  keep goals reasonable  not always possible to tie social to offline actions  advertising can help squeeze maximum value from content  please don’t buy followers
  17. 17. Metrics And Reporting Native Analytics Facebook YouTube Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Hootsuite Buffer Sprout Crowdbooster Twitter TweetReach Follower Wonk Instagram Iconosquare Extra Credit
  18. 18. Content Content Content
  19. 19. Content Getting Started  narrow down your channels, save ones you don’t need  build out profiles — you’ll need your graphics person for images / color palates — consistent URLs  plan your content calendars and set goals
  20. 20. Content Post Anatomy  Hashtags  Call To Action (CTA)  Replies / Mentions  Links  Photos / Video
  21. 21. Content Building A Content Strategy  Find your competition. Follow them before posting yourself.  Ration your updates by the rule of threes: — Content of value all on it’s own — Links, commentary, re-tweets, replies to other accounts — Updates on your brand  You can’t post too often. 
  22. 22. Content Where Does Content Come From? Insider Knowledge: Blogs do you follow? (Feedly, Pulse, Flipboard) What projects are you working on? Neighborhood alliances / trade associations. As-They-Happen: Press mentions Web and social alerts: Topsy, Google Alerts, Hyper In-person events you come across: Take photos! Mentions to accounts you’d like to befriend (keep lists!) Saved searches in social apps Evergreen posts: Link your full social presence / newsletter Blog posts you’ve written - any age Fun facts about your organization / awards Holidays Occasional product / service mentions
  23. 23. Community Building
  24. 24. Community Building Finding Your Tribe  go easy on the hashtags  bleed the feed  look for ongoing conversations / groups to follow  being helpful is the fastest road to followers  keep a consistent, natural tone / voice – no press releases!
  25. 25. Community Building Engaging Your Audience  Prepare for customer service issues — Reply within four hours — Be open, honest, warm – never defensive — Negative feedback often leads to the best clients — Blocking / deleting is a last resort  Ask plenty of questions  Experiment with topics, and compare results against calendar  Influencers have a ready audience to borrow
  26. 26. Community Building Blogger Outreach  Start by identifying a few key users you respect.  Build your outreach pool through accounts key users follow.  Keep a detailed list of everyone you’d like to connect with.  Rotate follow-up with a few minutes of your time each day.  Volunteer answers, advice, always like and share.  When you directly contact, be sure to mention their social activity
  27. 27. Community Building What Do Influencers Offer? Reviews / blog coverage Social endorsement Ad space Newsletter placement What Can You Offer? Services / goods (solutions) Connections $$$ Exposure
  28. 28. Discussion Art: Unsplash blog: @jamesfacts