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Solar tower


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Solar Tower-an alternate way to enhance energy,using renewable source like Solar ENergy

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Solar tower

  1. 1. Solar Tower 1 An alternate way to enhance energy Presented by Aziz Companiwala
  2. 2. Contents  What is Solar Tower  Classifications  Steam Based  Molten Salt Based  Heliostat  Advantages of use of Solar Energy  Application  Newly setup solar towers  Scope in India
  3. 3. Solar Tower is method to convert solar energy into electrical energy  Solar towers generate electric power from sunlight by focusing concentrated solar radiation on a tower-mounted heat exchanger (receiver).
  4. 4. Solar Tower can basically classified as:1)Steam Based Solar Tower  Water is used as medium which is converted to steam to generate electric power 2)Molten Salt Based Solar Tower  Here melted solution of potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate is used instead of water as a medium
  5. 5. 1)Steam Based Solar Tower Working Procedure: In solar tower, water is pumped to the receiver at topmost part of Solar tower.  Now solar radiation would be concentrated on receiver via Heliostat  Thus steam is generated due to rise in temperature inside the receiver tank which is further used in steam turbine generator
  6. 6. Working Procedure:-  Thus Electric Power is generated from Solar Energy
  7. 7. Heliostat  Heliostat is a Greek word:Helios- sun stat - stationary  A Heliostat is a device that tracks the movement of the sun.  A heliostat is a device made of a plane metallic mirror, which turns on as to keep reflecting sunlight towards a predetermined target.
  8. 8.  Limitation of this method is there is no alternative to produce electricity in absence of sunlight.
  9. 9. 2)Molten Salt Based Solar Tower  Here melted solution of potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate instead of water as a medium  This molten salt mixture (60 % sodium nitrate and 40% potassium nitrate) is used due to its properties of absorbing and accumulating heat energy for long time. This plant is known as Gama Solar Tower.  This type of solar tower will work for approximate 4-5 hours in absence of sunlight.
  10. 10. Advantages of use of Solar Energy  Solar energy is renewable, and also accessible in any part of the world.  solar energy is non-pollutant, zero noise pollution – since there are no moving parts in any of the devices which are used to capture the sunlight.  Maintenance costs are low as well – only occasional cleaning and periodic battery replacements are needed.  long-life operation guaranteeing.
  11. 11. Applications  In order to supply Electricity for street lights, & wherever the grid electricity is unreliable or unavailable, solar power tower technologies are used.  Solar Power can be used as Alternative for Wind & Hydro power.  These plants are best suited for utility-scale applications in the 30 to 400 MW range.  Provides rough enough Electricity for night use & during Cloudy weather.
  12. 12. Newly setup solar towers  Ivanpah Solar Power Facility:- 1,080 (GWh) Yearly Production in United States.Estimated to be completed till 2013.  Crescent Dunes Solar Energy:- 500 (GWh) Yearly Production in United States. Estimated to be completed till 2013  PS20 solar power tower:- 44 (GWh) Yearly Production in Spain. Established in 2009.  Gemasolar:- 100 (GWh) Yearly Production in Spain. Established in 2011.  PS10 solar power tower:- 24 (GWh) Yearly Production in Spain. Established in 2006 PS10 solar power tower in spain
  13. 13. Solar Project - Australia Basic Prnciple:- Hot Air Rises
  14. 14. Establishment of solar tower in India  As this three basic need (Land, source, and solar energy) are provided in India this can a great source of energy in future.  As Tropic of cancer line passes through India which give indication that India can have great source of solar energy.  As Tropic of Cancer line passes through Gujarat(So great amount of solar energy), and also a rich source of sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate and a large flat surface is available in Kutch, So that Gama solar tower can be established there which will prove a great source of energy in future.
  15. 15. Thank you Presented by Aziz Companiwala 2nd year mechatronics