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Kenya Tourist Board 2012


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Presentation by Kenya Tourist Board at E-Tourism East Africa Conference Nairobi March 2012

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Kenya Tourist Board 2012

  1. 1. Kenya: The Road Ahead Muriithi Ndegwa, MD, Kenya Tourist Board
  2. 2. Kenya Tourist Board is a State Corporation whose mission is to driveand support the effective Marketing of Kenya’s tourism productsprofessionally and transparently while enriching the lives of Kenyansand visitors alike Vision – To achieve global recognition as an outstanding tourist destination Mission – Drive and support the effective Marketing of Kenya’s tourism products professionally and transparently while enriching the lives of Kenyans and visitors alike
  3. 3. While pursuing her mandate, the Kenya Tourist Board willembrace the following core values:(a) Integrity and professionalism(b) Innovativeness, dynamism, excellence(c) Quality customer service(d) Competence, discipline and team spirit(e) Productive partnership, social responsibility and recognitionof employee
  4. 4. A look at how the destinationis facing up to the digital future with campaigns, partnerships and a stronger social media presence.
  5. 5. Our strategy is to extend and maintain the relevance of destination information andawareness of Kenya’s tourism product and offers across new and existing markets. (as well as different online communication tools).
  6. 6. • Behavioural (segmentation) Marketing• Active Online PR / Consumer engagement• and going forward: Capitalizing on the demand for m-commerce (mobile commerce)
  7. 7. International Example:Big 5 Drive (Online Game)
  8. 8.
  10. 10. During the three month campaign, there were a totalof 77,015 game plays (Consumer 74,725, Trade2,290)455 Bookings were made on campaign
  11. 11. Local Example:#TembeaKenya
  12. 12. •To promote Kenyas tourism brand and positiveassociations with her product amongst the onlinecommunity in Kenya while•Encouraging user engagement and conversationon the destination on social media channels•Grow our following on Twitter(from 1,200 to current 4,700)
  13. 13. #TembeaKenyaTembeaKenya: North Rift, Coast, Western
  14. 14. #TembeaKenya
  15. 15. What next for TembeaKenya•Develop TembeaKenya Webisodestargeting different travel groups (families,couples, college mates, CEOs, ladiesgroups…) … partnership with•Run online competitions for the chance to bepart of TembeaKenya #TembeaKenya•Industry Partnerships (Deals, Offers, OnlineBookings…)
  16. 16. It’s personal, It’s fun, It’s time to #TembeaKenya
  17. 17. Going forward…
  18. 18. No. 1 Priority…Refresh
  19. 19. Partnerships to enable bookings to bemade on MagicalKenya…
  20. 20. Develop a MagicalKenya Mobile Application
  21. 21. ‘Some analystsestimate that by 2015, almost all shipped handsets will be smart.’ THE ECONOMIST
  22. 22. To Capitalize on the growth (demand) mobilecommerce we have began the process ofDeveloping a Mobile Application for Kenya’sTourism (both for information and monetary transactions)•To diversify Kenya’s tourism content offer on the internetacross different mediums (devices)•Generate revenue for the organization throughadvertisements and other strategic partnerships via themobile app.
  23. 23. THANK YOU @MagicalKenya