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Mobile gaming market 2013

  1. 1. Examining the Opportunities in Mobile Gaming Ken Leaver December 2012
  2. 2. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  3. 3. Mobile Gamer Profile • Average age is 40 years old • 66% are <45 years old • 33% of mobile gamers own both a mobile phone and tablet • 42% play daily, 32% play 2-3x per week, 26% play 1x per week or less • Main factor influencing increased game play are more free games available + better phone memory + graphics • Avg. yearly spend was $21.24 in 2011 by gamers • Most users spend $8 – 15 per month • 69% of gamers play on the couch, 63% play while on transport
  4. 4. Mobile Gaming Growth • Estimated that 1.7m new devices being activated each day • 59% of those who own a mobile phone in the US/UK have played a mobile game (+13% over 2011 • Superdata estimates mobile gaming to be $2.7bn today and expects it to triple to $7.5bn by 2015
  5. 5. Where is the money? Casual Core Casual Core Casual Core Casual Core ARPDA U $0.07 $0.5 $0.34 N/A $0.02 $0.20 $0.08 $0.8 CPI $0.60 $2 N/A N/A $0.14 $0.30 $1.5 $4 Data Source: 6waves internal data iOS getting very expensive for installs with low payoff
  6. 6. While iOS has the largest current revenue, Android monetization is catching up fast Market Size Growing ARPU “With 1.3M new daily Activation!”
  7. 7. Competition means Indies have the worst chance of hitting top of charts on iOS 36% 95% 28% 17% 64% 5% 72% 83% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Independents Established Data Source: Base on Top Grossing in AppStore, AppCenter
  8. 8. The most popular game types #1 Farm Games (18m DAU) 1. FarmVille 2 2. FarmVille 3. Monster World 4. Hey Day 5. Super Farm source #2 Bubble Shooter (17.0m DAU) 1. Bubble Safari 2. Bubble Witch Saga 3. Lost Bubble 4. Bubble Island 5. Bubble Blitz #3 Match-3 (13.8m DAU) 1. Candy Crush Saga 2. Diamond Dash 3. Bejeweled Blitz 4. Last Jewels 5. Ruby Blast #4 Slots (11.5m DAU) 1. Slotomania 2. Zynga Slingo 3. DoubleDown Casino 4. Games by GSN 5. Lucky Slots #5 Word Games (11.4m DAU) 1. Words with Friends 2. Draw Something 3. Scrabble with friends 4. Hanging with Friends 5. Scrabble #6 Poker (10.2m DAU) 1. Texas Hold em 2. DoubleDown Casino 3. Best Casino 4. Live Holdem Pro 5. Poker Texas Boyaa #7 Strategy/Combat (7.5m DAU) 1. Social Empires 2. Social Wars 3. War Commander 4. Empires & Allies 5. Magic Land #8 Quiz Games (6.9m DAU) 1. SongPop 2. Draw Something 3. Family Feud & Friends 4. Family Feud 5. Smarter than a 5th Grader #9 ChefVille (5m DAU) 1. ChefVille 2. Café World 3. Cafeland 4. Gourmet Ranch 5. Café Life #10 Bingo (5m DAU) 1. Zynga Slingo 2. Bingo Blitz 3. Bingo Bash 4. Zynga Bingo 5. Best Casino Data is Facebook but good reflection of FB
  9. 9. iOS does particularly poor at Casino and well at Sports Data Source: Base on Top 50 Grossing in AppStore, AppCenter 24% 28% 34% 2% 12% 20% 26% 16% 14% 24% 14% 24% 28% 2% 32% Puzzle Sims Casino Sports Strategy
  10. 10. Apple has Very Poor Retention on Casual Casual Games Core Games 45% 27% 25% 20% 30% 11% 9% 8% 50% 30% 25% 20% Day 1 Day 7 Day 14 Day 30 31% 17% 13% 7% 45% 21% 13% 10% Day 1 Day 7 Day 14 Day 30 Data Source: 6waves internal data
  11. 11. Lots of choices and relationships to maintain when monetizing
  12. 12. Often, you need different relationships in different geographic regions N. America Asia
  13. 13. Great valuations / exits • Big Fish buys Self Aware Studios • Funzio sold to Japan’s GREE for $210m • OMGPOP sold to Zynga for $180m • Rovio raised $42m in 2011 by giving only 15% of company • Playtika sells to Caesar’s for $80-90m • IGT buys Doubledown Casino for $500m • Bwin buys Orneon (Ukraine) Casino Casino Casino Casino
  14. 14. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  15. 15. User Trends • Gamers are moving to tablets o Mintel found that 38% of tablet gamers play 5+ hours per week compared to 20% for mobile phones o Forrester expects tablet sales to increase from 10.3m in 2010 to 44m in 2015 • Casual gaming increasing in popularity much faster than more hard-core gaming themes (eg. fantasy) • Users are expecting better and better graphic quality • Social is starting to play a large role in games as users want to play with friends • Flurry estimates that 50% of users are “Casual”, 40% are “Midcore” and 10% are “Hardcore” • Short attention span o Out of the people who download a game, only 10-15% play it more than a week. o Engaged users spend on average 100-200 hrs playing their favorite game
  16. 16. Content Trends • Established gaming companies partnering with and investing in indie developers to get access to more potential hits o Tiny Co launched $5m fund to invest in cascual mobile game co’s • “Midcore” gaming (b/w Hardcore and Casual) becoming the sweet spot due to less competition o Zynga recently purchased “November Software” and “A Bit Lucky” to get bigger in this space • Partnering with film studios to bring their titles to mobile games o Kabam & Warner Bros. bring Hobbit to mobile app o Ludia with major studios like Disney, Disney and BBC to bring popular shows to mobile • Games are trying to tie into people’s actual lives o Striv fitness app encourages users to grow a plant or expand an island if they complete physical exercises • Famous publishers taking advantage of their previous IP o Atari has launched a lot of their old titles such as Outlaw
  17. 17. Publishing & Distribution Trends • Successful developers tend to start publishing in-house o Rovio first published Angry Birds with Chillingo and then started self-publishing o Zeptolab also published “Cut the Rope” with Chillingo but then moved to doing this in-house. Recently hired “Chief Revenue Officer” to expand business and set up partnerships across core int’l markets • Successful developers often start publishing 3rd party developers’ games to utilize their user network • Rovio will publish up to 5 outside developers’ titles in 2013 • Some are focused on helping developers with certain regions (eg. Pixonic)
  18. 18. App Marketing Trends (to drive installs) • Word of mouth is key driver for game downloads o >50% learn about new games from friends & family o 40% learn from app store o 25% learn via social media sites • All developers are actively utilizing their existing user base to push new games • New platforms also trying to attract developers to leverage their users in order to get a cut of revenue (eg. Mobage) • Publishers getting sophisticated at marketing to achieve low cost per download (eg. Pixonic) • Apple is trying to stop incentivization of downloads o Have tried to shut down Tapjoy numerous times • Developing user loyalty is getting very important to developers
  19. 19. Case Study of Rovio Techniques • Barnes & Noble: gameplay trailer on in-store screens • Cross promotion in Rovio news across all games • 700m Youtube channel views • 22m Facebook fans • 500k Twitter followers
  20. 20. In-App Advertising Trends • Getting more into “Brand marketing” by well-positioned product placement o Some believe advertising should be 50% of app revenue • Using 3rd Party platforms to advertise in the app o Zeptolab using Inneractive to help monetize Cut the Rope by displaying engaging ads from >120 ad providers o Flurry recently launched app ad platform, AppSpot, and attracted more than 1000 app publishers to use it. It offers highly targeted advertising. • Dynamic sponsoring of premium content by advertisers o Enabled by WildTangent’s Brandboost platform • Creating apps in partnership with brands to connect users with the brand o Big Animal Games does this with companie such as LEGO, Mattel, Swatch, etc.
  21. 21. Technology Trends • HTML5 usage increasing to offer multi-platform approach o 94% of developers are either using HTML5 or plan to use it this year according to Kendo UI o Goko successfully launched several HTML5 games (Catan World, etc.) • 3D graphics development platforms are quickly improving the quality of graphics o More than 1.3m developers are using Unity Technology tools to create great 3D graphics o Previously gaming co’s created their own engines (eg. EA created Frostbite) • Analytic engines are being used to develop higher quality games faster by understanding user behavior o PIXAPI- tracks thousands of in-game events simultaneously o Kontagent o Mixpanel • Developers taking big titles to larger screens (eg. iPad) and other platforms (eg. Windows Phone, etc.) to max revenue
  22. 22. Monetization Trends • In-app purchasing the main driver recently, and increasing b/c less and less people want to pay for a game • In-app advertising becoming more important and better targeted through providers like Flurry • Many popular developers offering free version of their paid app for short period of time to get people to try • Game rental getting popular o WildTangent platform allows gamers to rent a mobile game for a day for a small trial fee before purchase o Platform is pre-installed on phones by T-Mobile and Sprint and billing integrated with carrer • Gaming companies getting into offline merchandising like merchandising and licensing, as the film industry has done
  23. 23. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Where the Opportunities Lie Recommendation for Tatem Appendix: Case Studies
  24. 24. Everyone is moving into mobile Mobile PC Gaming Co’s Facebook Gaming Co’s Pureplay Mobile Online Gaming
  25. 25. Most of the leaders in mobile are pureplays that were founded only in the last several years
  26. 26. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  27. 27. Kabam • Getting into 3D • Testing variety of strategies: Mobile-first, web-first • Creating universal platform that allows them to publish to all platforms • Partnered with Warner Bros. to make social mobile games for “Hobbit” • Put 4 games on CNET’s • Created: 2007 • HQ: SF • Employees: 550+ • Funding: $125m+ • 30% revenue from FB • Games: Kingdoms of Camelot, Hobbit, Dragons of Atlantis Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  28. 28. Kama Games • Publish developers in China, India, Russia, US and Canada • Publishing on Mobage • Use multiple platforms including online play • Create impressive web pages for the games ( • Bought the IP of Mall Party, Epic Gladiator and City Friends (not the teams) • Created: 2009 • HQ: Vladivostok, Russia • Employees: 30 • Funding: Bootstrap • Games: Pokerist – Texas Poker, Fantastic Fishes, Monkey Business, Sea Battle • Texas Poker app was believed to be earning $2-3m per month (strong monetisation) Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  29. 29. Storm 8 • Stay independent • Keep everyone in 1 office • Got into casino games in 2012 with Shark Party • Investing heavily in technology to launch on multiple platforms and launch high quality games at lower costs/faster (dev cycle = 2-3 months) • “Dolphin” engine for creating great graphics • Experimenting with HTML5 for mobile • Created: 2009 • HQ: Menlo Park • Employees: 150+ • Funding: Bootstrap • Games: Dragon Story, Pet Shop Story, Slots, Poker, Bubble Mania, World War, iMobsters • Audience: 6m+ Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  30. 30. Buffalo Studios • Focused on products that have a long “shelf life” • Bingo Blitz has unique “City Rooms” such as Paris, Hollywood, etc. • Increase winnings by completing “Collections” • Adding members to your team earns everyone more credits • Partnered with Riviera Hotel & Casino to win a trip to casino • Showed interest in OnGame Poker network (real $) link • Created: 2010 • HQ: SF • Employees: 45 • Funding: s • Games: Bingo Blitz (no. 1 Bingo game on FB), Bingo Rush, • Bingo Blitz had over 5m installs by Oct. 2011 • Claimed that Zynga copied their Bingo game Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  31. 31. Ludia • Recreates game show themes on mobile app • Partnered with BBC • Entered publishing when signed deal with Red Sprite Studios • Uses WildTangent’s BrandBoost platform to enable advertisers to dynamically sponsor access to premium content • Acquired Mistic Software in 2009 • Created: 2008 • HQ: Montreal, CA Part of Freemantlemedia (leading producer of TV entertainment brands, a RTL company) • Employees: 100 • Funding: s • Games: Family Feud, Jurassic Park Builder, Weakest Link, Price is Right, Press Your Luck, Bachelor, Hollywood Squares Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  32. 32. Pocket Gems • “Mobile first” strategy • Focused on “Casual” genre with addictive game play • Released 10 games in 2011 • Mainly cater to females • 16 titles on iOS / 7 on Android • Utilized Twitter integration in iOS 5 on Tap Pet Hotel and over 92,000 tweets sent in feb 2012 • Tried first “voice-based” mobile game called All Talk • Created: 2009 • HQ: SF • Employees: 140 • Funding: $5m Sequoia, Redpoint • Games: Tap Zoo, Tap Campus Life, All Talk, Tap Dragon Park, Tappily Ever After, Tap Paradise Cove Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  33. 33. Nexon • Acquired mobile developer “gloops” for $468m in cash • Alliance with DeNA for international expansion • $900m+ in revenue • Most lucrative hits are 5-10 years old and keep generating revenue • Wants to find growth in N. America and Europe • Created: 1995 • HQ: Korea • Employees: 3000 • Funding: s • Games: Combat Arms, KartRider Pit, Space Tanks, MapleStory Live Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  34. 34. GREE • Acquired OpenFeint platform in 4/11 but have not promoted it • Ramping up presence in western markets (new London office, Vancouver studio) • Acquisitions: App Ant Studios (9/12), Funzio (5/12), Crowdstar (4/12), iWin (4/12), Wizcorp (4/12), OpenFeint (4/11) • “GREE Loves Indies” program to introduce an indie a month to int’l audience • Partnered with MoPartner, French affiliate ad network with over 100,000 publishers • Just bought stake in eBuddy, mobile IM company • Created: 2004 • HQ: Japan • Funding: $4.7bn market cap • Business: Reaches over 190m players and offers 7,500+ apps for smartphones • Games: Monster Quest, Crime City, Modern War Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  35. 35. DeNA • Operates Mobage-town, combo of virtual world, social network and gaming platform, with 11m members • Alliance with Yahoo to integrate their PC social gaming offerings “Yahoo Mobage” • Launched Ngmoco mobile social network in July 2011 o Sits on Android operating system and generates $1.3bn in revenue for DeNA • Jointly developing mobile social games with Disney • Partnered with Nexon to publish games • Created: 1000 • HQ: Japan • Employees: 2000+ • Sales: >$1.8bn • Games: Blood Brothers, Marvel War of Heroes, Hellfire, Nightclub City, Rage of Bahamut, Quests & Sorcery • Launched Ngmoco mobile social network in July 2011 • Actively expanding in Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Macau Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  36. 36. Zynga • Mark Pincus said "I don't fucking want innovation. You're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.“ • 2012 launched Zynga API to help developers build social games • Zynga Partners for Mobile program (Atari, etc.) • Partnered with Hasbro for toys in 2012 • Created: 2007 • HQ: CA • Employees: ? • Funding: Public • Games: Zynga poker, CityVille, FarmVille, Empir es and Allies • Acquired: XPD Media (5/10), Challenge Games (6/10), Conduit Labs (8/10), Dextrose became Zynga Germany, Wonderland Software in UK (4/11), Bonfire Studios (10/10), OMGPOP (3/12) , Buzz Monkey (6/12) Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  37. 37. Tiny Co • Launched revenue sharing program for mobile gaming developers • Established game developers use about 30 different methods for acquiring users • Launched $5m fund to invest in casual mobile game developers (up to $500k per title) • Created: 2009 • HQ: SF • Employees: 40 • Funding: $18m (Andreesen Horowitz) • Games: Tiny Monsters, Super Slots, VIP Poker, Tap Resort Party (try), Tiny Chef Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  38. 38. Playtika • Acquired by Caesars Entertainment for $80m • Launched on Odnoklassniki in May 2012 • Available on Amazon app store in 4/12 • On Yahoo in Japan and US in 4/12 • Created: 2010 • HQ: Tel Aviv (also in Israel and Kiev) • Employees: ? • Games: Slotomania, FarklePro (dice), Cat Chef Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  39. 39. BitRhymes • Got into casino games in 2011 • Targeted at women • Looking at real-money casino play • Created: 2010 • HQ: India/US • Employees: x • Funding: $1m angel funding • Games: Bingo Bash, Vegas, Salon Street • Run rate of $45m in revenue in 2012 Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  40. 40. Wooga • 70m+ have played Diamond Dash • Want to be on as many platforms as possible • Don’t want to grow employees by more than 2x per year • Mobile is core focus in 2012 • 64% of players are logged in via FB • Teams are independent with no shared resources • Focus on A/B testing and iteration link • No longer developing games in HTML5 for facebook • Created: 2009 • HQ: Berlin • Employees: 200 • 3rd largest gaming co on Facebook platform • Funding: $33m • Studios: x • Audience: xx • Revenue: x • Games: Diamond Dash, Bubble Island, Monster World Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  41. 41. Ubisoft • Created own movie studio • Partnered with PlaySpan for virtual goods monetization platform (2010) • Sold off gameloft in 2007 • Interested in buying THQ’s assets • Created: x • HQ: France • Employees: 450 • Top 3 European gaming co • Studios: 25 (in 17 countries) • Audience: xx • Revenue: >$1bn • Games: Nutty Fluffies, Prince of Persia Classic, Assassin’s Creed, Master All Classics Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  42. 42. Big Fish Games • Also publishes apps on their website and partners with over 500 developers • Acquired Grubby Games in 2009 and Self-Aware Games in 2012 (for $12m) • Launched casual cloud gaming service for TVs, mobile and PC’s and will bring 1000- 2000 games to it. Offers ability to log in from any device and universal experience across platforms • Entered real money gabling with Betable in 8/12 • Created: 2002 • HQ: Seattle • Employees: ? • Funding: $83m (Balderton, General Catalyst) • Games: Big Fish Casino Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  43. 43. Double Down Interactive • Started out just as Blackjack for Facebook • Focuses on single app casino approach • Partnered with WildTangent for advertising • Sold to IGT for $500m • Using games from real casinos like “Da Vinci Diamonds” with patented mechanics • Started by experts from Vegas style online gambling • Created: 2010 • HQ: Seattle • Employees: 110 • Funding: s • Games: Double Down Casino Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  44. 44. Blue Shell Games • Facebook + Mobile • Offers ability to upgrade machines (to increase jackpot, # of spins, etc.) • Created: 2010 • HQ: SF • Employees: ? • Funding: ? • Games: Lucky Slots, Tiny Town, Urban Warfare • Lucky Slots had 1.5m MAU’s and 320k DAU’s Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  45. 45. Product Madness • Slots – large variety of slot machines in 3D Slots (17 machines with 7 more “coming soon” . Each with own unique feel • Minigames – if you match roulette tables than you play a quick round of roulette, etc. • Created: 2009 • HQ: SF (and London) • Employees: x • Funding: s • Platform: Facebook • Games: Team Slots , Hollywood Slots, 3D Slots, Baby Town • Team Slots has 460k MAUs Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  46. 46. WildTangent • Manages advertising sales for major players such as PopCpa, Sony, etc. • Going for “rental” model using own app with ~100 hand- picked titles • Have partnerships with lots of PC manufacturers and mobile carriers • Allow players to pay on a per- session basis by using online currency “WildCoins” • Opened new gaming studio in Seattle for mobile • Distributes more than 2000 games by 3rd party developers • Created: 1998 • HQ: Redmond, WA • Employees: ? • Media advertising platform connected to 175m consumers • One of largest online game distributors in the world • Turnkey solution for advertising = BrandBoost (allows advertisers to sponsor free game sessions) • WildTangent Games app only available on Android (for mobile) and pre-installed on most major PC’s Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  47. 47. Large Animal Games • Focused on social gaming since 2008 (Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, iO S) • Team up with partners such as LEGO, Mattel, MTV, Swatch and others to create innovative games that connect fans • Created: 2001 • HQ: NYC • Employees: ? • Funding: Bootstrap • Games: 90+, Lucky Cruise, Nomsters, Spartacus • Platform: Facebook • Technology: Toga – cross- network social game platform (sells this) Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  48. 48. • Tournament games focused on puzzle, strategy, word, card and sports games • Trying out “incentivised video” ads on mobile • Tried HTML5 with Pyramid Solitaire • 2012 focus is still on Facebook and bring rest of 160 games there • 2nd priority is going to mobile. Opened 3 new development offices • Acquired Fabrication Games as part of push into mobile • Build new studio in London to focus on SIMS games • Created: 2003 • HQ: Sweden • Employees: x • Funding: s • Business: Biggest gaming site in the world with free games in competitive tournaments • 1 of 10 largest developers on Facebook (49.6 MAUs) • Games: Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  49. 49. 6waves (publisher) • Shed development to focus just on publishing in March ’12 • Provide game advisory • Invest in paid user acquisition • Localization – translate, adapt and launch games into dozens of languages • Int’l partners: Japan (Mobage, Mixi, Hangame), Chi na (Tencent) • Restructuring lately (Jim Ying) • Created: ? • HQ: Hong Kong (offices also in SF, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo) • Employees: x • Funding: $35m -Inisght Venture Partners and Nexon Co • Games: Lucky Cruise • Presence: 150+ countries • Platforms: Facebook, IOS, Android • Clients: GameInsight, Playday, Atari, Ka bam, Large Animal, Pixonic, eGame Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  50. 50. Square-Enix • Develops franchises on all potential hardware/platforms • Launching classics such as Final Fantasy on Android • Have launched over 30 iOS apps to date • Preparing Roll-playing (RPG) launches • Launched “Core Online” service to enable free-to-play high def games in a browswer without installing • Created: 1988 • HQ: Japan • Type: Public • Merger b/w Square and Enix in 2003. Also owns Taito. • Made a loss in 2012 • Games: Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Gender Wars, Koozac, SolaRola, Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  51. 51. Chillingo (Publisher) • Rovio discontinued using them since 2009 • “Crystal” social platform – good at finding your friends and handling info when you’re offline • Created: x • HQ: Manchester, UK • Employees: x • Funding: Bought by EA in 2010 for $20m • Premier publisher for independent titles • Games: Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Parking Mania Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  52. 52. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Where the Opportunities Lie Recommendation for Tatem Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  53. 53. • Owns stake in Zynga • Tencent owns a stake in • June 2012- opened Producer Center for games • Created: 1998 • HQ: Moscow • Employees: x • Funding: s • Games: Legacy of Dragons, Allods Online, Lovely Farm • More than 40 social games • 2.5m active users Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  54. 54. Zeptolab • Used HTML5 for Cut the Rope • Used Chillingo to publish Cut the Rope but publishing everything themselves in the future • Signed deal with Burger King to bring their Cut the Rope character to kids’ meals • Porting to Mac OS (as its less occupied then the mobile app store) • Created: 2010 • HQ: Moscow • Employees: 40+ • Funding: s • Downloads: 100m+ • Games: Cut the Rope (10/10), Cut the Rope: Experiments (8/11), Parachute Ninja (2/10) • More than 100m downloads link Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  55. 55. Pixonic • Publishing lots of international titles into Russian-speaking market • Publishing Russian developers to foreign social networks (Alawar) • PIXAPI platform speeds access to lots of these social networks • Created: 2009 • HQ: Moscow (other office in SF) • Employees: 50 • Funding: $6m - Qiwi, Kite, TA, Ventech • Games: Hotel, Avia Tycoon, Mercenaries, Gold Rush, Eden Garden • 21 developer partners in 8 countries Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  56. 56. Game Insight • Try to launch at least 1 social game each month • 30+ free-to-lay games for all major platforms • Localizes into 140 countries • Focus is on making highest quality games • Owns a majority stake in 15 game studios • Created: 2010 • HQ: Moscow (publishing in SF) • Employees: 400 • Funding: s • Studios: >15 • Audience: 50m actives per month • Revenue: $150m (2012), profitable • Games: Mirrors of Albion, Mystery Manor, The Tribez, Rule the Kingdom, Rock the Vegas, My Railway Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  57. 57. Alawar • Published more than 200 PC games since 2001 • Partnerships with 30+ game studios • Focused on “try before you buy” model • Distribution through own network of sites and partner with major jetworks such as Yahoo Games, BigFish, AOL, RealNetw orks • Created: 1999 • HQ: Novosibirsk • Employees: 171 • Funding: FINAM, Almaz • Studios: 6 in various regions • Games: The Golden Years: Way out west, Gourmania, Vacation Mogul, Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  58. 58. Nevosoft • Entered mobile in 2011] • Has portal,, that introduces 4 titles per week and has 1.5m visitors/month • 300 game reviews/month • “Try before you buy” – you can play for 1 hour • Created: 2002 • HQ: St. Petersburg( • Employees: x • Audience: 4m+ users • Revenue: x • Games: Pioneer Lands, Lord of the Runes, Land Grabgers, Company Info Strategy Publisher Developer
  59. 59. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Where the Opportunities Lie Recommendation for Tatem Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  60. 60. Swrve • Offers A/B testing • Has easy dashboard to make it easy to use powerful analytics tools to improve customer experience and monetisation • Swrve campaign tracker - Allows developers to track ROI on how much they’re spending to qcquire new users • Created: 2011 • HQ: CA • Employees: 30 • Funding: $6.25m (Atlantic Bridge Partners + Intel Capital • Product: Help developers get real-time feedback on behavior of gamers Company Info Strategy
  61. 61. • Trying to complement and not compete with other analytic platforms • Created: x • HQ: Poland • Employees: x • Funding: $400k • Product: Provides insight like where users touch first and most often Company Info Strategy
  62. 62. Agenda The Market Landscape Key Trends Competition Where the Opportunities Lie Recommendation for Tatem Appendix: Case Studies International Developers Analytics Russia/Ukraine Developers Platforms
  63. 63. Hitfox • Work with large developers to acquire them downloads on 3rd party websites and apps • Created: 2011 • HQ: Germany • Employees: 70 • Funding: $5m+ (Kite Ventures, Team Europe) • What they do? Acquires game distribution startups like ad2games, Applift and Game Finder • Clients: Gameloft, TinyCo, Kabam Company Info Strategy
  64. 64. Duxter • Most other social networks (eg. Raptr) focus on gameplay stats but goes into broad range of social interactions • Account links with other gaming services (Xbox Live, Playstation, World of Warcraft, etc.) • Created: 2012 • HQ: x • Employees: x • Funding: $500k • What they do? Linkedin for gaming Company Info Strategy
  65. 65. Kiip • Just launched a new system that records achievements within apps • Created: x • HQ: x • Employees: 70 • Funding: $15m • What they do? Allows developers to embed real- world and virtual rewards within their app (eg. get a Starbucks card for achieving a certain level) Company Info Strategy
  66. 66. Trademob • Connects with over 100 ad networks (Admob, Inmobi, etc.) and offers optimisation technology to improve success of campaigns • Created: 2010 • HQ: x • Employees: x • Funding: $15m • What they do? Tracks mobile app marketing campaigns to better understand how they are performing • Claims reach of >500m smartphones Company Info Strategy