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Tourism Social Media Presentation


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Presented at the New York State Tourism Conference

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Tourism Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. What’s right for you?
  2. 2. 2012 – Add Google+& Pinterest
  3. 3. Social Media Channels Social Video & Mobile OnlineNetworks Pictures Marketing ForumsGoogle+ Blogs Flickr FourSquare YelpFacebook YouTube Coupons TripAdvisor Twitter Vimeo FB Check FourSquare Pinterest In
  4. 4. Why Social Media They are already talking about you Social Media allows your customers & potential customers to communicate directly with you Social Media is the #1 Visited sites then search engines
  5. 5. Content Speak as if you were face to face conversation Determine your brand personality. Identify your companys personality traits, the reason customers come to you. Know what your customers, audience or community want to talk about Create value for your customers
  6. 6. Twitter for Business Use the name of your business Use your business logo Create background that represents your business Use to find your industry influencers – follow them Tweet information Retweet information Links Photos Use hashtags in post Create a twitter chat around a subject
  7. 7. Facebook Create a Page for your  Ask for fans business (NOT A opinions, stories or PROFILE) advice Post information  History  Advice  How-to  Photos
  8. 8. New Page Look
  9. 9. Facebook Changes Cover photo 850 x 315 pixels  No call to action in photo Profile picture 180x180 pixels Highlight a story  Star icon (upper right on post) Pin story on top of page for a week  Click pencil Tell people about company milestones 12 apps to showcase and three apps in top row.  Change app photo to entice call to action
  10. 10. Dominate Facebook Feeds Post 2 – 5 Times a day – consistency is key.  Post different content each time  Keep posts short Include photos or links with your updates Use Facebook Ads to  Promote a post  Target existing fans  Promote your page  Target outside your fans
  11. 11. Google+ B2B Use links and photos Add friends Create hangouts
  12. 12. Yelp•Have you claimed your business on Yelp? Claim it!•36% users income between $100K - $150K•Monitor•Address complaints
  13. 13. Linked In Set up a personal profile Set up a company profile Personally join linked-in groups that have to do with your business  Post blog posts in groups  Start and participate in discussions
  14. 14. Blogging 57% of companies using blogs say they acquire customers from leads generated directly from their blog Blogging is becoming a niche Benefits to your brand  Thought leadership  Improved customer service  Humanize brand  Loyalty  Improved SEO
  15. 15. BloggingPlatforms Components  Blogger  Attention grabbing article  Wordpress title  Posterous  Well written & formated text  Tumblr  Use images & video  Links  Call to action  Post 2 – 5 times a week
  16. 16. BloggingContent Articles that are NOT promotional Share industry expertise Don’t use industry jargon, write as if you are explaining it to your mother Think of keywords your customer would describe your business
  17. 17. Mobile Marketing Make sure your website can be viewed correctly on mobile devices Participate in a mobile app if your region has one  Finger Lakes  Long Island  Hudson Valley
  18. 18. Mobile Marketing Four Square  Claim your business  Offer promotions to the Mayor  Create levels Claim your business on Facebook Places  Offer promotions
  19. 19. QR Code Use these on printed material  Brochures  Print ads  Business cards  Rack cards  Signs Direct QR code to  Video  Facebook  Twitter  Contest
  20. 20. Pinterest Ranked 5th driving traffic referrrals behind FB, TW,YT, Yahoo. Visual medium Lifestyle / Retail most popular
  21. 21. Website Website is your storefront  Website should be mobile  Website should be up to date  Social icons on site  Contact us
  22. 22. Monitoring Social Media Google Alerts Twitter  Twilert Google Reader / RSS Feeds Facebook Insights  Hyper-alerts
  23. 23. Debbie Gioquindo, CSW, WLSEmerging Media Marketing and PublicRelations for Small BusinessEmail: